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Hopeless Twink athlete spanked by his Exasperated Coach

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Here’s another Coach/athlete spanking video we all love so much — is tapping its endless reserves of adorable twinks to tell this cautionary tale of discipline and reward. Twinky soccer player Luke Allen has been dragging his team down all year, and with a final shot at the playoffs disappearing before their eyes, the team is relying on everyone playing their best, even gawky Luke. Before their next game, Coach Clark follows Luke home to impart the gravity of the situation, but the pep talk devolves into frustration and basically, “Don’t fuck it up.” With that, Coach flips Luke over the bed like a rag doll and pulls down his shorts — love that Luke is wearing that jock strap. It frames his ass so perfectly and makes it irresistible. Coach warms up Luke with a series of bare handed spanks across his buttocks, and then pulls out his favourite disciplinary tool: his wooden paddle. Luke grimaces and whinges as the paddle smacks his butt, and he promises to play his best. To ensure he’s telling the truth, Coach keeps whacking him and telling him his throbbing crimson ass will be his reminder to not fuck up. Click here to watch this sizzling hot coach-on-lad spanking video at


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Roughed up Youngster double fucked and fisted!

Monday, March 23rd, 2015 has another great twink bondage video, once again proving their great supersite has tons of kink and lots of perverted young lads itching to get nasty. Christian Martin is the bottom bitch itching for punishment and he wants to fulfill his prison sex fantasy. He’s slipped into a T-back thong and pulled on his orange jumpsuit and is ready to give himself over to the perverted notions of his fantasy dominators: Benjamin Dunn and Robo Kopp (sigh).

Dunn and Kopp start off Christian on his knees, handcuffing his hands behind his back and smacking his ass with leather paddles, turning his ripe buttocks red and toasty. Christian moans and keeps pushing his ass higher in the air, signaling the two doms he wants to get fucked. They want to fuck him too, but they aren’t going to go easy on him. The muscle pups ram their cock inside him one after the other and pound him within an inch of his miserable life. Christian is moaning while the cocks batter him, but the handcuffed twink still keeps taking it. Kopp finally busts his nut all over Christian’s face, and Benjamin rams his fist into Christian’s gaping hole. The fuckdoll loves it and shoots his own messy load while Benjamin continues to bury his hand deep in his asshole. Benjamin finally completes the fantasy and slops his own sticky load of cum across Christian’s face, leaving him quivering with pleasure on the floor. Click here to see the full version of the hardcore abuse and punishment at!


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Tortured twink forced to fuck his tormentor

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Tyler is an amazing Russian twink who was snatched off the street by a local thug with lust and depravity in his heart. The straight lad wanted nothing to do with his captor, Leo, but the muscular thug wouldn’t take no for an answer. After being spurned the first time, Leo came back to Tyler later wearing a mask and wielding a weapon and dragged him back to his makeshift dungeon. Leo really gets off punishing his lovers and after he chains Tyler’s wrists spread apart, he lashes the twink’s tender buttocks until they are a burning crimson colour, and bruised and throbbing with pain. Tyler’s screams for help and mercy go unanswered and Leo starts punishing the soles of Tyler’s soft, beautiful feet. Leo finally relents with the cane, but the punishment isn’t over. He has another rod he’s going to use to punish the twink. He crams his stiff cock into Tyler’s mouth and shoves it back as far as it can go, until Tyler starts gagging. Leo thrusts his cock viciously into the Russian twink’s throat until Tyler seems like he’s on the verge of collapse. Leo again give the twink a momentary reprieve, only then to turn around and pull the twink’s face deep into his sweaty asscrack and force Tyler to lick and suck his putrid asshole. Tyler works his tongue into Leo’s ass and tries his best to give him anal satisfaction…perhaps he finally finds the key to taming the aggressor! Leo lays down and spreads his legs, commanding Tyler to mount him and fuck him. Tyler shoves his hard cock into Leo’s ass and fucks the power-bottom as hard as he can. Leo jerks his own stiff cock while Tyler’s bone slides in and out of his hairy ass and he shoots an explosive cumshot across his stomach. Click here to watch the amazing twink bondage video in complete HD!

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tortured twink forced to fuck his tormentor

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Bound, Naked twink endures corporal punishment training

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Here’s a great clip from featuring Josef and David, a pair of Czech lads with delicious, lithe bodies and a deep need to please their Daddy. The twink pair have been locked in a dungeon cell to ponder their punishment, and when it’s finally upon them, Josef and David are stripped naked and Josef is strapped over a special spanking bench, belted at the wrists, thighs and waist, making it impossible for him to move or run away. His Daddy breaks him in gradually, but without sparing him any pain. Using a thick leather prison strap, Josef learns to take his punishment, and his gorgeous bubble but gets red and puffy, showing welts broken blood vessels. His Daddy continues, using his hand and making sure Josef is learning his lesson the hard way. Click here to watch the full length twink training video.

bound naked twink endures corporal punishment training

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Military Recruit endures Harrowing Physical Training!

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Tchukistani military recruit Ruben thinks he’s through the worst of his physical evaluation for entrance into the army, but the Sergeant is just getting started with this raw whelp. Stripped naked and forced to the ground, Ruben is commanded to do as many pushups as he can. Not surprisingly, he is completely inadequate and this boosts Sarge’s rage to another level. He trusses Ruben in a straightjacket and orders him to start running. The poor little twink runs in circles in the sandy lot, struggling to maintain his balance while trying to go faster and faster. Finally Sarge orders him to stop and get on his knees. He fits a spider gag into Ruben’s mouth and pries his head hole wide open. Ruben’s reward for his physical training efforts? His sergeant fucks his wide-open mouth with his baton, ramming the black stick back to his gag reflex, trying to make Ruben sick. A look of terror covers Ruben like a mask — What else will this blond twink have to endure to make it into the fearsome Tchukistani military corps? Click here to watch his entire humiliating military recruitment initiation at GayWarGames.



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19 year old Latino’s first Gay Spanking

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

This is a set from SpankThis that was released at the begining of the month, I’m not sure what they are doing over there lately, but it looks like everything is being shot through one of those instagram filters…maybe Jeff Stern is getting nostalgic for the 70s or something. Anyway, Miguel Santos is a treat through any photo filter, and the eager young pupil offers up his coffee-coloured butt to Master Stern for discipline training. Jeff seizes the opportunity, and bends the 19 year old Latino twink over the edge of the bed and pulls down his boxers, vowing to Miguel that he’s going to make up for a lifetime of missed spankings. Jeff starts his with a wooden paddle to get some colour flourishing in Miguel’s bum, and then spanks him with his bare hand to really get a good feeling for the lad’s firm bubble butt. The session gets more intense and Jeff starts using a leather strap to lash Miguel’s ass, and the shocking crack of the leather on the skin makes Miguel twist, moan and beg for more. Click here to watch more hot video of 19 year old Miguel’s first discipline training session.

19 year old Latino's first Gay Spanking

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