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Chain Twink Bondage + Pube Shaving

There’s not a lot of obfuscation and subtext here: One of our favourite twinks — Czech cutie Ton — is chained by his ankles and wrists on his bed while his daddy fumbles, caresses and massages his cock, eventually coating his beautiful erection with shaving cream and shaving his balls, cock, taint, and ass completely naked and gleaming. While he may not possess the best shaving technique, he’s committed to getting every single hair removed from Ton’s amazing crotch. After the job is done, he admires his handiwork, jacking off Ton’s luscious gleaming, hard cock. Enter here to see Ton’s amazing bondage transformation, from furry lad to slick and ready to fuck twink gay fetish icon.

chained twink gets his pubes shaved

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Military hazing leads to shameful arousal

Military recruit Simon has earned the wrath of his new commanding officer, Hannibal, and the skinny weakling is terrified of the brawny tough guy and all of the terrifying threats that have been whispered into his ear over his first few weeks of training. Now, after yet another mistake in the parade square, Simon is marched out to the periphery of the base for one-on-one instruction from Hannibal, but the brawny sergeant isn’t interested in running drills. He produces a roll of thick duct tape and starts manhandling poor Simon, wrapping tape around his face and head, creating a grotesque mask, and then taping his arms and legs into a spread-eagle formation, all the while screaming threats and insults, slapping him and kicking him. Hannibal rips open Simon’s shirt and mocks his pathetic body hair. The sergeant pulls out a razor and shaves off Simon’s chest hair and slaps his sensitive skin. Then Hannibal starts the training, but Simon isn’t made to walk, he has to go back to even simpler basics…he is made to crawl, as if he is being trained like a dog! Hannibal puts him through the basics of puppy training before standing him up and stripping him naked. Simon’s uncut cock is limp and sad, but Hannibal starts stroking it, and a horrified Simon tries to squirm away as the smug bastard coaxes an erection out of the terrified recruit. Click here to see the full video of raw twink recruit Simon getting an embarrassing hard-on at the hands of his cruel drill instructor.

Military hazing leads to shameful arousal

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Twink CBT and shaming

Bad Boy Ton has been getting lazy, and his Daddy is pissed and motivated to correct his sloppy behaviour. Firstly, Ton has not been maintaining his appearance, letting his pubic region grow into a bushy mess! Daddy hates this, preferring his young lovers keep their body hair trimmed to a minimum (as we all should!). So what’s the punishment and how can Ton learn to please his Daddy better? He’s tied at the wrists and secured to a hook high above his head. Daddy strips him naked and lets the camera get a really good look at how messy and unkempt Ton’s pubes are. “Have more pride in yourself!” “Your cock looks so small in that bush!” Daddy uses a pair of clippers to clean up most of the hairy mess, shaving them down neat and clean. But to punish Ton and teach him a valuable lesson about obeying Daddy’s rules, Daddy starts tying Ton’s balls off with a length of heavy gauge wire, until they are constricted and bulging, looking like a piece of hanging fruit. Then Daddy starts wrapping the wire around Ton’s cock, getting him semi-hard, but not allowing in enough blood for him to become fully erect. Ton’s cock head bulges out the end of the wire wrapping, pulsating and purple, and Daddy punishes him further, using the sharp end of a toothpick to needle his swollen cock. Click here to see the full video of Ton’s shaming and painful CBT punishment.

sweet twink Ton gets his pubes shaved plus CBT

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Twink kink CBT closeup and ball shaving

If you are a fan of twink CBT, here’s a photo set that will make you incredibly hard. This Czech twink sex slave is helpless to resist the perverted urges of his Daddy, who loves fondling the twink’s soft cock and torturing his balls. After tying up the shaft of the cock and twinsting up each of his balls, the Daddy probes his slave’s cock, first poking it with a fork and then pulling open the urethra with a pair of scissors. The twink squirms meekly, but dares not openly defy his Daddy. Then the Daddy uncaps a bottle of shaving foam and lathers up his twink’s balls, shaft, taint and asscrack and begins to shave all of the slave boy’s pubes. He can’t help himself and he squeezes the slave’s balls until they are bulging out of the top of his fist like a mushroom head, and then he proceeds to shave the ballsack bald. If you love twink CBT and shaving fetish videos click here to see the full video and photo set.

twink cock bondage and ball shaving

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