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Twink prisoner submits to his new cellmate

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

This week’s GayWarGames propaganda update revisits the plight of poor Italian Gianfranco, caught behind enemy lines by the homo commandos. After being forced to deepthroat the soldiers and having his ass fucked raw by a huge cock, Gianfranco is now hauled to the makeshift prison run by the guerrilla faction. After his harrowing sexual submission, he is now forced to strip and the soldiers give him a thorough and degrading examination. Hauled naked to a cell, Gianfranco finally gets a moment’s peace. The moment is fleeting however, as his neighbour bribes the guard to bring the fresh meat into his cell. Gianfranco tries to resist, but he is flung into the cell with his thuggish fellow inmate, and the horny beast quickly chains the Italian to the bunk, licks his gorgeous ass and whips out his huge dick to fuck his slave’s face. Gianfranco is beyond resistance, and he tries to please his captor to avoid further punishment. Enter here to see more hot gay bondage video of Italian twink slave Gianfranco getting chained and fucked by his horny cellmate at!

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Horny prisoner chains and fucks the new fish

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Click here to see more video of Italian lad Gianfranco shackled, fucked and humiliated behind enemy lines at!

Straight Twink Roped and Sodomized

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Another new update from the sickos at GayWarGames. Their latest propaganda release features captured banker Gianfranco, seized by the GWG homo commandos after his car broke down behind enemy lines. Gianfranco is tied at the wrists and forced on his knees as the soldiers transport him in the back of their truck. Both soldiers force their cocks into Gianfranco’s mouth, forcing the straight dude to orally pleasure them, sadistically humiliating him by shouting insults in his face. While Mecko forces his stiff cock down the Italian’s throat, his conspirator Ivan starts priming his ass, gobbing saliva onto Gianfranco’s butthole, and penetrating him with his fingers to get him ready. Ivan puts the finishing touches on the trailer mounting his bound slave and relentlessly pounding his virgin ass with his engorged cock. Click here to see the entire video chronicling sexy Gianfranco’s capture and defilement at

Click here to see the first trailer from this episode: New Gay War Games trailer — “the Banker” oral BDSM

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Enter here to see Gianfranco’s bondage sodomy defilement.

New Gay War Games trailer — “the Banker” oral BDSM

Monday, October 6th, 2014

All GayWarGames fans are in for a real treat today…another premier trailer for their new video “The Banker” featuring cruel and sexy queer commandos Ivan and Becko. Their patrol comes across an Italian banker’s broken down car, and when he thinks assistance has arrived, out come the handcuffs and some extreme verbal abuse. The Banker’s hands are cuffed behind his back, he’s flipped around and Ivan and Becko start to strip him naked. The Banker is lean and tattooed, and has a delicious set of six-pack abs. Forced to his knees, the Banker tries to refuse the throbbing erect cock pushed into his face, but a few slaps in the face and some arm twisting changes is mind and Ivan and Becko are soon sliding their long hot cocks down his throat. They force him to go back and forth and take both cocks in his mouth at once, mocking him and shouting at him to do a better job — his survival hinges on his cocksucking abilities. After humiliating their new prisoner on the side of the road with forced oral, Ivan and Beck pile the Banker into their jeep for more interrogation at their hidden forest hideaway. Enter here to see the Banker’s full punishment and forced blowjob ordeal on the Gay War Games tour

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gay war games commando bondage and forced oral

Enter GayWarGames here to see the Banker’s entire bondage punishment ordeal

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Gay soldiers’ captive smacked around and face fucked

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

I guess this humble carpenter is starting to grow on me. When he first appeared, with his tangle of wild 80s hair, I couldn’t be bothered to even post about him on this blog, and I was wondering if the Gay War Games homo commandos were losing their touch. MKy faith is being restored, and captive prisoner Jan is showing himself to be a cock sucking machine, capable of taking both Mecko and Ivan’s hard cock, even when they are aggressively skull fucking him. While Ivan gets his rad sucked, volatile Mecko slaps, spanks, kicks and punches Jan while hurling vile insults and threats. The soldiers switch back and forth between getting their bone sucked and punishing and fucking their prisoner’s ass. While there’s not much in the way of pure bondage in this trailer, the sheer force of physical abuse, punishment and rough oral makes it more than welcome. Enter here for more hardcore military fetish and abuse at!

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rough oral and physical punishment

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The officer part 4: Extreme Punishment = total Submission

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

The troops are really letting Max have it now. Binding his wrists and ankles and spitroasting him was not enough, and now sexually insatiable Mecko & Becko use rope to bind their captain to a tree for more aggressive, sadistic torture. Max gets a steady diet of cock, forced down his throat, while the savage beatings on his backside and feet continue. There is no help coming for Max, and he has no strength to fight anymore. Mecko and Becko sense their moment of triumph, and victoriously soak their former oppressor with hot streams of piss! If Max is to survive, how shall he ever be able to reclaim his position of authority? Will he be forever the bitch slave of his soldiers? Enter here to see Maxmillian’s total savage humiliation at

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horny queer commandos restrain and fuck their slave

Click Here to watch Maxmillian’s savage BDSM endurance trial

Terrified Twink publicy fucked and humiliated

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Let’s get back to suffering Dimitri at Straight Hell for a minute. The last time we saw him, he was badmouthing gays at a Pride Parade before being led into the local park by Straight Hell tops Dave and Maurice — Dimitri thinks they’re off to the pub, by Mo and Dave are aiming to teach him a lesson in humiliation and shame by way of assfucking and sucking dick. This new trailer rewinds a little, and shows Dimitri being forced to prance around in public in skimpy shorts and then naked, displaying all of the “gay” behaviours he deplores so much. The trailer cuts back to the park, and Maurice continues fucking Dimitri’s mouth with aggressive zeal. Dimitri is overwhelmed with pain and shame as Dave shoves his head further down on Maurice’s cock. Click to Straight Hell to see Dimitri’s entire humiliation punishment.

Click here to see part 1 — Public Twink Punishment

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Enter here to see the entire twink BDSM humilation video at Straight Hell!

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