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19 year old Latino’s first Gay Spanking

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

This is a set from SpankThis that was released at the begining of the month, I’m not sure what they are doing over there lately, but it looks like everything is being shot through one of those instagram filters…maybe Jeff Stern is getting nostalgic for the 70s or something. Anyway, Miguel Santos is a treat through any photo filter, and the eager young pupil offers up his coffee-coloured butt to Master Stern for discipline training. Jeff seizes the opportunity, and bends the 19 year old Latino twink over the edge of the bed and pulls down his boxers, vowing to Miguel that he’s going to make up for a lifetime of missed spankings. Jeff starts his with a wooden paddle to get some colour flourishing in Miguel’s bum, and then spanks him with his bare hand to really get a good feeling for the lad’s firm bubble butt. The session gets more intense and Jeff starts using a leather strap to lash Miguel’s ass, and the shocking crack of the leather on the skin makes Miguel twist, moan and beg for more. Click here to watch more hot video of 19 year old Miguel’s first discipline training session.

19 year old Latino's first Gay Spanking

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First time Twink Top punishes his little bottom slave

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Jacobey London has been building his own dungeon over the last few months in hopes of finding a bottom boy to dominate and make his slave. He’s been saving his money and shopping for whips and a paddle, and just last week, he finally got a bench he strap a lad to and punish him for hours. Now where to find the right boy to service the curious young master? Dakotah White has been a schoolmate of Jacobey’s for several years and frequents the shop where he now works. Although Jacobey is not open about his fondness for boys, he knows the rumours about Dakotah and invites him over for a night of gaming and videos. Dakotah is curious about hanging out with Jacobey, who he always thought was cute but too rough for him, and he agrees. After a few hours playing video games, Jacobey starts showing Dakotah his kinky toys. Both lads are getting aroused and Dakotah agrees to try the flogger, but only if Jacobey does it softly. Jacobey says he will, but anyone with half a brain would know he would say anything to get Dakotah into position. Dakota strips and Jacobey gets him strapped to the bench — blood is rushing to his cock and he almost swoons as his bondage fantasy is about to be realised. He starts softly with the flogger, and Dakotah moans even at the lightest touch. Jacobey gets a little bolder and Dakotah flinches and protests. Jacobey responds by slapping a piece of tape over the skinny twink’s mouth and flogging harder and harder! After using the paddle and flogger and turning Dakotah’s ass bright red, Jacobey finally relents and pulls the tape off, but uses his thick, erect cock to stifle Dakotah’s cries of anger, pain and protest. Soon Dakotah is swallowing Jacobey’s entire thick meat, eagerly pleasuring the bad boy. Jacobey is eager to fuck Dakotah’s still throbbing ass, and he rams his cock in bareback and pumps his juicy hole deep while Dakotak is still strapped by his wrists and ankles to the bench. Click here to see the full twink bondage video at!


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College brat Noah roped and brutally spanked!

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

We all love Noah, I personally love it when this snotty rich kid gets to feel some hard times. In this set, Noah’s roommates are sick of his shit and decide to torment him and take some of the piss out of him. After stripping him naked, they tie his ankles and bend him over a knee, spanking his bubble butt with a bare hand before employing more painful implements: paddles, brushes, and canes. This is just the first taste for Noah, but these assholes he works with end this scene on an impressive note: they fill a cup with piss and force snooty rich kid Noah to drink it dry. Sick and I can’t wait to see more! Enter here to see Noah’s hardcore debut on, featuring intense spanking and hot piss-drinking!

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Straight young Lad bent over and spanked like a bitch

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Delicious twink Devlan bare ass spank by Jeff Sterne

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

Hey, happy Friday, my fellow twink loving freaks! Here is the first of two updates today, featuring our spanking master heroes at Lucky man Jeff Sterne gets twink morsel Devlan in his sights, and Devlan has been misbehaving in class. Sterne warms up his boy’s ass with some bare handed spanking before yanking down his jeans and caressing his beautiful round ass.  Caressing with a belt! the smacking starts a little teasing, as Jeff wants the camera to get a good luck at Devlan’s sweet ballsack. His juicy plums hang low and Jeff loves to tease them, but eventually gets down to business of turning Devlan’s ass into a red candy apple. Enter here for hi-def spanking videos…

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Twink ass spanked and painfully punished

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Enjoy this sweet twink spanking trailer from, featuring Bad Boy Ton getting his sweet butt paddled and flogged! That round, firm ass gets lashed and pounded until its a hot cherry red, and burning with welts and blisters. Get inside to see more video from this set featuring painful twink CBT punishment, anal play, and rope bondage punishment. Enter here to see more twink spanking and CBT/boy bondage videos at!

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Jeff Sterne gives emo twink Adan Rider a harsh OTK spanking

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

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No bullshit taskmaster Jeff Sterne has his hands full with discipline-challenged Adan Rider, who has been getting in trouble at school. Taking the cruel to be kind approach, Jeff sets out to show Adam then painful discipline will make him a better person. Jeff relishes improving the lives of his charges through pain and suffering! Slim twink Adan is absolutely breathtaking as he gets stripped and spanked by Sterne, his ass turns cherry red during the punishment session. More video and pictures available inside…


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