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Gay War Games Water Bondage — Ransom, pt 1

Gay War Games is definitely hearing our cries for more extreme bondage scenes featuring hot twinks: Today they released their debut trailer for their new video “Ransom” starring slender, smooth Aleksandar. The GWG commandos abducted the yummy sweetheart and wait for the ransom. To cure their boredom, they decide to initiate the twink into the bondage lifestyle. Stripping Aleksandar to his sexy briefs and tying him to a chair, the soldiers vent their hostility slapping their slave in the face and on his chest, twisting and pinching his nipples until he is crying out in pain. The soldiers pull out their cocks, getting them hard and ready to fuck their slave’s hot mouth. Aleksandar is frightened of his captors, and they decide to give him something to really fear, hanging him upside down by his ankles and unleashing painful, searing whip lashes across the chest and back. Aleksandar is writhing in pain when he becomes truly terrified: the soldiers start to lower him headfirst into a tub of freezing water, dunking his head and holding him under water until he is fighting for breath. Gay War games exploration of water bondage with this stunning twink is one of a kind, it definitely left me wanting to see more. Enter here to see the entire twink water bondage sequence plus the rest of Aleksandar’s painful BDSM ordeal.

Enter here to see Aleksandar’s painful flogging and simulated drowning

Twinks Matthew and Kyle expirement with spanking and punishment

Twink sweetie Kyle thinks he’s at home alone, but he walks in on his BF Matthew, stripped down to his little underpants, whipping himself across the back with a flail. “It turns me on so much,” confesses Matthew. “Me to” agrees Kyle, and he bends Matt over and starts slapping him across the ass with the whip and a few other toys Matt had collected. They switch roles so Kyle can feel the kiss of pain across his asscheeks, and the twinks are now so horny the passion bubbles over into lust and they strip each other naked and swallow each other’s cock, hungry for cum. Enter here to see the hardcore spanking and twink fucking video.

Twinks Kyle and Matt explore their spanking fantasy

Enter here to see Kyle and Matt indulging their dom/sub spanking fantasy

Bare Ass Birched — Sizzling Twink Punishment

Here’s a video of an old school birching — this twink has been tied to a tree in the dead of winter (oh , how magnificent would that be, as I sweat my ass off in the city) — The twink’s ass turns a throbbing cherry red as the switch lashes his buttocks. The twink victim is very vocal in this video, whimpering and crying at every lash of the branch, and even when he get fistfuls of ice and snow shoved up his asscrack! I would have thought that would be totally refreshing! Enter here to see the full video of the twink’s brutal birching punishment!

Enter here to see the entire Outdoor Spanking Video!

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Shoplifting Twink gets spanked

You know how it feels when you find a brand new exciting site with twinks you’ve never seen before? I love making those discoveries, and the site I found this week is Red Ass Twinks, a hot twink spanking and fucking site featuring amazing Euro twinks getting nasty and sexy in punishment videos. This one features store clerk Bari catching a shoplifter in his sex toy shop, and Bari uses his store samples to punish the wannabe criminal. Bari strips off the punk twink’s pants and starts whipping him with a flogger and then stuffs the handle up his ass. The captured criminal twink is a sexy lad with spiked punk-rock hair and he tries to suck Bari’s cock to get himself out of trouble. Bari stuffs his mouth full of cock, but makes him give up his ass in exchange for not calling the cops. Click here to see more hot amazing twinks spanking each other and fucking at Red Ass Twinks

twink shoplifter gets his ass punished and fucked

Click here to see more amazing twinks getting spanked and fucked

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Twink gets sharp painful caning punishment

The cries from this twink lad while he is getting his backside caned are quite pathetic. Like a whimpering puppy, he shakes, grimaces and cries every time the cane strokes his ass or his bare back. First its exciting, and then you feel he should just quit being such a nancy and take it like a man, but then you appreciate that this lad is truly in the worst discomfort he has ever felt and would do anything in the world to make it stop. Suck your cock? Gladly, just make it stop. Let me fuck your beautiful ass? Anything to make the pain stop. And that is total control and domination. Breathtaking, the effect of fear and pain. Enter here to watch this twink’s entire caning ordeal.

Twink slave gets his back and ass brutally caned

Enter here to see the full brutal twink caning video

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