Cocky boy Marco gets a burning spanking courtesy of Jeff Stern


A public blowup from Jeff Stern was inevitable. After all, we’ve seen the warning signs for years…every mistake he encounters, every infraction of the rules, every hint of disrespect, he responds with a show of physical force. How does he deal with people at the DMV? is he trying to get over the glass to spank the bored, smug employee who checks your vision? Does he take the cable man over his knee when he’s late for the service appointment? He’s lucky he surrounds himself at all times with submissive twinks, the only form of life (a) that won’t snap Jeff like a twig and (b) that are constantly aroused and longing for a hard spanking to stoke the fire in their loins. Marco is such a lad. After getting into the most trifling fender bender in human history, Jeff senses that Marco isn’t treating the situation with enough gravity. So he bends the tall lad over the trunk of his car and gives him a bare hand spanking, right over the jeans. Marco is stung but he’s not broken so Jeff hauls him inside into a pre-prepared dungeon, pushing Marco against a St. Andrew’s cross and flogging his cherry bubble butt while lecturing him about respect and consideration for your betters. He directs Marco to count off the lashes, which Marco does through gritted teeth. Jeff has his temporary pound of flesh, but will the lesson stick? or Will Marco pull on his jeans and go out and key Jeff’s precious car? Click here to watch the full punishment session for yourself to decide.

cocky boy Marco gets a burning spanking courtesy of Jeff Stern

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