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Amazing blond twink bound and tortured

Bruce Cockburn’s evil twin Sebastian is up to his fiendish behaviour once again. He has lured 19 year old Max back to his place after agreeing to meet for coffee. Max and Sebastian were chatting online, and Sebastian convinced the gorgeous blond twink he could make him a video star. Being young and gullible, Max took the bait, and he now finds himself blindfolded and tied to an old hospital exam table, with gross old Sebastian rubbing baby oil all over his chest and flat stomach, pinching his nipples and massaging his cock. As has been extensively documented, Sebastian loves boy cock, and he slobbers all over Max’s tender uncut prick. Sebastian gets him hard and jacks him off to ejaculation, and Max cums so hard the spunk coats his own chest. His cock is now trembling and extremely sensitive, and Sebastian exploits the vulnerability ruthlessly, hooking up Max’s cock to a pair of electro-stim sensors and zapping the hell out of his throbbing genitals. Enter here to see the entire video of Max’s seduction, captivity and sexual torture at BoyNapped.com

breathtaking blond twink bound and blindfolded then zapped in the genitals

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More twink Horror Bondage

I thought it would be fitting for Halloween to add a clip from Boy Crush that mimics the Nightmare on Elm Street scenario. The clip features, mouth-wateringly waifish emo twink Roxy and tough-as-leather Ryan. Roxy slips into his nightmare and seemingly awakes in a Freddy Kreuger-esque torture dungeon. Ryan gleefully dons the trademark hat, sweater and razor blade glove of the horror icon and begins to abuse and torment his frightened captive. He teases Roxy’s pale, taut flesh with the bladed hand, then cuts off his underwear to reveal the twink’s hot cock. Ryan then strips naked to reveal his own sweet, lithe, sinewy body, and he inserts an electro stim device into Roxy’s urethra. Roxy twists and moans in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Ryan cranks the voltage through his cock. Finally, Ryan mounts Roxy and fucks his ass bareback, really hammering away at his delicious tight hole until he shoots a wad of hot cum all over Roxy’s smooth ass. Click here to get the full video of this instant classic Twink Horror Bondage Bareback fuckfest.

twink slasher movie bondage fantasy

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Fresh New Face from Boynapped.com — FANE

So here is the latest trailer from Boynapped.com — They are introducing Fane, an blond boy wonder with 10 inches of uber-cock. So mouthwatering!  Jesus, what a cock! Here’s what Boynapped writes about the entire episode…
Our new hot victim is Fane, brought back to the Boynapped Penthouse for Sebastian to play with. First he ties him up leaving him defenceless (just how we like them). Then he tickles him and gets the pinwheel on that hot 10″ cock, making him squirm. Not satisfied with this punishment, Sebastian then wires Fane’s huge chunk of meat to the electrostim. It’s not long until Fane can’t hold out anymore and spurts his hot spunk everywhere! Sebastian is a hard man to please and decides to bend Fane over and give him a good hard fuck. Fane’s tight asshole gets fucked harder and harder until Sebastian shoots all over his back and ass.

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Butt-Fucked Twink — CJ makes love to a sex robot

Check out the sexy boy in the dungeon about to get ass fucked by a ravenous machine. It’s CJ, one of my all time favourite twinks, and he is getting ready for some intense solo machine assisted fucking. That cock of his looks so hot in the electro sleeve, and CJ’s whole body convulses as the waves of pleasure shiver through his entire body. But CJ promised a complete experience, and he needs to get his ass fucked, either working the dildo himself or letting the fuck robot do its thing. CJ is so awesome to watch getting fucked, I could watch his beautiful twink ass get pounded all day. Enter here for more twink machine fucking videos…


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