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Gay War Games — the Redneck pt 3: Forced Oral Submission

The Gay War Games queer commandos keep bringing the pain! They have released trailer #3 in the “Redneck” series, featuring buff stud Marko, and my favourite soldiers Mecko and Ivan. The action in this trailer starts immediately, as the queer commandos drag their struggling captive to an abandoned barn in the woods and secure him with handcuffs and then take turns fucking his face. Marko’s muscles strain and bulge as he tries to get away, but the soldiers have an iron grip on him and are relentless in pounding their cocks down his throat. He gags on their huge cocks and they laugh at the tough man reduced to bondage cocksucking. Upping the intensity, they bend Marko over a table and probe and penetrate his virgin asshole. While Mecko continues to force his cock into Marko’s hot mouth until his eyes bulge, Ivan pushes a giant black dildo into Marko’s tight ass. Marko grunts in pain and struggles to breathe during his painful, humiliating military bdsm ordeal. More forced oral and sadistic military bondage at Gay War Games!

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Terrified chained twink fucked by muscle thug

Here’s a really hot sadistic dungeon fucking video that got me off and I couldn’t wait to share it. It’s from Russia and it features sex slave Dennis curled up on the floor in a puddle of piss trying to think of a way to escape muscular thug Thor, who is a nasty pervert with a mean streak and a fat cock. He has the twink slave chained in the dungeon and he’s going back to fuck him some more. Thor wraps a chain around the twink bondage slave’s neck and crams his throbbing erection down Dennis’s throat making him gag and spit. Thor is relentless, barely letting Dennis get any air before shoving his huge dick back into the twink sex slave’s face. Thor finally switches it up, turning Dennis away from him and roping one leg in the air, opening the twink’s legs and giving the thug easy access to Dennis’s vulnerable asshole. The muscular deviant plunges his swollen wood into the twink’s tight asshole and fucks him raw. Dennis tries to get away, but the pain of the huge cock in his ass paralyzes him. Thor flings him on the ground and continues to fuck his ass while spanking and slapping Dennis before he finally shoots a huge load of spunk all over the twink’s face and leaving him the way he found him, naked and trembling on the floor. Click here to watch this amazing Russian gay BDSM dungeon fucking video!

terrified chained twink fucked by muscle thug

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More extreme twink BDSM and punishment

OMFG Gay War Games has been bringing the pain this month! Bar none, this is the best extreme gay BDSM site available (If there are better ones, please let me know ;)). These queer commandos are just so ruthless, reckless and brutal, it blows my mind. This latest update is no exception. It picks up the story of Aleksandar in part 2 of “Ransom.” Aleksandar is terrorized with extreme water bondage punishment, fighting for air while dunked headfirst in an icy cold tub of water. Then the soldiers beat his lean twink body mercilessly, whipping him with a flogger, slapping him in the face and then spit in his eyes. Aleksandar is reeling with pain and shame, and then the homo guerrillas whip out their hard cock and forcefully facefuck shellshocked Aleksandar. They push the back of his head down on the throbbing dick until it’s impaling him, choking him in a forced deepthroat! Truly the most authentic gay BDSM you will see today! Enter here to see more hardcore gay bdsm featuring Russian Twink Aleksandar!

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Young Military Pup Roped and Forced to Suck Cock

Young Alex seriously pissed off the Sentry on guard at the barracks. After tossing trash at him while he was asleep, Alex immediately regretted the rash decision when the brutish thug came at him full force. In this clip Alex has been stripped naked and forced to his knees with his hands roped behind his head and tied to a stair rail. The hulking guard pulls out his cock and it’s thick as a tree trunk; he grabs Alex by the back of the neck and thrusts his throbbing member down the young lad’s throat. While forcing Alex to deepthroat his fat cock, the guard starts whipping his back and chest and then binds Alex’s small cock and balls until they’re bulging and purple. After fucking his face, the musclebound sentry hauls Alex up to his feet and turns him around, bending him over and thrusting his cock into his tight virgin asshole bareback. Alex grunts with pain, but his tormentor keeps slapping him on the ass and thrusting harder and deeper. Click here to watch the full video and all of the painful military abuse and humiliation at


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New Gay War Games trailer — “the Banker” oral BDSM

All GayWarGames fans are in for a real treat today…another premier trailer for their new video “The Banker” featuring cruel and sexy queer commandos Ivan and Becko. Their patrol comes across an Italian banker’s broken down car, and when he thinks assistance has arrived, out come the handcuffs and some extreme verbal abuse. The Banker’s hands are cuffed behind his back, he’s flipped around and Ivan and Becko start to strip him naked. The Banker is lean and tattooed, and has a delicious set of six-pack abs. Forced to his knees, the Banker tries to refuse the throbbing erect cock pushed into his face, but a few slaps in the face and some arm twisting changes is mind and Ivan and Becko are soon sliding their long hot cocks down his throat. They force him to go back and forth and take both cocks in his mouth at once, mocking him and shouting at him to do a better job — his survival hinges on his cocksucking abilities. After humiliating their new prisoner on the side of the road with forced oral, Ivan and Beck pile the Banker into their jeep for more interrogation at their hidden forest hideaway. Enter here to see the Banker’s full punishment and forced blowjob ordeal on the Gay War Games tour

gay war games commando bondage and forced oral

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