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Hot twink bondage in the shower

Hannibal may be a rising star in whatever Eastern European crime syndicate, but in gay fetish porn circles, many would argue he’s ready to be crowned king. With a sculpted body, bad attitude and a nasty kinky disposition, he overwhelms timid twinks like Rene. Hannibal corrals the smaller, younger Rene in the shower, taping his mouth shut so he doesn’t have to listen to the please for mercy, and then he ropes the lad’s hands above his head and then plays with his fat cock. Check out Hannibal stroking both cocks at once, squeezing his slave’s balls in a rope and slapping him around. It’s fucking hot and only promises to get hotter. Enter here to see Hannibal punishing more timid twink lads exclusively at

hot twink bondage in the shower

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Gay War Games — Gay Rebel Mutiny, part 3

Check out the 3rd trailer in the GWG series “The Officer.” It features queer commandos Mecko and Becko getting some payback from their abusive commander Maximilian. After overpowering him on a lonely country road, they drag him into the woods and start getting revenge for all of the early morning physical training and beatings over trivial mistakes. The rebel soldiers have a taste for flash and they forcibly spitroast their commander, gagging him on hard cock while roughly fucking him in the ass. Becko strong-arms Max into cooperating, using a headlock to keep him from thrashing free. Binding his ankles and wrists with rope, they take turn pounding his ass until he’s broken and submissive. Enter here to the Gay War Games queer commandos dominate their commander in a full length video

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Horny rebel soldiers abuse their helpless captain

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Straight lad stripped, dominated and fondled has noticed that cocky young straight guys like Chris strut around the streets like their shit doesn’t stink. He takes what he likes and teases us with his trousers hanging low showing off his ass. It’s time we took action and the dominant clothed men at start by cornering Chris in the locker room and conducting a complete strip search to see if he’s stolen from Professor Dave. Having only recently turned 18, Chris doesn’t want a mark on his police record so reluctantly submits to having his cock, balls and asshole examined. The cheeky bastard talks back to the men who’ve surrounded him so they have to give him a firm lesson in submission to his superiors by using his pert hairy ass for our their perverted pleasure. This naughty naked boy is fully trained in how to please a group of clothed dominant men. Enter here to see the full video detailing Chris’s humiliating ordeal at the hands of his perverted professors.

straight young lad stripped, probed and dominated

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Bored Soldiers Torment Lost Twink in the Forest

Boredom is something that soldiers have to endure during wartime. These Tchukistani rebels have been waiting for hours for anyone to come down the road, and by the time young blond Boris happens upon them, they have gotten so bored that they have gone past restless and are bordering on feral. The two brutes stop the young man and ask him if he wants to play a game. Boris is lost, and now confused at the strange behaviour of the soldiers, who seize his moment of confusion to lash out. The first soldier spits a mouthful of water in his face and the second one knocks him to the ground and begins to hit his thighs with a stick and rub his ass into Boris’s face. They then cut off all of Boris’s clothing and start tossing him around like a stuffed toy. This blond twink is naked and vulnerable, miles from help and in the clutches of a couple of horny, scary fuckers. It doesn’t take a genius to guess whats coming next! Click here to see Boris’s capture and submission to these crazy sadist soldiers at!


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More extreme twink BDSM and punishment

OMFG Gay War Games has been bringing the pain this month! Bar none, this is the best extreme gay BDSM site available (If there are better ones, please let me know ;)). These queer commandos are just so ruthless, reckless and brutal, it blows my mind. This latest update is no exception. It picks up the story of Aleksandar in part 2 of “Ransom.” Aleksandar is terrorized with extreme water bondage punishment, fighting for air while dunked headfirst in an icy cold tub of water. Then the soldiers beat his lean twink body mercilessly, whipping him with a flogger, slapping him in the face and then spit in his eyes. Aleksandar is reeling with pain and shame, and then the homo guerrillas whip out their hard cock and forcefully facefuck shellshocked Aleksandar. They push the back of his head down on the throbbing dick until it’s impaling him, choking him in a forced deepthroat! Truly the most authentic gay BDSM you will see today! Enter here to see more hardcore gay bdsm featuring Russian Twink Aleksandar!

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