White trash Sam gets a searing spanking from Jeff Stern


Everyone knows Jeff Stern is a stickler for the rules, and when wayward boys stay at his house, they must follow Jeff’s rules or face a hard corporal punishment session. Sam Diego (yeesh) is one of these lads from some no-where town that tried to make it to the big city and almost got swallowed up into the abyss of the street when he was plucked from the gutter by Jeff. He’s got a chance to lead the dream life he always wanted, but it means living according to the strict direction of Jeff. Top of the list is not sleeping in on Saturday morning, especially not when there’s a mountain of chores to get through. Jeff’s collection of ornate silver teaspoons is not going to polish itself, buster! Jeff hauls Sam’s lazy butt out of bed and gives him a hard bare hand spanking over the knee. But it’s not a simple warning to motivate Sam. He’s got to suffer through a full punishment session to correct his attitude. Jeff razes his ass with a wooden paddle and a leather strap, and Sam yelps, groans and whimpers with pain every time the leather cracks across his tender flesh. Big bonus footage include a closeup POV of Sam getting a big mouthful of Jeff’s cock to remind him to be kind and courteous. Click here to watch the complete twink spanking punishment video and blowjob bonus.

white trash skid Sam gets a searing spanking from Jeff Stern

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