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Twinks learn about corporal punishment

My favourite future Czech boyfriend is releasing new videos, so it feels a little like Christmas came early. Bad Boy Ton and his boy toy hook up in the woods outside of town for a bit of naughty fantasy play. Ton ties his boyfriend between two trees in a standing position…the ropework is sloppy, but he’s so cute you have to forgive him. After teasing the now captive boyfriend (I’m tired of just calling him boyfriend, mostly because I want to be Ton’s boyfriend, so henceforth, I am referring to this lad as Hamrick, the end) Tan starts lashing Hamrick with a leather flogger across the ass and back. Ton has appeared in more than his fair share of spanking videos, so I don’t know why he isn’t more confident when swinging a whip himself. I think he’s trying to be too much of a showoff, and the flogger is too long. He needs something compact like a leather or wooden paddle, basically something that would be an extension of himself. Instead, he’s trying to snap the whip like a wet towel in the shower room. That’s something I would definitely prefer to see! Poor Ton, this spanking video comes off a little more like two puppies playing around rather than serious corporal punishment, but hopefully Ton learns a lesson! Enter here to see more hot videos of Ton in bondage food fetish and watersports play.

twink-on-twink whip lashing

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