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3 Horny Jocks spray hot streams of piss

Horny, kinky twink Dustin Fitch is eager to please a couple of boys he has been crushing on all summer. They have always joked about piss-play, but an afternoon of refreshments by the pool has finally loosened their inhibitions enough to go for it. Dustin gets down on his knees and muscle pup jock Austin and Roman immediately start hosing him down with piss. Dustin’s shirt is soaked in seconds and he’s work the two cocks into semi-hardness and catching the streams of hot pee right in his mouth. All three lads are getting incredibly horny now, and Dusting dramatically wrings out all of the piss form his shirt above his head to give himself a golden shower shower. Austin and Roman want the desperate twink to keep sucking their cocks and they promise more chances for piss drinking. Dustin is back on his knees with cock and piss in his mouth and he looks as ecstatic as one can imagine. The piss-fest gives way to a hot bareback ass pounding and all three lads blow massive loads before hosing each other down with piss to finish the video. Click here to keep watching these jocks spraying each other with buckets of hot piss.

3 horny jocks spray hot streams of piss

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Amazing Twinks Fuck and Then take a Hot Piss Shower

Kris Blent and Ray Mannix are really heating it up in this update from Staxus. The trailer lays bare the details…they are a paired of horned up young skater dudes who have the family pool all to themselves. Letting their teen brains go where teen brains go, they waste no time getting naked and hard. Both lads are hairless and super fit — you can see every taut inch of skin and they are both in peak physical condition. Additionally, each lad is sporting about 8+ inches of hard wood, although I think Kris’s cock might be a tad thicker. The twink pair perform a stunning 69 maneuver, each one showing off great cocksucking skills — who says teens aren’t learning? The lads can’t wait any longer, and Ray mounts Kris for deep, wet bareback pounding and Kris fucking loves feeling every inch of his best friend’s dick sliding into his tight ass. But these lads are both DTF, and they flip flop and Ray gets his turn getting Kris’s gorgeous cock penetrating his wonderful teen hole. Ray shoots a thick load of cum all over his belly while Kris fucks him, and then Kris unloads his big juicy cum wad inside Ray’s mouth and all over his chin. But after the lads are spent, they take turns pissing all over each other and in each other’s dirty teen boy mouths. How could these amazing lads get more raunchy and sexy? Just add piss apparently! Click here to watch the full flip flop bareback teen boy fuck scene and bonus piss shower only in the Staxus member’s area!


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Kinky Twink Piss Party at Boycrush!

Nico Michaelson is ready to do anything his Boy Crush Dakota orders him to do, and Dakota is in a mood for some dirty fetish play. Leading cuffed Nico to the bathroom, Dakota orders his submissive teen fuckboy to piss himself in his tiny underpants. Nico gleefully lets the hot pee stream from his cock and soaks his underwear. Dakota is next to drain his snake, and Nico kneels in front of him to feel the hot shower of piss splash off his chest and chin. Dakota is saving his load for later but he wants Nico to get ready for some rough fucking, so he hands the twink a dildo and tells him to get hot and loose. The dildo is massive, and Nico sticks it to the wall of the shower and presses his ass backwards and stretches his hole to take it all. He jacks his cock, hoping for a big load — he’s so horny all he ever thinks about is getting fucked by Dakota and shooting his cum. When he’sfinally done, Dakotah has a cruel twist for him — he leads Nico out into the hallway of the hotel in his piss-soaked underwear and tosses him in the elevator; Nico has to humiliate himself before the next episode in their kinky sexual powerplay begins! Click here to watch these piss-crazy teen boys getting their young cocks hard and tight holes filled at BoyCrush.com!


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Showering Twinks Keep it Dirty with Piss Facial

Young Euro twinks Roman and Yuri have just completed a grueling cross-country training session and have been looking forward to a shower to soothe their sore muscles and wash away the grime. Bi sexual Roman is tall, lean and has a beautiful cock, and he gets into the shower first, but he’s soon followed by smaller, scruffier Yuri, who buries his face in Roman’s sweaty ass crack before his running buddy has a chance to wash it clean. Yuri loves rimming out Roman’s ripe hole and Roman is getting avery aroused by Yuri’s outstanding tongue work. Yuri wants more, and Roman showers his boyfriend with his hot pee. Yuri drinks it in and uses Roman’s cock like a hose to direct his spray all over his face and head. Yuri spits out the delicious piss back onto Roman’s cock and lets it dribble down his chest. These two and their fetish piss play are so incredibly hot! Click here to see their full shower pissing scene plus passionate fucking afterward at Staxus!


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Horny twink sprays piss in his mouth

Here’s a great video of adorable twink Riley Michaels utterly soaking himself in piss and having a blast. The horny twinks sits in a swing outside in the yard, pulls out his thick dick and strokes it a few times before letting a monster piss stream fly. He soaks his shirt and his pants and the stream is so powerful, he sprays in his mouth no problem. After drinking several mouthfuls of his own hot piss, Riley strips out of his soaking clothing and jerks his cock with a feverish intensity. He’s incredibly horny now and his thick cock looks so amazing. I’m hard just thinking of it. Before he shoots his wad, he fills a bottle full of piss and douses himself with the wet mess when he finishes jerking off. Click here to finish watching the full length twink pissing video.

Horny twink sprays piss in his mouth

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