Cheating Chav Scum Spanked like a Bitch!


Ernie is a cocky prick who has been renting a spare bedroom from Daddy Claudio. All he does all day is drink and smoke and play video games. He got fired from his job a few weeks ago and he doesn’t give two shits. He’s been making money selling weed on the side and thinks he’s going to keep coasting because Daddy Claudio is a cool dude. Claudio is sick of carrying Ernie’s goldbricking ass and when he doesn’t bother paying rent for the second month in a row, Claudio is out for some painful payback. He muscles Ernie over his knee and spanks him like a little bitch — painfully and heedless of Ernie’s crying protests. The swats are strong and fast, exactly what you need to punish a lad with a crappy attitude. Claudio isn’t interested in teaching Ernie a lesson and setting him back on the straight and narrow; he wants this sack of crap to pay up and GTFO of his apartment. Hammering that point home, Claudio spanks Ernie’s bare ass until it’s red and throbbing and the chav fuckface looks like he’s going to cry. Click here to watch Daddy Claudio spank and humiliate cheating little fucker Ernie without mercy at!


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