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Bored Soldiers Torment Lost Twink in the Forest

Boredom is something that soldiers have to endure during wartime. These Tchukistani rebels have been waiting for hours for anyone to come down the road, and by the time young blond Boris happens upon them, they have gotten so bored that they have gone past restless and are bordering on feral. The two brutes stop the young man and ask him if he wants to play a game. Boris is lost, and now confused at the strange behaviour of the soldiers, who seize his moment of confusion to lash out. The first soldier spits a mouthful of water in his face and the second one knocks him to the ground and begins to hit his thighs with a stick and rub his ass into Boris’s face. They then cut off all of Boris’s clothing and start tossing him around like a stuffed toy. This blond twink is naked and vulnerable, miles from help and in the clutches of a couple of horny, scary fuckers. It doesn’t take a genius to guess whats coming next! Click here to see Boris’s capture and submission to these crazy sadist soldiers at GayWarGames.com!


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Twink slave humiliated and agonizingly shamed

Meathead jocks Maurice and Jon have a very nasty streak and they love to see their sexual conquests whimpering and groveling on their knees before them. They have a new twink slave at the gym for their amusement, and they are keen to give him some painful, shameful canine training. They rope him into a painful frogtie, forcing him to crawl on his knees and elbows, and then they insert an enormous dog tail dildo up his ass and force him to bark. The savage assholes shower their slave with piss and cum, forcing him to drink every drop, and when he fails, he’s in for a hell of a beating. Click here to start downloading the entire sadistic twink slave humiliation scene from BrutalTops.com!

terrified twink roped, humiliated and punished

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Young Military Pup Roped and Forced to Suck Cock

Young Alex seriously pissed off the Sentry on guard at the barracks. After tossing trash at him while he was asleep, Alex immediately regretted the rash decision when the brutish thug came at him full force. In this clip Alex has been stripped naked and forced to his knees with his hands roped behind his head and tied to a stair rail. The hulking guard pulls out his cock and it’s thick as a tree trunk; he grabs Alex by the back of the neck and thrusts his throbbing member down the young lad’s throat. While forcing Alex to deepthroat his fat cock, the guard starts whipping his back and chest and then binds Alex’s small cock and balls until they’re bulging and purple. After fucking his face, the musclebound sentry hauls Alex up to his feet and turns him around, bending him over and thrusting his cock into his tight virgin asshole bareback. Alex grunts with pain, but his tormentor keeps slapping him on the ass and thrusting harder and deeper. Click here to watch the full video and all of the painful military abuse and humiliation at GayWarGames.com


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Brutal tops dominate and degrade worthless twink sub

The perverted bastards at brutalTops.com have kidnapped an English schoolboi and are planning on selling him to a Russian pimp, but they want to sample the goods before the transaction. Master Daryl orders the lad to give him a lapdance, and when the twink fails to arouse him, he gives him a violent and painful lashing with his riding crop. He flicks cigar ashes in his face and mouth, spits beer all over the twink, beats and kicks him, flogs him som more with the riding crop before completely degrading him as a useless fuck toy by smearing him with gross, sticky food. It’s one of the most vile, bleak gay BDSM videos I’ve seen and its totally worth the price of admission at BrutalTops.com. Download the shocking, offensive new public gay BDSM videos from Brutal Tops.

Brutal tops dominate and degrade worthless twink sub

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Amazing Brit lad Luke Desmond punished in prison camp hellhole

A prison camp cut off from all form of civilization. The young inmates have no choice but to give in to lascivious guards as they are ruthlessly used and abused as mere sex objects…Warden Dean is obsessed with playing perverse sex games with new inmate Luke Desmond. Dean fucks Luke in the ass and shoots a full load of hot sperm into his face. And to top it off, lots of blindfolding, gobbing, boot-licking, hot wax torture and anal stretching. Click here to watch the full twink prison bondage sex video at youngbastards.com.

amazing brit twink Luke Desmond punished in prison camp hellhole

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