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Brit Twinks in Dungeon Torture spectacle

Lovely delicate twink boy Max Brown (was there ever a name that did not fit the face??) has gotten himself twisted up with some rotten company. Stripped naked and left tied to a worn out, filthy mattress in a dank basement dungeon, he is easy prey for horny and perverted chav twink Ashton Bradley. Ashton alternates between fondling Max’s uncut cock, getting him hard and glistening, and dripping burning candle wax all over his smooth, hairless body. The pain infliction wins out, as Aston coats boy toy Max in hot candle wax, stroking his own cock as Max twists and writhes in pain in a vain effort to free himself from the boy-fantasy torture. By the end, Aston gives Max a second coating of goo, blasting him the face with a giant cumshot. Click here to see the full video of boy on boy kinky bondage and gay bdsm!

young smooth Max is roped and abused by another kinky twink

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Corporate Branding will make Bondage cool for Millennials!

There has been a lot of concern about the willingness of young people (ie Millennials) to pay for porn, and as the adult industry slides further into decline, there have been a lot of attempts to reach out to young people to convert them from viewers of free porn into buyers of premium products. It looks like BoyNapped is trying to get younger customers interested in gay teen bondage by integrating their gritty, painfully sensual kink play with familiar corporate branding that has a proven track record for youth appeal. Thick-dicked muscle pup Deacon Hunter is specifically targeting confident, sports-and-outdoors interested males aged 18-30 with his Adidas-branded track jacket, while cute and vulnerable Izan Loren struggles to endure a hot candle wax torture while swallowing Deacon’s tree-trunk prick, while at the same time appealing to girls aged 18-24 who value fantasy and the belief in happiness with a very large Mickey Mouse tattoo on his thigh. With his toned physique struggling against the ropes and his own cock being teased into a throbbing erection, Izan makes a bold statement to young Millennial females that BoyNapped also believes in Quality, Community and Innovation, just like the Walt Disney Corporation. Click here to experience bold brand synergy and leverage your desire for physical stimulation with an engagement in economical and efficient online commerce!


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Chained Twink Hot Wax Handjob!

Luke Adams is certainly a popular guy in the BoyNapped Dungeon, and today he’s got Ashton Bradley glued to his cock, obsessing over the thick pole and teasing Luke with spasms of pain and waves of pleasure. Luke is immobilized with his hands tied behind his back and roped to his thighs for good measure, and his feet are splayed apart with a spreader bar. Ashton fondles Luke’s big cock while its still only semi erect, and the thing still weighs heavy in his hand. Luke might be short and compact, but he’s really been blessed with an XL penis. Ashton is very skilled at stroking cocks and pleasuring young men, and soon Luke’s cock is getting fully erect, and that’s when Luke starts pouring hot candle wax all over Luke’s chest and cock. The young blond gasps but he fights the pain, and Ashton alternates between pumping his helpless boyfriend’s cock and inflicting more searing pain on his exposed flesh. Ashton get’s so worked up that he pulls out his own hard cock and does some double dick stroking so he can shoot his own load all over Luke’s bare feet. Click here to treat yourself to this full video featuring twink bondage, edging and cock teasing and hot wax torture at BoyNapped!


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Rope-Bound Uncut Twink gets his Cock Milked

Burgeoning thug Mickey Taylor has a delicious morsel hanging in the dungeon and he’s run out of willpower — he’s going to get his bondage playmate Ross Drake excited and anguished at the same time! Ross is hanging horizontally in the dungeon, roped around the chest, waist and hips, his uncut cock hanging free and semi erect. Mickey starts groping him roughly and smacking his ass, getting him wormed up for their fun and pain-filled session. Ross grimaces as the ropes cut into his flesh but his arousal is evident as Mickey starts wanking his cock. Mickey works Ross’s shaft with one hand while pouring hot candle wax in his buttock and thighs with the other, and Ross squirms and moans at the same time. Mickey is finally too fixate on Ross’s cock and he gets underneath the swinging twink lad and starts sucking his thick dick. After a lot of stroking, teasing and feinting, Mickey finally allows Ross to cum and the young lad shoots a strong torrent of semen all over the floor. Boynapped does it again! Click here to watch the full video of Mickey’s bondage domination over helpless Ross Drake.


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Roped Brit Twink Riley Jordan gets his balls drained

Boynapped apprentice Ashton Bradley has another delicious twink dangling on the hook (figuratively speaking) in the dungeon. Taking a break from ramming twink holes, Ashton has Riley Jordan blindfolded, roped and splayed on a plank, uncut cock getting harder by the minute. Ashton uses hot wax to burn and tease Riley’s nipples, and then switches to ice cubes to make him squirm. The process is repeated on Riley’s flat stomach and erect cock. Ashton kisses Riley and lubes his cock, jacking him off and letting him get close to spurting. Riley’s balls are heavy and aching and he’s dying to get off, and of course Ashton edges him to satisfaction and then backs of, over and over until Riley is panting and desperate. Ashton finally allows the bound lad to ejaculate and its a gorgeous gusher. Aston then pulls out his own cock and stands over Riley, still roped and proceeds to jerk off until he shoots his own load over the bound, submissive twink. Click here to watch the full video and the impressive double cumshot at Boynapped!


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