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Brit Twinks in Dungeon Torture spectacle

Lovely delicate twink boy Max Brown (was there ever a name that did not fit the face??) has gotten himself twisted up with some rotten company. Stripped naked and left tied to a worn out, filthy mattress in a dank basement dungeon, he is easy prey for horny and perverted chav twink Ashton Bradley. Ashton alternates between fondling Max’s uncut cock, getting him hard and glistening, and dripping burning candle wax all over his smooth, hairless body. The pain infliction wins out, as Aston coats boy toy Max in hot candle wax, stroking his own cock as Max twists and writhes in pain in a vain effort to free himself from the boy-fantasy torture. By the end, Aston gives Max a second coating of goo, blasting him the face with a giant cumshot. Click here to see the full video of boy on boy kinky bondage and gay bdsm!

young smooth Max is roped and abused by another kinky twink

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Skinhead punk strapped down and assfucked!

Wow! I should not have left of vacation for so long, because it looks like I missed a major upgrade to the propaganda clips. It looks like they have a hot new look and they are showcasing it with a new episode featuring new soldier Jurek and skinhead vandal Vadim. Jurek caught Vadim trying to break into the rebel stronghold, and the strong, grim-faced soldier now has him naked and shivering from the ice cold shower punishment. Jurek strips off his captive’s clothes and forces him into a woman’s gynecological exam chair, chaining his wrists and duct taping his thighs to the stirrups. Vadim is a fighter, and he’s struggling and swearing at his more powerful new master, and the frustrated soldier whips out an anal speculum and plunges it into Vadim’s ass, and starts fucking him with the implement. Vadim’s eyes bug out at the speculum stretching out his asshole, and he gasps in shock and pain when Jurek whips out his cock and plunges the fat member into his now gaping, virgin hole. Enter here to see this incredibly hot gay military/medical BDSM video in HD!

terrified young jock bound to medical exam table and fucked

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Straight twink publicly sodomized

At StraightHell the merciless tops aren’t through publicly humiliating homophobic straight boy Dimitri. Stripped totally naked in the middle of a park, Dave and Mo make him suck their cocks and fuck him in his swollen red ass. With startled members of the public watching his verbal and physical degradation, Dimitri is spanked, spit on and has his face and body covered in piss. As a final lesson the weeping broken lad is made to swallow the gay cum which has been shot all over his face. Download the most raunchy shocking public gay BDSM videos from! Enter here to see the full video documentation of Dimitri’s BDSM humiliation and degradation!

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Rough Fucking: Twink fucked by brutal bullies in public park

Check out the latest trailer from Straight Hell featuring unlucky twink, who mouthed off in front of the wrong gay dom thugs, Dave and Mo. After hearing Dimitri mouthing off about the antics at a Gay Pride parade, the gay thugs coaxed him into a nearby park and quickly cowed him into submission, binding him and violating his ass and forcing him to commit heinous acts: sucking cock, rimming out his captors, and bending over and getting fucked in the ass by both sadistic fiends. In this trailer, Dimitri services both of his masters, sucking cock and sniffing their asses while his ass gets fucked by a hard pounding cock. Enter here to see more hardcore gay BDSM video featuring straight men tortured and punished at!

Straight twink rough fucked in public park

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Gay War Games — the Redneck pt 3: Forced Oral Submission

The Gay War Games queer commandos keep bringing the pain! They have released trailer #3 in the “Redneck” series, featuring buff stud Marko, and my favourite soldiers Mecko and Ivan. The action in this trailer starts immediately, as the queer commandos drag their struggling captive to an abandoned barn in the woods and secure him with handcuffs and then take turns fucking his face. Marko’s muscles strain and bulge as he tries to get away, but the soldiers have an iron grip on him and are relentless in pounding their cocks down his throat. He gags on their huge cocks and they laugh at the tough man reduced to bondage cocksucking. Upping the intensity, they bend Marko over a table and probe and penetrate his virgin asshole. While Mecko continues to force his cock into Marko’s hot mouth until his eyes bulge, Ivan pushes a giant black dildo into Marko’s tight ass. Marko grunts in pain and struggles to breathe during his painful, humiliating military bdsm ordeal. More forced oral and sadistic military bondage at Gay War Games!

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