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College brat Noah roped and brutally spanked!

We all love Noah, I personally love it when this snotty rich kid gets to feel some hard times. In this set, Noah’s roommates are sick of his shit and decide to torment him and take some of the piss out of him. After stripping him naked, they tie his ankles and bend him over a knee, spanking his bubble butt with a bare hand before employing more painful implements: paddles, brushes, and canes. This is just the first taste for Noah, but these assholes he works with end this scene on an impressive note: they fill a cup with piss and force snooty rich kid Noah to drink it dry. Sick and I can’t wait to see more! Enter here to see Noah’s hardcore debut on, featuring intense spanking and hot piss-drinking!

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Priest delivers twink corporal punishment

How many of us twink fetish enthusiast harbour secret fantasies about priests and altar boys? Sush a taboo topic, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there making spanking videos dressed as priests and getting off on spanking their delicious twink boyfriends. I’m sure most of you who are into twink spanking and corporal punishment will recognize Father Wood from and everyone should certainly recognize Dustin Revees. Father Wood accuses Dustin of stealing money as a transparent ruse to strip search him and execute a painful corporal punishment. He bends Dustin over his knee and spanks his smooth naked skin with his bare hand until Dustin’s ass is red and covered in welts and bruises. Next Father Wood lifts Dustin’s legs in the air to reveal his tight anus, and he proceeds to insert one, then a second meaty finger into the lad’s hole, pssibly still maintaining the pretense of conducting a search for missing church funds. Father Wood is on his A game in this clip and certainly Dustin’s punishment is hot and fucking amazing. Enter here to watch the full video of Dustin getting his naked ass brutally spanked and paddled

misbehaving altar boy gets spanked and fingered by the priest

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Chained Twink Spanked and Sodomized!

Kurt Summers is a sweet young lad living a laid back life in Southern California and is happy to pick up a modeling gig here and there with Helix Studios for extra cash. His bubble butt makes him very popular and highly in demand and that sparks jealousy with some of the other lads. Evan Parker is one of those guys who is envious of Kurt and his come and go attitude, and he asks to partner up with Kurt for a scene. Kurt thinks he’s going to get his cock sucked and his ass fucked, but first Evan has a special treat in store for him: several hard lashes with a flogger and then more blows from a leather paddle. Kurt doesn’t know whats happening and his cries of pain are tinged with fear. Evan finally relents with the corporal punishment, only to handcuff Kurt and throw him over a table and ram his plushy ass from behind. It’s so great to see these twinks showing their fierce side! Click here to watch the full gay twink spanking and fuck scene at!


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Submissive Slave Filled with Cum!

Jason Valencia is feeling like quite the high roller these days with all of the accolades he’s getting from his amazing performances at Boy Crush. But he wasn’t expecting to get a gift-wrapped slave waiting for him in his hotel room! Nico Michaelson just turned 18 and he’s been infatuated with Jason for months. So he snuck himself into Jason’s room and got the gag and chains ready and waited for his Boy Crush to return and abuse him! Jason dominated Nico with a flogger, turning his meaty little twink butt a rosy pink, and then gets his hole ready for rough fucking by inserting a big wide dildo. Nico eagerly sucks on Jason’s cock to get him slick and ready for penetration, and then Jason shoves his big fat prick into Nico’s raw hole and fucks him hard and bareback until he’s pumping his cum deep inside the submissive twink slut. With Jason’s hot load still leaking out of his ass, Nico stokes his own hard cock until he shoots a load of his own. Click here to see full video of these kinky twinks getting submissive and pumped full of cum!


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Twink Pornstars add some Pain to the Party

Skyler Evans is a greedy little bottom that loves working for BareTwinks — he used to do it for the money, but he fell in love with it when he got to hook up with an endless stream of big-dicked boyfriends like bad boy Jason Valencia. Skyler needed a partner for this scene so he sent Jason a text asking how soon he could make it over, and Jason was knocking on the door in ten minutes flat! Skyler wastes no time getting that thick cock out of Jason’s underwear and getting him hard and dripping with precum. Jason has got other ideas though. He doesn’t just want to be the hard cock getting used as a penetration prop for Skyler, he wants to have some fun! So while Skyler sucks him off, Jason starts working over the bottom boy’s bare ass with a leather paddle! Jason’s ass is framed perfectly by his jockstrap and his firm cheeks start getting red and hot while Jason smacks them harder and harder. Skyler just keeps sucking Jason deeper and deeper while the spanking gets more intense. Jason then flips Skyler around and slides the entire lenght of his bare cock into Skyler’s hole and starts pumping him like a machine. Jason has incredible stamina and can shoot multiple times in a scene, so he’s always fucking hard and deep. Skyler’s own hard cock is bouncing up and down as he rides Jason reverse cowboy style — What a raunchy little romp these tow pulled off! Click here to see this hot spank and fuck from BareTwink’s hot up and coming wunder-fuckers Jason and Skyler!

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