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British Lad caught stroking his cock; Spanked by his furious Dad

Here’s a short, sweet clip showing the story of a horny teen lad running afoul of his father. The family is pitching in to complete spring cleaning and the boy is put in charge of vacuuming. But being 19 means being constantly horny and he can’t help but take a break to stroke his thick meat. Even more boldly, he decides to go for it completely naked, stripping off his clothes and risking incredible humiliation and embarrassment if he’s caught. Sure enough, his father walks in on him as he’s furiously wanking his cock, and you can guess Dad’s reaction. Anger, disappointment and embarrassment all boil over at once and he pulls his miscreant son over his knee for painful punishment. This isn’t an old fashioned bare hand on the bare bum spanking — he’s got a leather strap that he’s using to really lash his boy’s firm round ass. His son tries to fight him, but the father uses one hand to keep him prone and subdued while lashing his bare buttocks mercilessly. The son’s thick cock is still semi erect and it’s bouncing off Dad’s thigh — that’s a hidden treat. Obviously the lad’s sex drive is not entirely deterred by the corporal punishment. In fact as soon as Dad finishes admonishing him, the lad finishes stroking his cock and spews out a thick load before resuming his chores. Watch the full Daddy-boy Spanking video at BritishBoysFetishClub.com!


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18yo twink gets a hard bare bum spanking

Cyrus is an 18 year old college boy from Slovakia who was recruited for this spanking video. Even though he’s very young, he’s got lots of experience getting spanked. It’s a huge turn on for him and he was eager to get down to business. He gets a series of hard, bare bum slaps while he’s flat on his stomach, standing against the wall and up on all fours. The punishment is fast and furious and breathtaking. Even though it wasn’t taken in the best light, you get every ounce of the raw sexual energy Cyrus is generating. Click here to see the tender but kinky twink get a long, full-force bare bum spanking at Spanking-Boys.com


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Euro Twink gets an intense spanking punishment


This straight lad was referred to the mystery disciplinarian at Spanking-Boys.com because of his lack of direction and his disregard for authority. No stranger to problems at school, with his parents or the law, Will is a source of trouble and heartbreak for everyone around him. Surely he just needs some tough love? What better way to start than with an old fashioned over-the-knee spanking, bare hand on bare ass, until his tender skin is burning red and throbbing with pain. He’s suffering, but he’s trying to hide the pain. His overseer stands him up and points his ass towards the camera and continues to give him an unrelenting stream of smacks across his tender buttocks. They are swelling up and his young cheeks look so plump! Finally, Will’s spirit is broken and he’s docile, pliant and ready to obey. Just the kind of boy we want around the house! Click here to watch his full British-style spanking video.


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Straight Twink Karl misses curfew and gets a hard spanking from Dad

Karl is a delinquent, just released from jail into the custody of his parents. He’s under strict curfew and while playing the role of humble and remorseful son by day, he sneaks out at night to hit the clubs with his group of degenerate friends that got him in trouble in the first place. By the time he creeps home, the sun is rising and his furious dad is waiting in his bedroom. Dad explodes and yanks Karl over his knee like a rag doll, tugging down his trousers and spanking him out of pure frustration. While griping about how his life choices were going to ruin the family, Dad spanks Karl harder and harder, holding him in place by the ear. He’s so frustrated by his 20 year old son he takes of his slipper and uses it to spank his throbbing red ass. Click here to see this classic father/son spanking scene in full.


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Brutal Twink Spanking — Training a Master pt 1

This video is absolutely brutal…this is the roughest spanking I have seen in ages, if not ever, and these twink boys are slapped, lashed, manhandled and abused by an utterly cruel and sadistic pig-daddy. How much do those lashings hurt? I could not even begin to grasp the pain those twinks are in. Anyway, Daddy, starts with a lot of no-nonsense open handed OTK spanking, and then begins to work over his slaves with the belt. Plus he has a young master-in training, masked, who he appears to be training to weild the lash as well. Look for more from him in upcoming posts…this is part 1 of 3. Enter here for more videos of brutal twink spanking….


Delicious twink Devlan bare ass spank by Jeff Sterne

Hey, happy Friday, my fellow twink loving freaks! Here is the first of two updates today, featuring our spanking master heroes at SpankThis.com. Lucky man Jeff Sterne gets twink morsel Devlan in his sights, and Devlan has been misbehaving in class. Sterne warms up his boy’s ass with some bare handed spanking before yanking down his jeans and caressing his beautiful round ass.  Caressing with a belt! the smacking starts a little teasing, as Jeff wants the camera to get a good luck at Devlan’s sweet ballsack. His juicy plums hang low and Jeff loves to tease them, but eventually gets down to business of turning Devlan’s ass into a red candy apple. Enter here for hi-def spanking videos…


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