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Dirty Twink Beer Enema

Here’s a nasty, filthy enema fetish clip for you to watch at home in the dark tonight. There is something so raw and raunchy watching these lads administer enemas with everything they find around the house, from milk to soda to beer. The way they insert that bottle up their rectum and take a big drink with their ass and then spray it on out, making a huge gross mess. Are they getting off on being nasty? Are they filled with shame at what they’re doing for money? Let them worry about reasons. This weekend I think this is how me and the boys are going to be drinking beer. Watch lots more twink enema fetish videos here

filthy twink pours skunky beer down his asshole

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Bound twink gets an enema in the woods

This twink lad really got much more than he anticipated when he agreed to go on a camping trip with Czech super twink Bad Boy Ton…they are in the middle of the wilderness, miles from anyone who could help the lad, and Ton ropes him to a tree and strips him naked. It looks cold outside, miserable and damp. Ton in warm inside his hoodie, but his slave boy is freezing and terror is starting to mount about what is coming for him. Ton surprises him; no whips or paddles, but he does pull out an enema bag and hose which he inserts into the naked twink’s tight rectum. Ton squeezes the water into the twink’s guts and orders him to hold it…the twink can’t hold the pressure and finally lets the jet of water shoot out of his hole into a nasty puddle around his feet. Ton is delighted and there’s no way he’s stopping after one try. They are there for the weekend…God knows how much water Ton brought with them, but I’ve got a feeling this twink is going to be so clean his asshole is going to squeak when he walks. Click here to watch the full wet and messy twink enema fetish video.

Bound twink gets an enema in the woods

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Chained twink gets his cherry ass fingered for medical exam

Who has been putting off that trip to the doctor for their annual medical exam? I never seem to get my ass down there on time, but maybe this video clip will serve as in inspiration for all of us slackers. This brave twink (chained as though he might be) gets his ass lubed and fingered by his doctor’s big meaty hand; thick fingers probing inside his cherry asshole, stretching him out until he’s ready to take the nozzle of an enema. Then his doctor squeezes his balls until they look like they might pop, and he squirts all of the liquid out his ass in a hot stream. Check out more twink medical fetish videos inside.

chained twink gets his cherry ass fingered for medical exam

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Enema Twink

Here’s a rarity for you to enjoy — a twink enema video featuring a very talented young man spreading his ass wide, permitting his Daddy to lube and probe his asshole with not one but two gloved fingers, massaging his sphincter to get him ready for a jet of water to clean him out. As the water flushes in, the twink slave is instructed to hold it in, but the plan is a little shaky…The master injected too much air up the slave’s rectum, and now the young man is farting and letting the water gurgle out his wet hole. The master tries again, using more pressure when he probes the twink’s asshole and injecting the water into his body. The closeup perspective of the video gives you a marvelous view of this delicious boy-hole. Treat yourself to a hot twink anal probe and enema video — visit the Boy Fetish Central tour now!

Twink slave indulges sick master's enema fetish

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Hot Russian twink gives himself a dirty enema

Hola amigos…I hope everyone is taking care of themselves in the cold of winter, and in the spirit of staying warm, here’s a clip of Bad Boy Ton indulging his kinky enema fetish. The hot Russian twink is bound around the upper arms with plastic wrap and pushed onto his back in the shower. His Daddy stands over him with the video camera demanding arresting visual stimulation, and Ton knows better than to disappoint his Daddy. He pushes the hose into his sweet anus, releasing a torrent of warm water up his ass cavity and he releases it with a sexy squirt and then a flood of liquid. Ton looks so sexy, innocent and dirty all at the same time, lying on his back in the shower with his feet in the air. I love getting a really good look at his balls and his taint, and I love it when he makes these twink enema fetish videos. Imagine yourself in a warm shower with Ton tonight, and click here to watch the full twink fetish video inside.

hot Russian twink gives himself a dirty enema

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