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Debased Twinks in Frat Hazing Orgy

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

The dudes from Alpha House have a nasty surprise in store for three members of their 2011 pledge class. The three puny boys are taken to a dirty old warehouse and blindfolded, groped and spanked. They are made to parade around for the amusement of the frat brothers, and the pledges must prove how badly they want into the fraternity by sucking each other’s dicks. This twink is on his hands and knees doing an amazing job of sucking his fellow pledge’s cock, taking it deep, all the way to the hilt, and then stuffing the balls in for good measure as well. He pumps his mouth on his fellow twink’s cock, hoping to please his frat brother masters, and he certainly pleasures his fellow pledge who blows a huge load all over his fave and the floor. Click here to see more real videos of humiliated twinks getting abused and fucked by their horny, perverted pledge-masters.

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humiliated twinks debase themselves to win fraternity slot

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Tiny Twink Recruit forced to deepthroat cock

Saturday, February 21st, 2015

It’s great to be getting these rough oral videos from Gay War Games again. In part 2 of “His First Day” innocent Petr gets his taste of the Sergeant’s cock, and the blustering bully is eager to cram the entire girthy shaft down Petr’s throat. Petr’s eyes bug out when the Sarge grabs the scruff of his neck and facefucks him furiously. Sarge doesn’t relent fucking Petr’s mouth while screaming at him to keep saluting. More physical training follows — Petr is forced to do situps and suck the Sergeant’s cock between reps — ditto for deep knee squats. Petr is exhausted and terrified but the Sarge is ruthless, still barking orders and forcing his cock into his sloppy, drooling mouth. Click here to watch the full video of this petty maniac tormenting pretty Petr with his throbbing cock.



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Trust fund brat stripped, groped and wanked at

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Discipline and submission has worked wonders on smug schoolboy Noah at The rough-talking delinquent has been transformed into an obedient well-behaved lad. Such improved behaviour does deserve a little reward. Given that this 19 year old’s balls are full of spunk the dominant clothed men kindly stroke his big throbbing cock. However, to continue his embarrassment they make him describe aloud every step of the process from caressing his big full balls to rapidly jerking his hot stiff dick till it shoots. This is an experience that will be permanently burned into young Noah’s memory. Enter here to see the full video detailing Noah’s fall from grace and humiliating submission to his 3 professors.

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CMNM Abuse: Noah stripped and fondled by creepy older men

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Ass Paddled Twink suffers

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

It’s been my bad that I haven’t been keeping up with Boy Fetish Central lately, to my detriment. They have this sweet spanking video featuring their house twink slave, and I really lost my shit. I love the homemade feel, like this could be someone’s little brother, duct taped to a chair in a basement and then just persecuted with a ping-pong paddle from the rec-room just for personal sadistic joy. I love that the Big Brother fondles the twink’s big fat cock and that the little brother obediently squirts out a juicy stream of piss. The spanking gets intense, and the little brother is definitely in pain and discomfort — he’s moaning and trying to squirm out of the tape, but Big Brother is not letting go anywhere. The sick fuck even inserts a huge dildo into the bound slave’s puckered asshole. Treat yourself to a hot twink spanking video — visit the Boy Fetish Central tour now!

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helpless twink bound with duct tape and smacked with paddle

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Military Recruit endures Harrowing Physical Training!

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Tchukistani military recruit Ruben thinks he’s through the worst of his physical evaluation for entrance into the army, but the Sergeant is just getting started with this raw whelp. Stripped naked and forced to the ground, Ruben is commanded to do as many pushups as he can. Not surprisingly, he is completely inadequate and this boosts Sarge’s rage to another level. He trusses Ruben in a straightjacket and orders him to start running. The poor little twink runs in circles in the sandy lot, struggling to maintain his balance while trying to go faster and faster. Finally Sarge orders him to stop and get on his knees. He fits a spider gag into Ruben’s mouth and pries his head hole wide open. Ruben’s reward for his physical training efforts? His sergeant fucks his wide-open mouth with his baton, ramming the black stick back to his gag reflex, trying to make Ruben sick. A look of terror covers Ruben like a mask — What else will this blond twink have to endure to make it into the fearsome Tchukistani military corps? Click here to watch his entire humiliating military recruitment initiation at GayWarGames.



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Sadistic Chav Punishes roped and terrified British Twink Casper Ellis

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Ashton Bradley is making quite the name for himself as a sadistic prick! This session he’s got Brit twink Casper Ellis roped naked in a spread eagle position on a dirty dungeon floor. It looks so cold and unforgiving for Casper, just like Ashton’s dirty little heart. Ashton is cruel and calculating, caressing Casper’s delicate skin and then lashing out with his bare hand, slapping him hard across the inner thighs, stomach and chest. Caspertwists and strains against the ropes after every smack, but he’s powerless and escape is hopeless. Ashton starts pinching his tender flesh with clothespins, making painful zippers up and down Casper’s thighs, his nipples and stomach and even his tight nutsack. Casper’s in unbelievable pain, and when he’s feeling the worst. Ashton seizes the moment to stuff his cock into his twink slave’s mouth. Truly fiendish and worth watching the entire twink BDSM and punishment video here at BoyNapped.


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