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College brat Noah roped and brutally spanked!

We all love Noah, I personally love it when this snotty rich kid gets to feel some hard times. In this set, Noah’s roommates are sick of his shit and decide to torment him and take some of the piss out of him. After stripping him naked, they tie his ankles and bend him over a knee, spanking his bubble butt with a bare hand before employing more painful implements: paddles, brushes, and canes. This is just the first taste for Noah, but these assholes he works with end this scene on an impressive note: they fill a cup with piss and force snooty rich kid Noah to drink it dry. Sick and I can’t wait to see more! Enter here to see Noah’s hardcore debut on StraightHell.net, featuring intense spanking and hot piss-drinking!

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Straight young Lad bent over and spanked like a bitch

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American Twink Spanking

Time for more twink spanking from one of the all time creepy dudes out there, Jeff Sterne. Seriously, can you bring yourself to think of what this guy’s day job is? My money’s on church camp counselor. Anyway, in this tidbit, Sterne is having a few cross words with his misbehaving pupil Mikey, and finally, in frustration, he yanks down the skater punk’s jeans and starts giving him a hard, bare hand spanking on his white round ass. For a white boy that is otherwise very unremarkable physically, I would have to say that Mikey has a pretty decent ass. Nice round cheeks, probably with a good heft to them. I certainly wouldn’t turn down a test drive, if you get my meaning. Sterne even gives us a treat by lashing Mikey with a leather belt. On the other hand, he also gets naked, so I would definitely call this video a mixed bag (although I edited out Sterne’s nudity — this isn’t that kind of blog). To see the full uncensored version complete with lots of corporal punishment and some creepy age play sex, enter Helix Studios here.

Jeff Sterne gives his twink pupil a hard barehand spanking

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Priest delivers twink corporal punishment

How many of us twink fetish enthusiast harbour secret fantasies about priests and altar boys? Sush a taboo topic, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there making spanking videos dressed as priests and getting off on spanking their delicious twink boyfriends. I’m sure most of you who are into twink spanking and corporal punishment will recognize Father Wood from SpankThis.com and everyone should certainly recognize Dustin Revees. Father Wood accuses Dustin of stealing money as a transparent ruse to strip search him and execute a painful corporal punishment. He bends Dustin over his knee and spanks his smooth naked skin with his bare hand until Dustin’s ass is red and covered in welts and bruises. Next Father Wood lifts Dustin’s legs in the air to reveal his tight anus, and he proceeds to insert one, then a second meaty finger into the lad’s hole, pssibly still maintaining the pretense of conducting a search for missing church funds. Father Wood is on his A game in this clip and certainly Dustin’s punishment is hot and fucking amazing. Enter here to watch the full video of Dustin getting his naked ass brutally spanked and paddled

misbehaving altar boy gets spanked and fingered by the priest

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Cheeky twink gets his bare ass spanked OTK

Fanatical disciplinarian Jeff Sterne has another hard case on his hands. Derrick Porter is on the fast track to no where in life…he doesn’t care about school or getting a job, just cruising the mall for sexy dudes to hook up with. Always concerned about the well-being of young men that cross his path, Jeff Sterne decides what this young man needs most is a dose of tough, painful love. This is Derrick’s first taste of corporal punishment ever, and Jeff makes it special and memorable. All bare hand, all OTK. Get a good look at that creamy ass flesh as Jeff turns it pink and rosy, and then fiery red and mottled with welts and bruises. Click here to see the full painful punishment initiation of Derrick Porter at SpankThis.com

cheeky twink gets his bare ass spanked OTK

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Furious Dads Spank their Butt Fucking Sons!


Gerry and Gary are a couple of closeted young men who have been sneaking around for a few months, surreptitiously sucking and fucking and generally getting sexual any time they are alone. Both live with traditional families, and both have dads that are angry and intolerant. Lately, the lads have been getting bolder and more reckless, and on this bright sunny afternoon, Gerry and Gary were overcome and started fucking right in Gerry’s parents’ parlour! They are so caught up in their lustful rutting they they don’t hear Gerry’s Dad come home. He walks in and he sees his son plugging the arse of another boy from the neighbourhood and he’s apoplectic! He grabs his wooden disciplinary paddle and starts laying into Gerry’s buttocks with fierce angry strokes. Gary scrambles away and manages to dash out the door, but Gerry is getting the punishment of his life; Dad hits him so hard with the paddle that it breaks! No matter, his Dad is still angry enough to beat Gerry’s ass with his bare hand until its swollen and numb. Once Gerry has been completely reduced to a puddle of guilty apologies, his dad gets on the phone with Gary’s dad Tony. Tony is shocked to hear what transpired and hauls Gary out of his bedroom and pulls the lad over his knee for a hard spanking. Gary whines and struggles but he can’t escape his dad and the unrelenting blows across his bouncy bum. These lads will definitely have to come up with better plans if they want to keep fucking each other! Click here to see these furious fathers spanking their freshly outed sons at BritishBoysFetishClub.com!


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