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Ballbusting twink CBT punishment

I am proud to present an excruciating twink CBT video for your enjoyment…the lad is tied down with rope and plastic wrap, his exposed balls and cock are roped tightly until they appear that they are going to pop. That’s when the kinky bastard at the controls gets ready for his sadistic pleasure: slapping the balls and swollen cock head with a hard, Lucite yardstick. The bound boy howls in pain through each flurry of blows, but the unseen master is relentless and ruthless. He loves playing with the cocks of young men, but he loves to inflict pain most of all! Enter here to see the entire excruciating twink CBT video at BoyFetishCentral.com!

Ballbusting twink CBT punishment

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BoyNapped Slaves get a Painful Physics Lesson

Professor Sebastian is holding a very private tutoring session in the basement of the Physics Building with Luke Adams and Dylan Strike on the subject of force, gravity and elasticity. Both lads are stripped naked and ordered to face each other across the bare basement. Professor Sebastian begins the lecture by conducting genital examinations of each student and tying off their scrotums with a short rope. The lecture continues with painful flogging on their backs and chests and finally Sebastian gets to the crux of the lesson. A pulley is rigged from a ceiling beam overhead. A rope connects Luke’s wrists to Adam’s roped balls and vice versa. Any movement from one boy causes the other boy’s balls to be yanked and twisted painfully. Sebastian resumes flogging and the boys twist in pain, and Sebastian forces them to squat and bend to torture the other lad. Creatively cruel and very educational! Click here to visit Boynapped to download the entire twisted and kinky rope bondage punishment video!


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Amazing twink bondage pain video

Here’s a very hot trailer from BoyFetishCentral showcasing twink on twink bondage and these lads are not just playing. Our masked twink master restrains his playmate and pinches his flesh with clothespins, making sure the sensation is especially electric and painful in his nipples. The slave’s ball sack is next, first fondled and then cruelly bitten with the hard pegs. The master wants to indulge his sadist fantasies, and he burns his plaything, drop by drop with hot candle wax, lingering over the delicious twink’s nipples, cock and freshly shaven armpits. This is just a trailer of the a much longer, freakier twink bondage video available at BoyFetishCentral.com. Enter here to see more cruel twink bondage videos!

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Intense CBT makes this Twink Spew a Ton of Cum!

Every time I peek my head into the Boynapped Dungeon, I do so with one eye shut in case I see Sebastian Kane in an awkward position. I get that he loves twinks. We all come to BoyNapped for that. He’s devoted his life to them. Good for him. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t understand that he is instant boner killer for the twink loving public. I should clarify…Naked Sebastian Kane is the flaccid maker, and although you don’t see him stripping too often, you can’t have that shit jumping out at you. Anyway, Sebastian is safely and fully clothed in this scene, also featuring delicious and well equipped Jonah O’Pry bound to a chair in an intricate spider-web pattern. As the twink sits blindfolded, Sebastian locks his balls and the base of his shaft into a steel ring and tightens it so that young Jonah’s balls are squeezed taut. Sebastian lubes up Jonah’s cock and jerks him off, getting him stiff so that the steel ring is cutting into his cock flesh. at the bottom of the ring, Sebastian attaches and S hook and starts adding weights. Jonah’s erect cock is straining under the weight while Sebastian keeps stroking and sucking it. After teasing Jonah and denying him release a few times, Sebastian finally lets the boy cum and its like a dam bursting under all of that pressure. Such good times! Click here to watch the full version of this super Twink CBT handjob video at BoyNapped.com!


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Young Military Pup Roped and Forced to Suck Cock

Young Alex seriously pissed off the Sentry on guard at the barracks. After tossing trash at him while he was asleep, Alex immediately regretted the rash decision when the brutish thug came at him full force. In this clip Alex has been stripped naked and forced to his knees with his hands roped behind his head and tied to a stair rail. The hulking guard pulls out his cock and it’s thick as a tree trunk; he grabs Alex by the back of the neck and thrusts his throbbing member down the young lad’s throat. While forcing Alex to deepthroat his fat cock, the guard starts whipping his back and chest and then binds Alex’s small cock and balls until they’re bulging and purple. After fucking his face, the musclebound sentry hauls Alex up to his feet and turns him around, bending him over and thrusting his cock into his tight virgin asshole bareback. Alex grunts with pain, but his tormentor keeps slapping him on the ass and thrusting harder and deeper. Click here to watch the full video and all of the painful military abuse and humiliation at GayWarGames.com


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