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Tortured twink forced to fuck his tormentor

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Tyler is an amazing Russian twink who was snatched off the street by a local thug with lust and depravity in his heart. The straight lad wanted nothing to do with his captor, Leo, but the muscular thug wouldn’t take no for an answer. After being spurned the first time, Leo came back to Tyler later wearing a mask and wielding a weapon and dragged him back to his makeshift dungeon. Leo really gets off punishing his lovers and after he chains Tyler’s wrists spread apart, he lashes the twink’s tender buttocks until they are a burning crimson colour, and bruised and throbbing with pain. Tyler’s screams for help and mercy go unanswered and Leo starts punishing the soles of Tyler’s soft, beautiful feet. Leo finally relents with the cane, but the punishment isn’t over. He has another rod he’s going to use to punish the twink. He crams his stiff cock into Tyler’s mouth and shoves it back as far as it can go, until Tyler starts gagging. Leo thrusts his cock viciously into the Russian twink’s throat until Tyler seems like he’s on the verge of collapse. Leo again give the twink a momentary reprieve, only then to turn around and pull the twink’s face deep into his sweaty asscrack and force Tyler to lick and suck his putrid asshole. Tyler works his tongue into Leo’s ass and tries his best to give him anal satisfaction…perhaps he finally finds the key to taming the aggressor! Leo lays down and spreads his legs, commanding Tyler to mount him and fuck him. Tyler shoves his hard cock into Leo’s ass and fucks the power-bottom as hard as he can. Leo jerks his own stiff cock while Tyler’s bone slides in and out of his hairy ass and he shoots an explosive cumshot across his stomach. Click here to watch the amazing twink bondage video in complete HD!

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tortured twink forced to fuck his tormentor

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Terrified twinks face brutal interrogation by horny soldiers

Monday, March 16th, 2015

I hope everyone isn’t as late to the party as I am on this one :) …here’s the trailer to’s latest spy porn thriller — A Terrorist Attack — featuring a pair of twink conspirators thwarted while planning an attack against the occupying army. There are explosions and shouting and the confused young men are knocked to the ground by burly, masked soldiers and dragged off to a secret interrogation center. The twink prisoners are hooded and beaten. Every soldier gets their vicious kicks and punches in, and the ringleader is hung upside down and relentlessly flogged and abused. He’s spit on and he shrinks in fear at the insults being hurled at him. His skinny co-conspirator looks on, helpless, knowing he’s next as the soldiers become more sexually charged in their information-gathering mission. Their cocks are pulled out and groped, while erections in the soldiers’ pants start to bulge. In the far-flung wilderness during wartime, sexual companionship comes infrequently, so balking at someone who isn’t your “type” isn’t an option. These fit young lads are criminals and have earned punishment from the ruling force, so if sexually pleasuring these soldiers is required in furthering strategic goals, who will care whose mouth is on their hard, bulging cocks? Click here to watch the full military fetish group sex video.

terrified twinks face brutal interrogation by horny soldiers

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Twink prisoner submits to his new cellmate

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

This week’s GayWarGames propaganda update revisits the plight of poor Italian Gianfranco, caught behind enemy lines by the homo commandos. After being forced to deepthroat the soldiers and having his ass fucked raw by a huge cock, Gianfranco is now hauled to the makeshift prison run by the guerrilla faction. After his harrowing sexual submission, he is now forced to strip and the soldiers give him a thorough and degrading examination. Hauled naked to a cell, Gianfranco finally gets a moment’s peace. The moment is fleeting however, as his neighbour bribes the guard to bring the fresh meat into his cell. Gianfranco tries to resist, but he is flung into the cell with his thuggish fellow inmate, and the horny beast quickly chains the Italian to the bunk, licks his gorgeous ass and whips out his huge dick to fuck his slave’s face. Gianfranco is beyond resistance, and he tries to please his captor to avoid further punishment. Enter here to see more hot gay bondage video of Italian twink slave Gianfranco getting chained and fucked by his horny cellmate at!

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Horny prisoner chains and fucks the new fish

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Straight Twink Roped and Sodomized

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Another new update from the sickos at GayWarGames. Their latest propaganda release features captured banker Gianfranco, seized by the GWG homo commandos after his car broke down behind enemy lines. Gianfranco is tied at the wrists and forced on his knees as the soldiers transport him in the back of their truck. Both soldiers force their cocks into Gianfranco’s mouth, forcing the straight dude to orally pleasure them, sadistically humiliating him by shouting insults in his face. While Mecko forces his stiff cock down the Italian’s throat, his conspirator Ivan starts priming his ass, gobbing saliva onto Gianfranco’s butthole, and penetrating him with his fingers to get him ready. Ivan puts the finishing touches on the trailer mounting his bound slave and relentlessly pounding his virgin ass with his engorged cock. Click here to see the entire video chronicling sexy Gianfranco’s capture and defilement at

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Debased Twinks in Frat Hazing Orgy

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

The dudes from Alpha House have a nasty surprise in store for three members of their 2011 pledge class. The three puny boys are taken to a dirty old warehouse and blindfolded, groped and spanked. They are made to parade around for the amusement of the frat brothers, and the pledges must prove how badly they want into the fraternity by sucking each other’s dicks. This twink is on his hands and knees doing an amazing job of sucking his fellow pledge’s cock, taking it deep, all the way to the hilt, and then stuffing the balls in for good measure as well. He pumps his mouth on his fellow twink’s cock, hoping to please his frat brother masters, and he certainly pleasures his fellow pledge who blows a huge load all over his fave and the floor. Click here to see more real videos of humiliated twinks getting abused and fucked by their horny, perverted pledge-masters.

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humiliated twinks debase themselves to win fraternity slot

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Trust fund brat stripped, groped and wanked at

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Discipline and submission has worked wonders on smug schoolboy Noah at The rough-talking delinquent has been transformed into an obedient well-behaved lad. Such improved behaviour does deserve a little reward. Given that this 19 year old’s balls are full of spunk the dominant clothed men kindly stroke his big throbbing cock. However, to continue his embarrassment they make him describe aloud every step of the process from caressing his big full balls to rapidly jerking his hot stiff dick till it shoots. This is an experience that will be permanently burned into young Noah’s memory. Enter here to see the full video detailing Noah’s fall from grace and humiliating submission to his 3 professors.

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