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Ashton Fixated on Punishing Timmy Treasure’s Thick Cock!

It’s Timmy Treasure’s turn in the Boynapped dungeon and he’s been roped and hung like a piece of meat for Ashton Bradley to tenderize. Timmy is nude and his big thick cock is already semi-erect. I would love to pull that foreskin down slowly, just like peeling a very large banana! Ashton starts spanking his ass and fingering his asshole, but he’s just as transfixed by Timmy’s throbbing cock as we are! He jacks off Timmy roughly, squeezing the precum out of his dick, and then gives the hard member several slaps that have little effect. Timmy’s hard cock just bounces back like a spring. Ashton lights a candle and starts dripping the hot wax all over Timmy’s back and ass, and starts throwing the wax upwards onto Timmy’s cock from below. Protip: Ashton: I don’t think that works. In the end it comes back tot he rough wank, and Ashton squeezes a thick, milky gusher out of Timmy’s raging hard-on! Click here to see the full boy bondage and CBT video at BoyNapped!


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American Twink Wriggles and Twitches during Slow, Tormenting Edging


American twink Dylan is a really scrumptious looking new specimen that’s shown up on Master Rich’s doorstep. The overbearing taskmaster gets a real stiff one when he meets a really fresh lad who’s otherwise unspoiled, virgin territory. Dylan is securely tied to a cold metal exam table and Rich proceeds to get him hard and stretch his ballsack tight until it looked like it was going to burst. This is one of Rich’s slowest edgings, and as Dylan is struggling desperately to cum, Rich barely uses his fingertips to rub his supersensitive shaft. By the time Rich granted permission for the precious lad to cum, he ended up shooting so much creamy goo, he was still spurting a full 15 seconds after Rich let go of his throbbing dick! Rich is then relentless milking the super sensitive head while Dylan is pleading for mercy. Click here to see Dylan’s entire painfully slow edging ordeal at SlowTeasingHandjobs.com



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Rope-Bound Uncut Twink gets his Cock Milked

Burgeoning thug Mickey Taylor has a delicious morsel hanging in the dungeon and he’s run out of willpower — he’s going to get his bondage playmate Ross Drake excited and anguished at the same time! Ross is hanging horizontally in the dungeon, roped around the chest, waist and hips, his uncut cock hanging free and semi erect. Mickey starts groping him roughly and smacking his ass, getting him wormed up for their fun and pain-filled session. Ross grimaces as the ropes cut into his flesh but his arousal is evident as Mickey starts wanking his cock. Mickey works Ross’s shaft with one hand while pouring hot candle wax in his buttock and thighs with the other, and Ross squirms and moans at the same time. Mickey is finally too fixate on Ross’s cock and he gets underneath the swinging twink lad and starts sucking his thick dick. After a lot of stroking, teasing and feinting, Mickey finally allows Ross to cum and the young lad shoots a strong torrent of semen all over the floor. Boynapped does it again! Click here to watch the full video of Mickey’s bondage domination over helpless Ross Drake.


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Roped Brit Twink Riley Jordan gets his balls drained

Boynapped apprentice Ashton Bradley has another delicious twink dangling on the hook (figuratively speaking) in the dungeon. Taking a break from ramming twink holes, Ashton has Riley Jordan blindfolded, roped and splayed on a plank, uncut cock getting harder by the minute. Ashton uses hot wax to burn and tease Riley’s nipples, and then switches to ice cubes to make him squirm. The process is repeated on Riley’s flat stomach and erect cock. Ashton kisses Riley and lubes his cock, jacking him off and letting him get close to spurting. Riley’s balls are heavy and aching and he’s dying to get off, and of course Ashton edges him to satisfaction and then backs of, over and over until Riley is panting and desperate. Ashton finally allows the bound lad to ejaculate and its a gorgeous gusher. Aston then pulls out his own cock and stands over Riley, still roped and proceeds to jerk off until he shoots his own load over the bound, submissive twink. Click here to watch the full video and the impressive double cumshot at Boynapped!


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Histrionic Twink wails during caning

British Twink Olly Taylor is the latest casualty in the Boynapped dungeon. Under the sadistic supervision of Sebastian Kane, Olly is chained to the wall and teased with the cane. Even over his clothes, the light sting of the cane flick make this scaredy cat flinch and wince. What’s a true punishment aficionado like Sebastian to do? He starts slicing off Olly’s clothes with a knife to expose his tender flesh and he continues to increase the intensity of the caning. Soon the telltale stripes are welling up on his back and asscheeks, and he continues to howl and whinge, dancing in pain every time the cake flicks against his smooth skin. Sebastian eventually turns him around to give some attention to his chest, stomach and groin, and Olly’s misery deepens. By the time Sebastian relents, his skin is covered in red stripes, but Sebastian decides to offer some kindness: he jacks off Olly’s hard cock and edges him a few times before finally letting the suffering young lad shoot a thick, creamy load. Click here to watch Boynapped’s latest caning video featuring precious twink Olly Taylor!



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