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Youthful protester detained and interrogated by perverted soldier

Young activist Sascha was recently protesting on the steps of the Tchukistani parliament. His presence was noted by the authorities and a week later he was snatched from his school grounds and taken to a secret military interrogation center. The soldier in charge blindfolded him with a blackout hood for hours before beginning the questioning. Sascha is crippled with fear. A spider gag has been wedged into his mouth and he is unable to speak, only listen as drool spills from his gaping hole. He is bent over an old dirty table, hands and ankles bound preventing his escape. The soldier in charge of the questioning asks a barrage of questions that Sascha can’t answer because of the gag, so the soldier begins to physically molest him to terrorize him into revealing everything he knows. First, Sascha receives a spanking, then his shirt is cut away and his pants are pulled down. The soldier starts teasing him with a huge dildo, prodding him in the bum before stuffing it into his mouth. Sascha cries for his freedom but there is no hope of that. The soldier (who looks a lot like a young Jean Claude van Damme btw) pulls out another trick: he squirts oil all over Sascha’s trembling virgin ass and inserts one of his meaty fingers into his tight hole! Sascha squeals and moans as the sadistic soldier finger fucks his asshole trying to intimidate the terrified twink into revealing information. Enter here to see the full video of this twink’s interrogation and bondage anal probing!

youthful protester detained and interrogated by perverted soldier

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