Twink bound by jealous boyfriend

Pretty boy Sebastian has been working hard on getting into his neighbour’s girlfriend’s pants, pissing off both of them. Finally, Sebastian pushes the girlfriend too far, and she tells her boyfriend Mehmet who drags him into the basement for some grim punishment. Mehmet and his girlfriend lock Sebastian into a set of stocks and start torturing his nipples. Mehmet is furious at Sebastian and growls at him if he wants to get some hot sex, then he’s going to get some. Mehmet forces open Sebastian’s legs and shoves his cock up the twink’s ass and fucks him hard and raw. Sebastian is forced to his knees to take Mehmet’s fucking load right in the face, and then as a final humiliation, Mehmet pisses all over Sebastian’s face. Click here to see all of this hot gay bondage at!

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Here’s a really hot sadistic dungeon fucking video that got me off and I couldn’t wait to share it. It’s from Russia and it features sex slave Dennis curled up on the floor in a puddle of piss trying to think of a way to escape muscular thug Thor, who is a nasty pervert with a mean streak and a fat cock. He has the twink slave chained in the dungeon and he’s going back to fuck him some more. Thor wraps a chain around the twink bondage slave’s neck and crams his throbbing erection down Dennis’s throat making him gag and spit. Thor is relentless, barely letting Dennis get any air before shoving his huge dick back into the twink sex slave’s face. Thor finally switches it up, turning Dennis away from him and roping one leg in the air, opening the twink’s legs and giving the thug easy access to Dennis’s vulnerable asshole. The muscular deviant plunges his swollen wood into the twink’s tight asshole and fucks him raw. Dennis tries to get away, but the pain of the huge cock in his ass paralyzes him. Thor flings him on the ground and continues to fuck his ass while spanking and slapping Dennis before he finally shoots a huge load of spunk all over the twink’s face and leaving him the way he found him, naked and trembling on the floor. Click here to watch this amazing Russian gay BDSM dungeon fucking video!

terrified chained twink fucked by muscle thug

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Brutal Twink Bondage and Humiliation

If you haven’t been checking out lately, you have really been doing yourself a disservice. From its inception I was impressed by the jocks and musclepups abusing and humiliating the cute little blond Russian twinks, but this trailer really made me stop cold. This trailer is from the fourth chapter of the “Hard Deal” series and it features helpless twink Mark in the middle of his brutal fight for survival. He is roped and gagged and being savaged by muscle-boy Daniel, who definitely has been watching more Straight Hell and Brutal Tops than Bound Jocks. Daniel humiliates Mark, brandishing a scary looking pair of scissors and cutting off big clumps of blond hair. When Mark tries to struggle free, Daniel retaliates with swift, hard kicks and knee gouges to the twink’s slender abdomen. He crumples and Daniel manhandles onto a table a jams his erect cock into the twink slave’s extra-tight hole. The young top spews a hot, thick jet of cum right into Mark’s asshole, and he scoops the creampie up and smears the load all over Mark’s body. Thoroughly exhausted and in the depths of degradation, Mark collapses on the floor where Daniel kicks him a few more times before stalking away in triumph. Click here to finish watching this amazing chapter of brutal Russian twink bondage and degradation!

Brutal Twink Bondage and Humiliation

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Hot twink bondage in the shower

Hannibal may be a rising star in whatever Eastern European crime syndicate, but in gay fetish porn circles, many would argue he’s ready to be crowned king. With a sculpted body, bad attitude and a nasty kinky disposition, he overwhelms timid twinks like Rene. Hannibal corrals the smaller, younger Rene in the shower, taping his mouth shut so he doesn’t have to listen to the please for mercy, and then he ropes the lad’s hands above his head and then plays with his fat cock. Check out Hannibal stroking both cocks at once, squeezing his slave’s balls in a rope and slapping him around. It’s fucking hot and only promises to get hotter. Enter here to see Hannibal punishing more timid twink lads exclusively at

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Uber stud Hannibal is just about done toying with and abusing his sniveling little punk twink Rene. After whipping and humiliating him, Hannibal has him bent over a sawhorse and tied at the wrists and ankles, buck naked, no hope for escape. Hannibal finally fucks the shit out of poor little fairy boy Rene, and Rene grunts and moans at taking Hannibal’s huge cock up his ass. Hannibal pulls out and jacks his giant load all over Rene’s face, virtually glazing him with hot cum, and then slapping him in the head with his rigid cock. Finally, Hannibal unties Rene from the sawhorse, but spreads his legs open with a spreader bar and ties one arm above his head, commanding the twink to jack off with his free hand. Hannibal is amused and horny by the pathetic masturbation of his slave, forcing him to jackoff until he cums all over his chest, and then walking away, leaving twink Rene helpless and humiliated. Enter here to see rugged sex god Hannibal utterly owning and humiliating bondage slave twink Rene in full HD video

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