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Bound, Naked twink endures corporal punishment training

Here’s a great clip from featuring Josef and David, a pair of Czech lads with delicious, lithe bodies and a deep need to please their Daddy. The twink pair have been locked in a dungeon cell to ponder their punishment, and when it’s finally upon them, Josef and David are stripped naked and Josef is strapped over a special spanking bench, belted at the wrists, thighs and waist, making it impossible for him to move or run away. His Daddy breaks him in gradually, but without sparing him any pain. Using a thick leather prison strap, Josef learns to take his punishment, and his gorgeous bubble but gets red and puffy, showing welts broken blood vessels. His Daddy continues, using his hand and making sure Josef is learning his lesson the hard way. Click here to watch the full length twink training video.

bound naked twink endures corporal punishment training

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Chris Riverz gets a wicked spanking

Chris Riverz thinks he’s literally too cool for school and he’s skipped meetings with his academic tutor Jeff Stern for almost a month before Stern finally catches up to him. Stern tries to tell him about the importance of being prepared for college, but Chris tries to blow him off, saying he’s got a bright future in gay porn so he’s got no reason to worry about performance in the classroom. This makes Jeff blow a gasket, and he twists Chis over his knee and starts punishing him with a paddle. Chris’s firm bubble butt starts turning red as Jeff mercilessly spanks him, and soon the ripe round buttocks are a firey cherry red. Chris bites down hard on the sofa cushion to fight back the tears and hold back the pain, but it doesn’t help. Click here to see the full video of Chris Riverz getting painfully punished

hot muscle pup Chris Riverz gets a wicked paddling

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Cheeky twink gets his bare ass spanked OTK

Fanatical disciplinarian Jeff Sterne has another hard case on his hands. Derrick Porter is on the fast track to no where in life…he doesn’t care about school or getting a job, just cruising the mall for sexy dudes to hook up with. Always concerned about the well-being of young men that cross his path, Jeff Sterne decides what this young man needs most is a dose of tough, painful love. This is Derrick’s first taste of corporal punishment ever, and Jeff makes it special and memorable. All bare hand, all OTK. Get a good look at that creamy ass flesh as Jeff turns it pink and rosy, and then fiery red and mottled with welts and bruises. Click here to see the full painful punishment initiation of Derrick Porter at

cheeky twink gets his bare ass spanked OTK

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Lean Twink gets his Bottom Beaten Black and Blue!

Here’s a short clip from BritishBoysFetishClub featuring wonderful, delicious twink cutiepie Jimmy who has earned a very painful punishment from his angry daddy. Jimmy faces a barrage of every tool in the shed so to speak: the wide wooden paddle, the traditional cane, the wooden bath brush and a thick leather belt. Jimmy howls with pain and soon the tears well in his eyes, his ass turns pink, then crimson, and then a deep purple bloom starts to show through. Jimmy’s ass is a little skinny, but his cheeks are round and have a sweet bounce when they get hit with the paddle. This is just a really brief clip of a fantastic gay corporal punishment video — watch the full scene at!


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Santa’s Punishment List

It’s a little known fact that in addition to Santa’s naughty and nice list, he has a separate list for such difficult behaviour cases that they warrant personal corporal punishment. It’s also a little known fact that almost everyone on the corporal punishment list is male, 18-22 years old with a lean physique. I guess it’s OK is Santa has a type (how devastating would it be to get a letter back from Santa saying “No Fats, No Femmes”?. Anyway Skyelr Bleu (again with that crazy name) is caught red handed by Santa trying to sneak a peek at his presents and must face a blistering bare ass spanking. Santa lays the offending twink over his knee and spanks his bare bottom with his open hand and then really drives his point home with a wooden paddle. To really put the icing on the cake, when Skyelr finally gets to open his present, its not the ipad2 he asked for, but socks and a reindeer sweater. Enter here to watch this complete twink spanking video and have a Merry Christmas.

hot twink skyelr makes it on santas naughty list

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