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Sissy Twink fucked through Cage Bars

The young military recruit has been worn ragged at this point, his tight hole fucked to its limit and beyond. The Sergeant is merciless, and now wants young Petr prepared to withstand torture in the event he’s captured by the enemy. Do you think I’m terrifying?” he screams at the puny teenage recruit. “Wait until those rebel motherfuckers have you locked in a cage and are gangfucking you 4 or 5 at a time! Are you going to betray your brothers?” And the Sarge locks Petr in a cage to small to stand in, and he forces the shaking twink to suck his cock through the wire. After he gets the Sarge’s dick nice and slick, Petr’s ordered to turn around and press his ass against the cage, and the Sergeant penetrates his narrow twink ass with his throbbing dick. Petr’s terrified look is amazing juxtapozed against the incredible sexiness of him bent over in the cage taking the bigger man’s raging cock in his hole. This is definitely a position I would love to try with my next new boyflesh conquest. Click here to watch the entire sexual training conquest series at


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Tiny Twink Recruit forced to deepthroat cock

It’s great to be getting these rough oral videos from Gay War Games again. In part 2 of “His First Day” innocent Petr gets his taste of the Sergeant’s cock, and the blustering bully is eager to cram the entire girthy shaft down Petr’s throat. Petr’s eyes bug out when the Sarge grabs the scruff of his neck and facefucks him furiously. Sarge doesn’t relent fucking Petr’s mouth while screaming at him to keep saluting. More physical training follows — Petr is forced to do situps and suck the Sergeant’s cock between reps — ditto for deep knee squats. Petr is exhausted and terrified but the Sarge is ruthless, still barking orders and forcing his cock into his sloppy, drooling mouth. Click here to watch the full video of this petty maniac tormenting pretty Petr with his throbbing cock.



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Military Recruit endures Harrowing Physical Training!

Tchukistani military recruit Ruben thinks he’s through the worst of his physical evaluation for entrance into the army, but the Sergeant is just getting started with this raw whelp. Stripped naked and forced to the ground, Ruben is commanded to do as many pushups as he can. Not surprisingly, he is completely inadequate and this boosts Sarge’s rage to another level. He trusses Ruben in a straightjacket and orders him to start running. The poor little twink runs in circles in the sandy lot, struggling to maintain his balance while trying to go faster and faster. Finally Sarge orders him to stop and get on his knees. He fits a spider gag into Ruben’s mouth and pries his head hole wide open. Ruben’s reward for his physical training efforts? His sergeant fucks his wide-open mouth with his baton, ramming the black stick back to his gag reflex, trying to make Ruben sick. A look of terror covers Ruben like a mask — What else will this blond twink have to endure to make it into the fearsome Tchukistani military corps? Click here to watch his entire humiliating military recruitment initiation at GayWarGames.



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Sadistic Chav Punishes roped and terrified British Twink Casper Ellis

Ashton Bradley is making quite the name for himself as a sadistic prick! This session he’s got Brit twink Casper Ellis roped naked in a spread eagle position on a dirty dungeon floor. It looks so cold and unforgiving for Casper, just like Ashton’s dirty little heart. Ashton is cruel and calculating, caressing Casper’s delicate skin and then lashing out with his bare hand, slapping him hard across the inner thighs, stomach and chest. Caspertwists and strains against the ropes after every smack, but he’s powerless and escape is hopeless. Ashton starts pinching his tender flesh with clothespins, making painful zippers up and down Casper’s thighs, his nipples and stomach and even his tight nutsack. Casper’s in unbelievable pain, and when he’s feeling the worst. Ashton seizes the moment to stuff his cock into his twink slave’s mouth. Truly fiendish and worth watching the entire twink BDSM and punishment video here at BoyNapped.


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Gay War Games — New Episode, “Payback” feat. spanking and pissing

Apparently, payback is a bitch. Tchukistan rebel collaborator Carl has been holding out on his comrades and it has finally pushed them over the line. If he won’t hand over their full share of the bribes he’s collected, they are going to take their payment in flesh and punishment. Carl obviously doesn’t watch the recent footage coming out of the war-ravaged area, because he calls their bluff, but Mecko, Becko and Max overpower him, strip him naked and punish his ass. These soldiers have no use for subtlety, they favour painful blows to the backside with boots and slapping hands. Carl tries to fight, but his resistance is met with mocking and hot streams of piss showering down on him from his captor’s cocks. They force his mouth open to taste their piss and suck their cocks. It’s going to be an ugly day for Carl. Enter here to see the full GayWarGames episode, “Payback”.

Homo commandos exact revenge on a traitor

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