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Youthful spy caught by soldiers and beaten for information

I must say that I get more and more impressed with the video from every week. They must have hired some new camera operators and upgraded their equipment, because the video they have been sending out the last couple of weeks looks really polished and top-notch. The new skills really gets a chance to shine this week when the producers take the action out doors and give us part one of a new series, “White Hell”. Bored soldiers Fedor and Kusja are stationed in a remote, rural outpost far from the frontlines of the Tchukistani-Russia war, and they pass the time trying to fix an old truck that they might use to get into town and buy some booze and cigarettes, something to relieve the utter boredom of being stationed at this shit outpost.

Meanwhile young Russian spy Sven is circling their post on foot in the snow, trying to get a look at what is going on there. He’s spotted by the soldiers, who give chance, grateful for the opportunity to have some excitement. Sven flees through the deep snow of of the forest, but is no match for the faster soldiers, who bring him down and start clobbering him with their fists and kicking him with their heavy boots. They scream at him to identify himself and state his business, but Sven can’t answer because he doesn’t speak their language, so the soldiers drag him back to their depot and string him up by the wrists. Fedor and Kusja continue their fruitless interrogation, and their rage builds. The beating continues, and bull-like Kusja pummels Sven with punches and kicks while Fedor slices open his jacket and spills down feathers everywhere, and then cuts off his shirt. The soldiers no longer care about preserving secrecy or gaining a military advantage by out-thinking an enemy spy. They only know how to responge with brute force and pent up sexual aggression, hallmarks of the Tchukistani partisan forces. Click here to watch the complete first episode of this twink military fetish bondage sex video!

rough soldiers abuse and restrain captured twink prisoner

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