Big Brother Spanks Little Brother

18 year old Matt gets caught sneaking in way past curfew by his older brother Max. Their mother put Max in charge and Matt knew he had a midnight curfew but decided to ignore it because he expected his big brother to be chill with it. But Max is uptight and insecure and he needs to enforce his authority over Matt the only way a young man understands: through physical force! Max is lean and muscular and teeny twink Matt is no match for him. The younger lad is pulled over Max’s knee easily and Max wrestles his pants down, exposing his narrow little ass. Matt protests in disbelief, but Max peppers him with a flurry to open hand spanks to his tight derriere. Matt wriggles but he can’t break free of big brother’s iron grip and must endure the humiliating punishment, not that this lesson will really stick with him. Click here to see the full brother-on-brother spanking video at!



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Twinks look so Good in Fake Spanking video

Max Carter and Elijah West certainly make for a good looking couple in this video from SpankThis, although I don’t think you or me or anyone would mistake it for anything hard edged or nasty. They have set up a flimsy little pretext for Max: he’s busy studying in his dorm at the prestigious Helix Academy when his roommate Elijah returns. He borrowed Max’s school uniform, and Max flips out when he realizes that there’s a stain on the lapel — he needs to look sharp for the debate tomorrow DAMMIT! What’s the blond Adonis to do? He pulls and eager Elijah over his knee and starts pounding out a rhythmic spanking; cupping the buttocks every time he makes contact with Elijah. Sure, Elijah’s ass might be turning red, but he’s got a little shit eating grin on his face the whole time and his protests are purely for show. “That stain won’t get itself out!” says Max in mock frustration, hinting at more punishment to come. What are you going to do Max? Spank Elijah until he runs out for club soda? Click here to see more of Max and Elijah and their thinly veiled pretext for some dormroom fucking.


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Santa’s Punishment List

It’s a little known fact that in addition to Santa’s naughty and nice list, he has a separate list for such difficult behaviour cases that they warrant personal corporal punishment. It’s also a little known fact that almost everyone on the corporal punishment list is male, 18-22 years old with a lean physique. I guess it’s OK is Santa has a type (how devastating would it be to get a letter back from Santa saying “No Fats, No Femmes”?. Anyway Skyelr Bleu (again with that crazy name) is caught red handed by Santa trying to sneak a peek at his presents and must face a blistering bare ass spanking. Santa lays the offending twink over his knee and spanks his bare bottom with his open hand and then really drives his point home with a wooden paddle. To really put the icing on the cake, when Skyelr finally gets to open his present, its not the ipad2 he asked for, but socks and a reindeer sweater. Enter here to watch this complete twink spanking video and have a Merry Christmas.

hot twink skyelr makes it on santas naughty list

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Twink Sucks Cock to get out of Spanking

Evan Parker and Tyler Hill are boyfriends living in bliss, with a beautiful home in LA paid for by their porn talents. They have an amazing life and they share it with a mischievous puppy named Bentley. Tyler begged for the dog, and promised to take care of him, but when Evan comes home from work one day and sees his new pool furniture showing tell-tale chew marks, he turns to his boyfriend to bear the brunt of the punishment. Evan catches Tyler completely unaware and playfully warns him he’s been bad and he’s in for a stinging spanking. Tyler is game for some fun and lets Evan have his way with his firm bubble butt. After Evan strips him naked and gets his ass throbbing after a few dozen hard spanks on the ass, Tyler uses his failsafe method to allay Evan’s anger. Click here to watch these playful twinks spanking and sucking cock at Helix Studios.


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Hot Twink Discipline — Coach Spanks Josh, Boy Swimmer

Josh has disappointed the coach and let down the team AGAIN! Will Coach Ryan’s swim team ever win a meet? I think the boys on the team secretly like losinng so they’ll get called into the coach’s office for some serious discipline. Check out the video and you will see Josh’s ass positively glowing from the spanking that Coach Ryan lays on him. Its so hot and tasty! :) Click here to see full videos at

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