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Ballbusting twink CBT punishment

I am proud to present an excruciating twink CBT video for your enjoyment…the lad is tied down with rope and plastic wrap, his exposed balls and cock are roped tightly until they appear that they are going to pop. That’s when the kinky bastard at the controls gets ready for his sadistic pleasure: slapping the balls and swollen cock head with a hard, Lucite yardstick. The bound boy howls in pain through each flurry of blows, but the unseen master is relentless and ruthless. He loves playing with the cocks of young men, but he loves to inflict pain most of all! Enter here to see the entire excruciating twink CBT video at!

Ballbusting twink CBT punishment

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Twink gets sharp painful caning punishment

The cries from this twink lad while he is getting his backside caned are quite pathetic. Like a whimpering puppy, he shakes, grimaces and cries every time the cane strokes his ass or his bare back. First its exciting, and then you feel he should just quit being such a nancy and take it like a man, but then you appreciate that this lad is truly in the worst discomfort he has ever felt and would do anything in the world to make it stop. Suck your cock? Gladly, just make it stop. Let me fuck your beautiful ass? Anything to make the pain stop. And that is total control and domination. Breathtaking, the effect of fear and pain. Enter here to watch this twink’s entire caning ordeal.

Twink slave gets his back and ass brutally caned

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Delicious Twink Leo Ocean is Bound and Mercilessly Jacked Off

Play time is serious time in the BoyNapped Dungeon, and twink slave of the day Leo Ocean has been roped down naked by a couple of dungeon henchmen in preparation for Deacon Hunter’s arrival. Leo’s big thick cock is standing semi erect while he lays back on a couple of dirty old pallets, bound at the wrists and waiting with a sense of dread at the unknown. Deacon finally arrives and lubes up that thick cock, stroking it, smacking it and twisting it. Leo’s arousal builds and his thick pipe is leaking precum, his breathing quickens and he feels the load building. Deacon reads the signals and stops, spits in Leo’s face and open mouth, spanks his balls and torso. After a round of rough housing and abuse, Deacon resumes the slow jerkoff torture, building Leo back up and nearly getting him to the release point, and then stops again to abuse and humiliate the poor lad. Once Leo is finally earned the right to cum, his cock erupts like an angry fire hydrant, spewing semen everywhere! Deacon grabs a handful and smears it all over Leo’s face as a final act of degradation. Oh, these twinks are so rotten to each other at BoyNapped and I love it! Click here to watch Leo’s full length bondage video featuring tortuous edging and humiliation at the hands of Deacon!


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Hot twink bondage in the shower

Hannibal may be a rising star in whatever Eastern European crime syndicate, but in gay fetish porn circles, many would argue he’s ready to be crowned king. With a sculpted body, bad attitude and a nasty kinky disposition, he overwhelms timid twinks like Rene. Hannibal corrals the smaller, younger Rene in the shower, taping his mouth shut so he doesn’t have to listen to the please for mercy, and then he ropes the lad’s hands above his head and then plays with his fat cock. Check out Hannibal stroking both cocks at once, squeezing his slave’s balls in a rope and slapping him around. It’s fucking hot and only promises to get hotter. Enter here to see Hannibal punishing more timid twink lads exclusively at

hot twink bondage in the shower

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Gay War Games — Gay Rebel Mutiny, part 3

Check out the 3rd trailer in the GWG series “The Officer.” It features queer commandos Mecko and Becko getting some payback from their abusive commander Maximilian. After overpowering him on a lonely country road, they drag him into the woods and start getting revenge for all of the early morning physical training and beatings over trivial mistakes. The rebel soldiers have a taste for flash and they forcibly spitroast their commander, gagging him on hard cock while roughly fucking him in the ass. Becko strong-arms Max into cooperating, using a headlock to keep him from thrashing free. Binding his ankles and wrists with rope, they take turn pounding his ass until he’s broken and submissive. Enter here to the Gay War Games queer commandos dominate their commander in a full length video

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Horny rebel soldiers abuse their helpless captain

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