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Boy-Next-Door Twink Noah James BoyNapped and Abused

Noah James

I love it when my favourite twinks come back for more punishment. Noah James, who I have a crush on for ever, is making yet another visit to Sebastian’s BoyNapped Loft. I should be so jealous of Sebastian for getting all of this time alone with such a delicious morsel :) So Noah is tied down to a tabletop in this video trailer, helpless as a kitten, and demented old Sebastian is eager to make him squirm! Noah’s exposed chest is getting the hot wax treatment, and Sebastian is almost quivering with anticipation as he drips boiling hot wax onto his slave’s creamy white skin. Noah happens to wearing a pair of cute little underpants today, and Sebastian takes a schoolboy’s delight reaching into Noah’s briefs and groping his beautiful cock. Noah’s cock is truly magnificent and we get an excellent view as Sebastian jacks it and tortures it with hot wax! What an intense twink bondage scene with an exquisite specimen of a lad! Enter here to see Noah sucking cock and getting fucked

Ultimate twink toy Noah is tortured with Hot Wax

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Noah and Luke — BoyNapped Twinks Anal Bondage Trailer

Back at the BoyNapped penthouse, Sebastian is entertaining himself with Ultra-Twink Noah James and submissive Luke Desmond. Luke has been my crush since he first appeared on BoyNapped, and every time I see that massive 9″ cock of his my mind goes insane! This trailer is as hot as it gets at BoyNaped — Noah is chained to a chair nude, and unable to move. Sebastian works that heavenly cock of his while Luke Desmond gets to fuck Noah’s sweet twink mouth. Seb gets a tight rope squeezing Noah’s cock and pushes Luke’s tight ass onto Noah’s now bulging, thick member. Check out the big, messy climax as both lads get off with a double shower of cum. Enter here to see Noah and Luke fucking in tight restraints

Noah James & Luke Desmond

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