Hot twink bondage in the shower

Hannibal may be a rising star in whatever Eastern European crime syndicate, but in gay fetish porn circles, many would argue he’s ready to be crowned king. With a sculpted body, bad attitude and a nasty kinky disposition, he overwhelms timid twinks like Rene. Hannibal corrals the smaller, younger Rene in the shower, taping his mouth shut so he doesn’t have to listen to the please for mercy, and then he ropes the lad’s hands above his head and then plays with his fat cock. Check out Hannibal stroking both cocks at once, squeezing his slave’s balls in a rope and slapping him around. It’s fucking hot and only promises to get hotter. Enter here to see Hannibal punishing more timid twink lads exclusively at

hot twink bondage in the shower

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Uber stud Hannibal is just about done toying with and abusing his sniveling little punk twink Rene. After whipping and humiliating him, Hannibal has him bent over a sawhorse and tied at the wrists and ankles, buck naked, no hope for escape. Hannibal finally fucks the shit out of poor little fairy boy Rene, and Rene grunts and moans at taking Hannibal’s huge cock up his ass. Hannibal pulls out and jacks his giant load all over Rene’s face, virtually glazing him with hot cum, and then slapping him in the head with his rigid cock. Finally, Hannibal unties Rene from the sawhorse, but spreads his legs open with a spreader bar and ties one arm above his head, commanding the twink to jack off with his free hand. Hannibal is amused and horny by the pathetic masturbation of his slave, forcing him to jackoff until he cums all over his chest, and then walking away, leaving twink Rene helpless and humiliated. Enter here to see rugged sex god Hannibal utterly owning and humiliating bondage slave twink Rene in full HD video

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Twink Bullied after School

Jerome is the star student in his class, but his long girly hair, his arrogant attitude, and his flamingly gay behaviour makes him the most hated lad in school. After school, he takes a walk alone in the woods to read and do his homework, and presumably to read Shakespeare’s sonnets aloud to squirrels and sparrows, or some other similar pretentious bullshit. Unknown to him however, he has been followed by a classmate who is incredibly angry with this sissy making the rest of the class look bad. The bully confronts Jerome and knock him down and then starts hitting him with his own textbook. Jerome is too weak to fight back so he tries to curl into a ball, but the raging student kicks him, whips him with a belt and rips the twinks clothing to tatters. The scene jumps to the bathroom at the school, and Jerome is getting his long, beautiful hair dunked into the urinal and he is forced to drink the putrid water out of the bowl. The bully keeps slapping Jerome in the face and screaming at him. Disturbing and powerfully erotic. Click here to watch the full video of Jerome’s bullied toilet dunk.

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Twink Bondage Cum Party

Twinks Jason and Matze have run afoul of a couple of local enforcers and are paying the price. They are roped wrists to ankles and flipped ass up and the tough guys ream their choice virgin assholes like a pair of animals. continues to show a lot of promise after its official launch, and this twink bondage video is a strong addition to the growing video collection. These hard European thugs bang the shit out of their frightened twink slaves, and humiliate them with hot blasts of cum to the face. Enter the twink bondage party exclusively at for the full video.

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BangBus, Tchukistan style

Falco is a chav-style twink from Eastern Europe…He’s a gangster wannabe, involving himself in petty crime to keep himself from actually working a real job. Most of his criminal schemes don’t work out so well, like today’s failed plot which leaves him stranded in the countryside in the rain, forced to walk home. But before long a van comes along and Falco thinks he’s finally going to get some good luck, but for him, it’s worse than he can imagine. It’s a coupe of local thugs sent to snatch him because of a scam he’s being trying to run. They are wearing ski masks and they muscle him into their van (which they probably borrowed from their mom)…they bind his legs and wrist with tape and slap some over his mouth too. They don’t want to hear him screaming, because they plan on inflicting heavy punishment of this twink gangster. Falco’s pants get yanked down and his captor starts yanking his cock, and Falco gets a huge erection! Who could have thought getting kidnapped and held in bondage was so arousing for a straight lad like Falco? His masked captor pulls down his own pants and starts stroking their cocks in tandem, even going so far as to suck Falco’s cock for him. Click here to see the full video of the abduction and the hot oral action in the van.

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