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Histrionic Twink wails during caning

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

British Twink Olly Taylor is the latest casualty in the Boynapped dungeon. Under the sadistic supervision of Sebastian Kane, Olly is chained to the wall and teased with the cane. Even over his clothes, the light sting of the cane flick make this scaredy cat flinch and wince. What’s a true punishment aficionado like Sebastian to do? He starts slicing off Olly’s clothes with a knife to expose his tender flesh and he continues to increase the intensity of the caning. Soon the telltale stripes are welling up on his back and asscheeks, and he continues to howl and whinge, dancing in pain every time the cake flicks against his smooth skin. Sebastian eventually turns him around to give some attention to his chest, stomach and groin, and Olly’s misery deepens. By the time Sebastian relents, his skin is covered in red stripes, but Sebastian decides to offer some kindness: he jacks off Olly’s hard cock and edges him a few times before finally letting the suffering young lad shoot a thick, creamy load. Click here to watch Boynapped’s latest caning video featuring precious twink Olly Taylor!


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Tattooed twink gets flogged and wanked

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Here’s a brand new trailer from Boynapped to get your juices flowing for a weekend of carnal fun. Sexy tattooed twink Mylo Jordan has been snatched up by cruel pervert Sebastian and dragged to his dungeon studio. Sebastian promises the twink his freedom, plus cash and stardom as long as he cooperates in his flogging fetish video. Terrified Mylo has no choice, and Sebastian mercilessly flogs him, turning his perfect skin red and raw. Mylo is bound with rope and hoisted off the ground, making escape impossible and also rendering him defenseless to Sebastian’s leer and groping hands. Seb fondles Mylo’s impressive cock, stroking him until he’s erect and fully aroused, edging him to orgasm and then denying him ejaculation. Click here to see the full video of creepy old man Sebastian defiling and degrading hot tattooed twink Mylo.

bound twink spanked and stroked

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