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Bound, Naked twink endures corporal punishment training

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Here’s a great clip from featuring Josef and David, a pair of Czech lads with delicious, lithe bodies and a deep need to please their Daddy. The twink pair have been locked in a dungeon cell to ponder their punishment, and when it’s finally upon them, Josef and David are stripped naked and Josef is strapped over a special spanking bench, belted at the wrists, thighs and waist, making it impossible for him to move or run away. His Daddy breaks him in gradually, but without sparing him any pain. Using a thick leather prison strap, Josef learns to take his punishment, and his gorgeous bubble but gets red and puffy, showing welts broken blood vessels. His Daddy continues, using his hand and making sure Josef is learning his lesson the hard way. Click here to watch the full length twink training video.

bound naked twink endures corporal punishment training

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Military Recruit endures Harrowing Physical Training!

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Tchukistani military recruit Ruben thinks he’s through the worst of his physical evaluation for entrance into the army, but the Sergeant is just getting started with this raw whelp. Stripped naked and forced to the ground, Ruben is commanded to do as many pushups as he can. Not surprisingly, he is completely inadequate and this boosts Sarge’s rage to another level. He trusses Ruben in a straightjacket and orders him to start running. The poor little twink runs in circles in the sandy lot, struggling to maintain his balance while trying to go faster and faster. Finally Sarge orders him to stop and get on his knees. He fits a spider gag into Ruben’s mouth and pries his head hole wide open. Ruben’s reward for his physical training efforts? His sergeant fucks his wide-open mouth with his baton, ramming the black stick back to his gag reflex, trying to make Ruben sick. A look of terror covers Ruben like a mask — What else will this blond twink have to endure to make it into the fearsome Tchukistani military corps? Click here to watch his entire humiliating military recruitment initiation at GayWarGames.



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19 year old Latino’s first Gay Spanking

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

This is a set from SpankThis that was released at the begining of the month, I’m not sure what they are doing over there lately, but it looks like everything is being shot through one of those instagram filters…maybe Jeff Stern is getting nostalgic for the 70s or something. Anyway, Miguel Santos is a treat through any photo filter, and the eager young pupil offers up his coffee-coloured butt to Master Stern for discipline training. Jeff seizes the opportunity, and bends the 19 year old Latino twink over the edge of the bed and pulls down his boxers, vowing to Miguel that he’s going to make up for a lifetime of missed spankings. Jeff starts his with a wooden paddle to get some colour flourishing in Miguel’s bum, and then spanks him with his bare hand to really get a good feeling for the lad’s firm bubble butt. The session gets more intense and Jeff starts using a leather strap to lash Miguel’s ass, and the shocking crack of the leather on the skin makes Miguel twist, moan and beg for more. Click here to watch more hot video of 19 year old Miguel’s first discipline training session.

19 year old Latino's first Gay Spanking

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Cute Eastern European Rent-boy spanked

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

It’s been a while since I posted a good old-fashioned boy spanking clip here, but here’s one that will make you forget the wait. This clip features Norbi, an especially cute lad from Eastern Europe (Estonia, I think) getting bent over his Daddy’s knee and getting a proper bare hand spanking. Norbi is a bit of a teaser, and he gazes playfully at the camera, not quite sure of what to do in his first spanking video, and when his firm, delicious ass is getting spanked by his Daddy’s bare hand, he winces and his face twists into adorable contortions. After the stinging spanking stops, Norbi turns from the camera and gives his ass a vigorous massage, trying to rub out the pain. It doesn’t last long, however, as soon Norbi is again getting a vigorous, stinging ass spanking. Click here to watch the full video of this European heartthrob getting his rump smacked.

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European rentboy sells his ass for a couple of euros

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Spanked straight boy is a pussy about pain

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Eco is a straight lad who has given control of his life to a cruel, malevolent mistress. After humiliating him by ordering to carry out chores and errands for her, she feels that he is deserving of a special kind of punishment. She brings Eco to her friend Scott, a beefy gay dude who loves punishing and humiliating young straight dudes, and twinks like Eco are just his type. The mistress tells Scott to feel free to do as he wishes with her slave boy and and he happily pulls the boy over his knee to inflict a very painful bare hand spanking on the frightened straight twink. Scott has a heavy hand and his spankings are very painful. Eco writhes in pain and screams like a little girl, which in turn pushes Scott harder and he wants to keep turning up the intensity. He brings out his impression paddle and really starts to turn Eco’s ass a terrifying shade of red. Eco is screaming like he’s in a horror movie, and he may just piss his pants. Enter here to watch Eco’s complete shaming and hard corporal punishment video.

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extreme pain spanking twink

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Sexy American twink gets a hot bare hand spanking

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

I love this new American twink porn actor on the scene debuting with Helix Studios — Jacobey London made his first spanking video with Jeff Stern for at the end of 2011 and it was just released last week, and holy fuck is this twink hot! What and amazing smooth body and Jeff Stern makes sure that his flesh is burning after his lashing. Using a straight rod, a leather belt and his bare hand, Jeff spanks Jacobey’s stunning round ass until it’s cherry red and radiating heat. Jacobey twists and cries out from the pain but Stern is relentless and refuses to grant the twink any mercy. Jacobey’s sexy twink spanking video debut is a hot success and definitely worth the membership. Click here to see Jacobey’s first hot corporal punishment video in full HD!

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yummy twink model gets his cute ass punished

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