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Helpless Twinks brutally bound and humiliated

Twink bff’s Aaron and Josef are getting out of the city on a hot summer day for a camping trip in the country. They are eager to relax and get down to some naughty business. But while they are getting set up, they are spied by local drunken thugs Dimitri and Jess who are getting horny and frustrated. When the twinks are separated and vulnerable, the thugs pounce, start slapping and spanking their victims, stripping them to their underwear, spitting in their faces and stuffing weeds and trash up their ass cracks. The twinks squirm and try to fight their way free, but the much stronger Dimitri and Jess overpower them and toss them around like toys. They are bent on humiliating and punishing these twinks, and the domination is amazing. Click here to see the rest of this wicked outdoor twink bondage video in full HD.

helpless twinks caught outdoors and brutally bound

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Masked twink gets a hard CP beating

What is your thought on twinks and masks? Are they too cute for wanting to protect their identities and save mom and dad from potential embarrassment? Or do you find the mystery sexy and arousing? Are they being selfish and silly? My blood gets pumping when I think of these twinks as being incredibly horny and feeling desperate to explore new feelings of kinkiness welling up inside them. Maybe this delicious young twink feels deeply insecure and is trying so hard to please his new boyfriend that he will make a homemade porno with him, even though he feels a sense of deep shame about the exhibitionism. The masked twink in this video is bound to a fence in the middle of the country with duct tape, and his cruel boyfriend is taunting him and painfully punishing him with a riding crop. You can see the boyfriend is using a great deal of force to deliver the blows. Click here to watch the full length Twink Corporal punishment and judge for yourself: sexy or ashamed?

masked twink gets a hard CP beating

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Classic revisited: Kyler Moss roughed up by tattooed Daddy

Kyler Moss gets roughed up by Tattooed Daddy

One of my all-time favourite posts featured Kyler Moss getting roughed up and fucked by Alex Freitas on BangMeSugarDaddy.com. It’s one of the most-viewed posts on the site, and I often go back to have a look, because Kyler was and is and almost perfect twink model specimen — beautiful lean body, smooth as silk, big cock and a deliciously sinful and kinky attitude. Kyler loves getting choked and spanked and Alex is happy to oblige, wrapping his huge meaty, tattooed hand around Kyler’s throat while fingering his hole, sucking his cock and slamming his thick, girthy cock into Kyler’s beautiful round bubble butt. Kyler moans and whimpers and cries as Alex pushes past the limits and just crushes that perfect twink ass! Check out this twink bondage/rough sex classic at BangMeSugarDaddy.com!

Kayler Moss gets his hole reamed by muscle daddy Alex Freitas

Military hazing leads to shameful arousal

Military recruit Simon has earned the wrath of his new commanding officer, Hannibal, and the skinny weakling is terrified of the brawny tough guy and all of the terrifying threats that have been whispered into his ear over his first few weeks of training. Now, after yet another mistake in the parade square, Simon is marched out to the periphery of the base for one-on-one instruction from Hannibal, but the brawny sergeant isn’t interested in running drills. He produces a roll of thick duct tape and starts manhandling poor Simon, wrapping tape around his face and head, creating a grotesque mask, and then taping his arms and legs into a spread-eagle formation, all the while screaming threats and insults, slapping him and kicking him. Hannibal rips open Simon’s shirt and mocks his pathetic body hair. The sergeant pulls out a razor and shaves off Simon’s chest hair and slaps his sensitive skin. Then Hannibal starts the training, but Simon isn’t made to walk, he has to go back to even simpler basics…he is made to crawl, as if he is being trained like a dog! Hannibal puts him through the basics of puppy training before standing him up and stripping him naked. Simon’s uncut cock is limp and sad, but Hannibal starts stroking it, and a horrified Simon tries to squirm away as the smug bastard coaxes an erection out of the terrified recruit. Click here to see the full video of raw twink recruit Simon getting an embarrassing hard-on at the hands of his cruel drill instructor.

Military hazing leads to shameful arousal

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BangBus, Tchukistan style

Falco is a chav-style twink from Eastern Europe…He’s a gangster wannabe, involving himself in petty crime to keep himself from actually working a real job. Most of his criminal schemes don’t work out so well, like today’s failed plot which leaves him stranded in the countryside in the rain, forced to walk home. But before long a van comes along and Falco thinks he’s finally going to get some good luck, but for him, it’s worse than he can imagine. It’s a coupe of local thugs sent to snatch him because of a scam he’s being trying to run. They are wearing ski masks and they muscle him into their van (which they probably borrowed from their mom)…they bind his legs and wrist with tape and slap some over his mouth too. They don’t want to hear him screaming, because they plan on inflicting heavy punishment of this twink gangster. Falco’s pants get yanked down and his captor starts yanking his cock, and Falco gets a huge erection! Who could have thought getting kidnapped and held in bondage was so arousing for a straight lad like Falco? His masked captor pulls down his own pants and starts stroking their cocks in tandem, even going so far as to suck Falco’s cock for him. Click here to see the full video of the abduction and the hot oral action in the van.

twinky chav snatched off the road by perverted kidnappers

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