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Rope-Bound Uncut Twink gets his Cock Milked

Burgeoning thug Mickey Taylor has a delicious morsel hanging in the dungeon and he’s run out of willpower — he’s going to get his bondage playmate Ross Drake excited and anguished at the same time! Ross is hanging horizontally in the dungeon, roped around the chest, waist and hips, his uncut cock hanging free and semi erect. Mickey starts groping him roughly and smacking his ass, getting him wormed up for their fun and pain-filled session. Ross grimaces as the ropes cut into his flesh but his arousal is evident as Mickey starts wanking his cock. Mickey works Ross’s shaft with one hand while pouring hot candle wax in his buttock and thighs with the other, and Ross squirms and moans at the same time. Mickey is finally too fixate on Ross’s cock and he gets underneath the swinging twink lad and starts sucking his thick dick. After a lot of stroking, teasing and feinting, Mickey finally allows Ross to cum and the young lad shoots a strong torrent of semen all over the floor. Boynapped does it again! Click here to watch the full video of Mickey’s bondage domination over helpless Ross Drake.


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Roped Brit Twink Riley Jordan gets his balls drained

Boynapped apprentice Ashton Bradley has another delicious twink dangling on the hook (figuratively speaking) in the dungeon. Taking a break from ramming twink holes, Ashton has Riley Jordan blindfolded, roped and splayed on a plank, uncut cock getting harder by the minute. Ashton uses hot wax to burn and tease Riley’s nipples, and then switches to ice cubes to make him squirm. The process is repeated on Riley’s flat stomach and erect cock. Ashton kisses Riley and lubes his cock, jacking him off and letting him get close to spurting. Riley’s balls are heavy and aching and he’s dying to get off, and of course Ashton edges him to satisfaction and then backs of, over and over until Riley is panting and desperate. Ashton finally allows the bound lad to ejaculate and its a gorgeous gusher. Aston then pulls out his own cock and stands over Riley, still roped and proceeds to jerk off until he shoots his own load over the bound, submissive twink. Click here to watch the full video and the impressive double cumshot at Boynapped!


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Adorable Bareback Blond Twinks play with Handuffs

Anyone familiar with Brad Fitt’s work at Staxus knows he’s dramatic and that he craves the spotlight. He takes it upon himself to break in the new talent and when he gets Blake Hansen in the bedroom, a bit of professional jealousy rears its head and Brad relishes the opportunity to subdue and torment the upstart blond twink. Handcuffed to the bed, Blake is clearly more aroused than scared by Brad, evidenced by gigantic erection, and Brad plays the experienced slut, swallowing the entire cock with ease as if to show Blake his equipment isn’t that impressive after all. Still restrained, Blake can’t stop Brad from putting a blindfold on him and stuffing a gag in his mouth in preparation for hot wax torture — Brad sears Blakes tender flesh with the burning wax before lubing his fat cock and ramming it into Blake’s tight hole. Blake moans and bucks his hips as Brad stuffs his hole, but Brad isn’t finished with Blake’s thick cock; He sits on his twink slave’s cock and rides him hard, jacking his own cock until they are both ready to cum together. Click here to finish watching theses kinky twinks and their wild ride!


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Hot Twink Suspension Bondage

Ashton Bradley is a great British twink with an amazing appetite for sadism. He refuses to play nicely with his partners and loves seeing them twist in pain. Bailey Onice has a big target on him in this video, and he quickly finds himself helpless and at the mercy of Ashton. Of course, mercy is a concept that eludes this chav lad, and when he lights up a cigarette, he also lights a few candles and starts pouring the burning hot wax all over Bailey’s tender naked flash. Ashton suspends Bailey from the rafters of the dungeon and burns his thighs, abdomen and crotch with scalding-hot candle wax. Bailey pleads for his freedom, but Ashton is becoming so aroused by the pain and the power he wields, he pulls out his cock and starts stroking it while continuing to apply the painful wax. Click here to watch the full length twink bondage torment video

suspended lad gets waxed and wanked

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Amazing anal fetish and penis pump twink bondage

Although it’s been a while, I never forget my biggest twink crush, Bad Boy Ton and his amazing ass. I used to fantasize about fingering his acrobatic hole while getting his dick hard with my hand. Then these photos were released and its the perfect materialization of everything I wanted to do to Ton. He’s kneeling in a chair with his wrists and ankles bound and his Dadddy is working over his ass with a leather-tipped riding crop. It’s a sizzling bit of pain that lights a fire deep inside me. Then Ton’s tormenter slips a penis pump onto his cock and pumps up the pressure. I love twinks playing with penis pumps and this is an image that I will keep with me forever…I nearly came right then, but then the anal play started…first a burning candle in the ass. Maybe a little cliche, but when Ton’s Daddy slips in two fingers and spreads his beautiful hole into a wide gape, that’s when I lost it. Click here to see all of the photos and watch the full HD twink bondage/corporal punishment and anal play video.

Amazing anal fetish and penis pump twink bondage

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