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More Gay War Games Trailer goodness — “Psycho Doctor, pt 3”

Another new trailer released today by GayWarGames, featuring twinks cruelly punished in their filthy prison camp. The guards Mecko and Becko, lead the prisoners to a makeshift infirmary to be examined by the camp doctor, who is more interested in inflicting pain than curing their ills. The soldiers join in the fun, and the pair of twinks are bound in duct tape, forced to suck cock, pissed on, lashed and whipped! It was a horrible day for the twinks, but intensely pleasurable for the guards, and a BDSM lover like myself. Enter here to see the full Twink BDSM punishment video

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twinks subjected to cruel treatment by their crazy doctor

Enter here to see the full twink BDSM punishment video

Masked twink gets a hard CP beating

What is your thought on twinks and masks? Are they too cute for wanting to protect their identities and save mom and dad from potential embarrassment? Or do you find the mystery sexy and arousing? Are they being selfish and silly? My blood gets pumping when I think of these twinks as being incredibly horny and feeling desperate to explore new feelings of kinkiness welling up inside them. Maybe this delicious young twink feels deeply insecure and is trying so hard to please his new boyfriend that he will make a homemade porno with him, even though he feels a sense of deep shame about the exhibitionism. The masked twink in this video is bound to a fence in the middle of the country with duct tape, and his cruel boyfriend is taunting him and painfully punishing him with a riding crop. You can see the boyfriend is using a great deal of force to deliver the blows. Click here to watch the full length Twink Corporal punishment and judge for yourself: sexy or ashamed?

masked twink gets a hard CP beating

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Savage spanking leaves toned young hunk writhing in pain

Here is an exquisite punishment video for your Monday afternoon commute…this British lad definitely pissed off his headmaster, enough to earn an OTK spanking, alashing with a leather strap, a proper BIRCHING, plus a whipping across the flesh of his back! What could he have done? Crumpets passed to the right instead of the left at tea? Mixing up the dessert fork and the fish fork at dinner hall? Good Lord what an intense beating! Video trailer below, link to full video available here.

Straight lad gets a hell of a beating

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Deliciously severe spanking video compilation

Its super short video trailer, but the spanking is raw and genuine. The masters of pain at British Boys fetish club reveal just a little taste of the punishment handed out to their roster of misbehaving British lads. Really, for the raw savagery on display in the spanking methods of these fresh young lads, BBFC is unmatched. Their daddies and taskmasters display merciless punishment techniques par excellence. Click here to get a look at the BBFB tour and their nasty spanking videos.

Super twink Jack Blaze tastes the sting of the whip

Jack Blaze is a gorgeous blond twink that has fallen into the dastardly clutches of Sebastian from BoyNapped. In the dungeon, Sebastian strips poor Jack naked and ties him to the floor before pulverizing him with the whip. He invites one of his other twink boy toys in for assistance: Ashton Bradley dumps a can of beer all over Jack’s naked flesh and takes a huge piss in the bound twink’s face. Jack splutter’s for his breath, but the whipping keeps continuing, even after Sebastian shoves his dirty cock into Jack’s mouth and fucks his face like and animal. Seb blows a huge load into Jack’s eyes and mouth and then wanks him off to his own explosive climax. Enter here to see more hot twink bondage and punishment videos.

super twink Jack Blaze tastes the sting of the whip

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