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Twink Pornstars add some Pain to the Party

Skyler Evans is a greedy little bottom that loves working for BareTwinks — he used to do it for the money, but he fell in love with it when he got to hook up with an endless stream of big-dicked boyfriends like bad boy Jason Valencia. Skyler needed a partner for this scene so he sent Jason a text asking how soon he could make it over, and Jason was knocking on the door in ten minutes flat! Skyler wastes no time getting that thick cock out of Jason’s underwear and getting him hard and dripping with precum. Jason has got other ideas though. He doesn’t just want to be the hard cock getting used as a penetration prop for Skyler, he wants to have some fun! So while Skyler sucks him off, Jason starts working over the bottom boy’s bare ass with a leather paddle! Jason’s ass is framed perfectly by his jockstrap and his firm cheeks start getting red and hot while Jason smacks them harder and harder. Skyler just keeps sucking Jason deeper and deeper while the spanking gets more intense. Jason then flips Skyler around and slides the entire lenght of his bare cock into Skyler’s hole and starts pumping him like a machine. Jason has incredible stamina and can shoot multiple times in a scene, so he’s always fucking hard and deep. Skyler’s own hard cock is bouncing up and down as he rides Jason reverse cowboy style — What a raunchy little romp these tow pulled off! Click here to see this hot spank and fuck from BareTwink’s hot up and coming wunder-fuckers Jason and Skyler!

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Santa’s Punishment List

It’s a little known fact that in addition to Santa’s naughty and nice list, he has a separate list for such difficult behaviour cases that they warrant personal corporal punishment. It’s also a little known fact that almost everyone on the corporal punishment list is male, 18-22 years old with a lean physique. I guess it’s OK is Santa has a type (how devastating would it be to get a letter back from Santa saying “No Fats, No Femmes”?. Anyway Skyelr Bleu (again with that crazy name) is caught red handed by Santa trying to sneak a peek at his presents and must face a blistering bare ass spanking. Santa lays the offending twink over his knee and spanks his bare bottom with his open hand and then really drives his point home with a wooden paddle. To really put the icing on the cake, when Skyelr finally gets to open his present, its not the ipad2 he asked for, but socks and a reindeer sweater. Enter here to watch this complete twink spanking video and have a Merry Christmas.

hot twink skyelr makes it on santas naughty list

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SpankThis presents a delicious triple boy spank!

Holy Shit! what an update from — Jeff Sterne spanking three delicious twinks until their asses are raw and covered with welts! If you love Twink Spanking (and I know so many of you do :) ) Check out to watch full length videos today. I cannot believe how awesome the members videos are. Every excruciating detail — the bare hand spanking, the welts forming under the lash, bruises and blisters and the sharp cries of pain at every lick of the cane. Click the link below to view videos from


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Hopeless Twink athlete spanked by his Exasperated Coach

Here’s another Coach/athlete spanking video we all love so much — is tapping its endless reserves of adorable twinks to tell this cautionary tale of discipline and reward. Twinky soccer player Luke Allen has been dragging his team down all year, and with a final shot at the playoffs disappearing before their eyes, the team is relying on everyone playing their best, even gawky Luke. Before their next game, Coach Clark follows Luke home to impart the gravity of the situation, but the pep talk devolves into frustration and basically, “Don’t fuck it up.” With that, Coach flips Luke over the bed like a rag doll and pulls down his shorts — love that Luke is wearing that jock strap. It frames his ass so perfectly and makes it irresistible. Coach warms up Luke with a series of bare handed spanks across his buttocks, and then pulls out his favourite disciplinary tool: his wooden paddle. Luke grimaces and whinges as the paddle smacks his butt, and he promises to play his best. To ensure he’s telling the truth, Coach keeps whacking him and telling him his throbbing crimson ass will be his reminder to not fuck up. Click here to watch this sizzling hot coach-on-lad spanking video at


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First time Twink Top punishes his little bottom slave

Jacobey London has been building his own dungeon over the last few months in hopes of finding a bottom boy to dominate and make his slave. He’s been saving his money and shopping for whips and a paddle, and just last week, he finally got a bench he strap a lad to and punish him for hours. Now where to find the right boy to service the curious young master? Dakotah White has been a schoolmate of Jacobey’s for several years and frequents the shop where he now works. Although Jacobey is not open about his fondness for boys, he knows the rumours about Dakotah and invites him over for a night of gaming and videos. Dakotah is curious about hanging out with Jacobey, who he always thought was cute but too rough for him, and he agrees. After a few hours playing video games, Jacobey starts showing Dakotah his kinky toys. Both lads are getting aroused and Dakotah agrees to try the flogger, but only if Jacobey does it softly. Jacobey says he will, but anyone with half a brain would know he would say anything to get Dakotah into position. Dakota strips and Jacobey gets him strapped to the bench — blood is rushing to his cock and he almost swoons as his bondage fantasy is about to be realised. He starts softly with the flogger, and Dakotah moans even at the lightest touch. Jacobey gets a little bolder and Dakotah flinches and protests. Jacobey responds by slapping a piece of tape over the skinny twink’s mouth and flogging harder and harder! After using the paddle and flogger and turning Dakotah’s ass bright red, Jacobey finally relents and pulls the tape off, but uses his thick, erect cock to stifle Dakotah’s cries of anger, pain and protest. Soon Dakotah is swallowing Jacobey’s entire thick meat, eagerly pleasuring the bad boy. Jacobey is eager to fuck Dakotah’s still throbbing ass, and he rams his cock in bareback and pumps his juicy hole deep while Dakotak is still strapped by his wrists and ankles to the bench. Click here to see the full twink bondage video at!


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