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Bored Soldiers Torment Lost Twink in the Forest

Boredom is something that soldiers have to endure during wartime. These Tchukistani rebels have been waiting for hours for anyone to come down the road, and by the time young blond Boris happens upon them, they have gotten so bored that they have gone past restless and are bordering on feral. The two brutes stop the young man and ask him if he wants to play a game. Boris is lost, and now confused at the strange behaviour of the soldiers, who seize his moment of confusion to lash out. The first soldier spits a mouthful of water in his face and the second one knocks him to the ground and begins to hit his thighs with a stick and rub his ass into Boris’s face. They then cut off all of Boris’s clothing and start tossing him around like a stuffed toy. This blond twink is naked and vulnerable, miles from help and in the clutches of a couple of horny, scary fuckers. It doesn’t take a genius to guess whats coming next! Click here to see Boris’s capture and submission to these crazy sadist soldiers at!


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More extreme twink BDSM and punishment

OMFG Gay War Games has been bringing the pain this month! Bar none, this is the best extreme gay BDSM site available (If there are better ones, please let me know ;)). These queer commandos are just so ruthless, reckless and brutal, it blows my mind. This latest update is no exception. It picks up the story of Aleksandar in part 2 of “Ransom.” Aleksandar is terrorized with extreme water bondage punishment, fighting for air while dunked headfirst in an icy cold tub of water. Then the soldiers beat his lean twink body mercilessly, whipping him with a flogger, slapping him in the face and then spit in his eyes. Aleksandar is reeling with pain and shame, and then the homo guerrillas whip out their hard cock and forcefully facefuck shellshocked Aleksandar. They push the back of his head down on the throbbing dick until it’s impaling him, choking him in a forced deepthroat! Truly the most authentic gay BDSM you will see today! Enter here to see more hardcore gay bdsm featuring Russian Twink Aleksandar!

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Gay War Games Water Bondage — Ransom, pt 1

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Sadistic Chav Punishes roped and terrified British Twink Casper Ellis

Ashton Bradley is making quite the name for himself as a sadistic prick! This session he’s got Brit twink Casper Ellis roped naked in a spread eagle position on a dirty dungeon floor. It looks so cold and unforgiving for Casper, just like Ashton’s dirty little heart. Ashton is cruel and calculating, caressing Casper’s delicate skin and then lashing out with his bare hand, slapping him hard across the inner thighs, stomach and chest. Caspertwists and strains against the ropes after every smack, but he’s powerless and escape is hopeless. Ashton starts pinching his tender flesh with clothespins, making painful zippers up and down Casper’s thighs, his nipples and stomach and even his tight nutsack. Casper’s in unbelievable pain, and when he’s feeling the worst. Ashton seizes the moment to stuff his cock into his twink slave’s mouth. Truly fiendish and worth watching the entire twink BDSM and punishment video here at BoyNapped.


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Raw Recruit Ruben is Terrorized and Humiliated during GayWarGames recruitment

Raw twink Ruben has wanted to fight for his beloved country of Tchukistan — but the recruitment process is daunting. He’s made his application, but now he’s be stalked and followed by military police. A soldier pulls him out of his vehicle and bellows at him to submit to frisking, examination and physical spotcheck. Ruben is terrified and cannot manage a word of protest, and the soldier proceeds to knock him around, threaten him with his baton and shove him into the dirt and mud. How badly does Ruben want to serve his country? Will he lick the officer’s bots clean and beg forgiveness for muddying them in the first place? Will he prove his worth as a soldier by doing pushups and crunches in the filth and dirt? Ruben struggles under the torrent of abuse hurled by the soldier, but his recruitment trial is far from over. See the full scene of humiliation, boot worship and physical training at GayWarGames!


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Amazing blond twink bound and tortured

Bruce Cockburn’s evil twin Sebastian is up to his fiendish behaviour once again. He has lured 19 year old Max back to his place after agreeing to meet for coffee. Max and Sebastian were chatting online, and Sebastian convinced the gorgeous blond twink he could make him a video star. Being young and gullible, Max took the bait, and he now finds himself blindfolded and tied to an old hospital exam table, with gross old Sebastian rubbing baby oil all over his chest and flat stomach, pinching his nipples and massaging his cock. As has been extensively documented, Sebastian loves boy cock, and he slobbers all over Max’s tender uncut prick. Sebastian gets him hard and jacks him off to ejaculation, and Max cums so hard the spunk coats his own chest. His cock is now trembling and extremely sensitive, and Sebastian exploits the vulnerability ruthlessly, hooking up Max’s cock to a pair of electro-stim sensors and zapping the hell out of his throbbing genitals. Enter here to see the entire video of Max’s seduction, captivity and sexual torture at

breathtaking blond twink bound and blindfolded then zapped in the genitals

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