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Virgin’s spanking fantasies come true

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

It’s really awesome when a shy gay amateur gets the opportunity to live out his porn video fantasies. Take Mick here…he’s a closeted 19 year old from Northern England who has a secret spanking fetish. He sneaks around and jacks off to spanking videos on his mobile phone anywhere he has a chance. You might catch him in the bathroom stall next to you, wanking his hard cock while fixated on merciless spanking videos. Anyway, he could finally no longer live with only having the fantasy and he sent an email to the webmaster of his favourite spanking site, hoping for a one-on-one discipline session. After exchanging photos, young Mick snuck away with his passport and hopped a flight from the UK to Budapest where he was met by the creative mind behind Mick’s fantasies finally came true as he got the hard, bare hand spanking of a lifetime! OTK, bare hand, real hard corporal punishment. And afterward, the virgin was rewarded with the opportunity to suck a cock for the first time and get fucked in the ass! Click here to watch Mick’s debut gay spanking porn video!

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amateur virgin gets spanked and fucked for the first time

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Sexy chav lad gets a really hard spanking

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Jack is a tremendous find — he’s a straight 18 year old lad who has been living a rough and tumble life on the streets of Budapest since running away from boarding school two years ago. He’s not English, but he certainly is right out of the “chav lad” mold. He has come under the wing of the perverted mind behind “Spanking Boys” — the British expat prowling around Eastern Europe gorging himself on the flesh of rentboys and street lads, and Jack has earned himself a one-night stay in the Spanking Boys hotel. He has a fantastic bubble butt, and he really reacts with surprise and anguish at the pain of getting spanked so hard. I thought this clip was really fantastic, it features really unabashed, hard bare hand spanking, paddling and a teaser of some hot ass fucking. Click here to see the full length video of Chav lad Jack getting a hot male-on-male spanking for the first time.

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sexy chav lad gets a really hard spanking

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Chav Twink gets a hard bare hand spanking

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Here’s a welcome return from featuring another brand new amateur twink on video getting his first ever spanking. Jess is a scruffy blond chav from the Estates…he’s covered with cheap and vulgar tattoos, and he’s totally submissive to older men. His spanking is tough, and he grits his teeth to get through the pain. But as he’s grunting and gasping for breath, he becomes totally aroused by the spanking. He’s on his belly, so his hard cock is hidden from view, but when his spanking is finished, he flips over and it springs to life. He jacks himself off and leaves a hot puddle of spunk on his thigh. Click here to see this horny young British lad getting his first gay spanking.

chav lad gets a hard bare hand spanking

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Barely legal twink gets his first gay spanking

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Here’s a sweet clip of a twink rent boy from Eastern Europe making his first fetish video. He gets picked up after chatting with a kinky stranger online and taken back to the stranger’s hotel room. Monty as ordered into the shower to clean up, and as he soaps his lean, strong body, his thick cock gets hard and he puts on a sexy show for the camera. The stranger isn’t messing around though. He want Monty on the bed to test that juicy bubble butt. Monty lays across his new Daddy’s lap and gets a stinging bare ass spanking…his buttocks are turning a very painful shade of crimson and his playful yelps are turning into yelps of pain mixed with increasingly intense groans of sexual arousal! He’s getting off on the pain! After Daddy is satisfied with the twink’s discipline he relents, but orders the twink to show his obedience by stroking his raging cock and shooting a messy wad all over his chest and stomach. See the entire clip at

barely legal twink gets his first gay spanking

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Serbian Rentboy sells his ass for spanking

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Check out this new video that was sent to me featuring a another totally hot amateur twink from Serbia, Tomas, getting his ass spanked like a son of a bitch. He’s got a brash attitude fitting his calling as a rentboy prowling the streets of Belgrade, and he agreed to make this spanking video for some fast cash. He thought his tough upbringing would make this video easy cash, that his hard life made him impervious to some silly spanking, but he could not have been more wrong. Tomas gets stripped naked and bent over a chair to receive a terrific bare hand spanking that turns his ass an alarming shade of crimson. Tomas screams and squeals, gritting his teeth and trying to squirm away. The pain is amazing, and the once tough street hustler is reduced to being a begging twink grateful to offer his ass up for fucking to end the pain of the open hand corporal punishment. Click here to watch the complete twink spanking video.

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amateur twink rentboy relentlessly spanked

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Rentboy sucks cock and gets spanked

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

“Tyler” is an 18 year-old rentboy working in Bulgaria and he loves meeting tourists from Western Europe eager to devour the fresh young flesh in the East. Tyler hooked up with an Englishman in a metro station in Sophia and after some extremely suggestive flirting, they were taking the train back to the tourist’s hotel. Tyler wants to show off what a hot companion he is and he eagerly sucks the Brit’s long, hard pole. Impressed, the tourist flips Tyler over on the bed, ass pointing in the air, but instead of ramming his erect prick into Tyler’s tight ass, the Brit wants to spank his firm, luscious buttocks. Tyler squeals and squirms as the strong hand smacks his ass, but the pain and the shame of punishment clearly excites him. When the English tourist has had enough of the corporal punishment, that’s when he penetrates Tyler’s red, glistening ass with his hard cock and pounds him until he dumps a load of cum all over his swollen, crimson ass cheeks. Enter here to see this wild home made twink spanking and fucking video.

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hot euro twink gets spanked and fucked

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