CMNM Abuse: Noah stripped and fondled by creepy older men


Noah’s teachers are fully aware of what a misbehaving shit he is, but since his family are such generous benefactors to the college, they were stuck putting up with his bratty behaviour. Until the day came when the family business was teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, and Noah was about to be expelled for being unable to pay tuition. His professors hatched an evil plan to rub salt in his wounds: not only would he be returning to a newly poor home abandoned by high society friends, he would do so after tasting the revenge of those he had mocked and pestered. The three professors ask him to a meeting, and they proceed to ridicule his newly penniless family, stripping off his uniform, declaring he no longer had any right to the finery or status of an Oxbridge education. They paw at his pasty pink flesh and yank his chubby cock, whistling derogatorily at him, joking the only way he will be able to make it in the world will be to sell his ass on the street. Whimpering and shocked, Noah can’t fight back as he is bent over and smacked with a cane, but he squirms like hell when his professors spread open his asscheeks and start to finger his anus. Enter here to see the full video detailing Noah’s fall from grace and humiliating submission to his 3 professors.

Enter here to see Noah’s humiliating anal examination by his 3 creepy teachers caught on full length video

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