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Horny Twink Bottom Treats Roped Slave like a Sex Toy

Mickey Taylor really gets off on having a reputation as a trashy, slutty bottom boy, and while meandering around the dark passages of the BoyNapped Dungeon, he found Luke Adams roped on his back like he had been giftwrapped just for Mickey. The tattooed twink is already getting stiff, and his uncut cock looks breathtaking…he greedily swallows the rod of helpless Luke and soon gets the bound boy’s dick throbbing. Luke lays back, unable to move or resist as Mickey impales his greedy boy-cunt on his rock-hard erection and rides him like a race horse. Luke groans with pleasure, but he’s drowned out by wild child Mickey, who is rhythmically pumping his hips and furiously jacking his cock, getting ready to explode. Who doesn’t love it when suck a kinky boy is such an incredible power bottom? Click here to watch Mickey and Luke’s full length topping-from-the-bottom power play twink bondage video!


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Cumming Without Permission Earns Twink Cutie an Agonizing Milking!


Kenneth is quite the new darling to wander into Master Richard’s lair. Drawn in by the promise of easy cash, this East coast twink thought that doing an edging video would be simple and fun! Having never been tied up before, Kenneth was quickly aroused as you can see be his very large, thick erection. Frankly, I think Kenneth has got the best looking cock on a twink I’ve seen in months, and his big heavy balls are also amazing. It’s no wonder that Richard was so displeased at Kenneth for cumming too early and without permission: Richard’s playtime with that dream cock was going to get cut short! As punishment, Richard kept stroking Kenneth’s super sensitive cock after ejaculation, and hyper overstimulation is like sending jolts of electricity through a young lad like Kenneth! He twists, arches his back and tries to pull his cock back inside his body, but his unfailing erection betrays him and Richard keeps applying the the friction like it was a high voltage cable! Click here to watch the exclusive video and get a really good eyeful of twink heartbreaker Kenneth and his remarkable magic dong at SlowTeasingHandjobs.com




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Delicious Twink Leo Ocean is Bound and Mercilessly Jacked Off

Play time is serious time in the BoyNapped Dungeon, and twink slave of the day Leo Ocean has been roped down naked by a couple of dungeon henchmen in preparation for Deacon Hunter’s arrival. Leo’s big thick cock is standing semi erect while he lays back on a couple of dirty old pallets, bound at the wrists and waiting with a sense of dread at the unknown. Deacon finally arrives and lubes up that thick cock, stroking it, smacking it and twisting it. Leo’s arousal builds and his thick pipe is leaking precum, his breathing quickens and he feels the load building. Deacon reads the signals and stops, spits in Leo’s face and open mouth, spanks his balls and torso. After a round of rough housing and abuse, Deacon resumes the slow jerkoff torture, building Leo back up and nearly getting him to the release point, and then stops again to abuse and humiliate the poor lad. Once Leo is finally earned the right to cum, his cock erupts like an angry fire hydrant, spewing semen everywhere! Deacon grabs a handful and smears it all over Leo’s face as a final act of degradation. Oh, these twinks are so rotten to each other at BoyNapped and I love it! Click here to watch Leo’s full length bondage video featuring tortuous edging and humiliation at the hands of Deacon!


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Ashton Fixated on Punishing Timmy Treasure’s Thick Cock!

It’s Timmy Treasure’s turn in the Boynapped dungeon and he’s been roped and hung like a piece of meat for Ashton Bradley to tenderize. Timmy is nude and his big thick cock is already semi-erect. I would love to pull that foreskin down slowly, just like peeling a very large banana! Ashton starts spanking his ass and fingering his asshole, but he’s just as transfixed by Timmy’s throbbing cock as we are! He jacks off Timmy roughly, squeezing the precum out of his dick, and then gives the hard member several slaps that have little effect. Timmy’s hard cock just bounces back like a spring. Ashton lights a candle and starts dripping the hot wax all over Timmy’s back and ass, and starts throwing the wax upwards onto Timmy’s cock from below. Protip: Ashton: I don’t think that works. In the end it comes back tot he rough wank, and Ashton squeezes a thick, milky gusher out of Timmy’s raging hard-on! Click here to see the full boy bondage and CBT video at BoyNapped!


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American Twink Wriggles and Twitches during Slow, Tormenting Edging


American twink Dylan is a really scrumptious looking new specimen that’s shown up on Master Rich’s doorstep. The overbearing taskmaster gets a real stiff one when he meets a really fresh lad who’s otherwise unspoiled, virgin territory. Dylan is securely tied to a cold metal exam table and Rich proceeds to get him hard and stretch his ballsack tight until it looked like it was going to burst. This is one of Rich’s slowest edgings, and as Dylan is struggling desperately to cum, Rich barely uses his fingertips to rub his supersensitive shaft. By the time Rich granted permission for the precious lad to cum, he ended up shooting so much creamy goo, he was still spurting a full 15 seconds after Rich let go of his throbbing dick! Rich is then relentless milking the super sensitive head while Dylan is pleading for mercy. Click here to see Dylan’s entire painfully slow edging ordeal at SlowTeasingHandjobs.com



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