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Twink CBT and Hard Flogging!

Martin is a lean model from the Czech Republic who checked a box on the modeling application saying he was available for spanking scenes. After seeing his profile pics and body shots, the producers quickly called him in for a dungeon spanking scene with mean looking Borek. Not exactly knowing what to expect, Martin is surprised by the gag being stuffed in his mouth; he tries to remove it but his hands are tied and Borek clips a chain to the increasingly helpless teen’s long foreskin! Unlike a lot of scenes we’ve watched at STR8Hell, Borek wields the leather flogger with a lot of confidence and strength, and Martin’s plushy ass heats up rather quickly. Whenever Martin is struggling too much, the sadistic bugger pulls on his dick chain to bring him into line and gives him another lash to punish him. Modelling just sucks. Click here to watch the entire gay spanking video in the STR8Hell dungeon!


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Twink Teen gets Tickled and Milked

BoyNapped’s Friday updates always put me in a great mood for the weekend, and Sebastian indulges one of my favourite pastimes — intense tickling — with one of my favourite lads — Olly Taylor. Olly is laid flat on his back and his wrists and ankles are shacked, rendering him defenceless. Instead of whipping the poor lad or jolting him with electricity, Sebastian starts tickling him: teasing his nipples, brushing fingers over Olly’s armpits, and running the spur wheel over the soles of the twink lad’s feet. Olly is squirming and panting and howling…begging really to be freed. But Sebastian soon locks in on Olly’s big, bulging cock and goes to work. Getting the lad hard isn’t a problem. Olly is young and fit and his hormones are always pumping at maximum level, and his cock goes from soft to rock hard once Sebastian starts tickling the bulbous head with an electric toothbrush. The evil old man ties a rope around Olly’s balls to get them tight to the point that they look like they’re going to pop, ad then he starts running the spur wheel over them. Olly screams at the extreme sensitivity, but that’s nothing compared to when Sebastian jacks him off and then milks him roughly after his juicy cumshot. Click here to watch the extremely arousing bondage tickling escapade at BoyNapped.com!


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Bound twink endures CBT and anal probe

Dear Lord, how could I have not found this trailer until today? From those wonderful gay gods over at Boy Fetish Central here is their twink slave-in-residence deliciously bound on his back with his feet in the air and his cock and balls wicked roped — an image worth thousands of words. These pervs really know how to truss a lad for the camera. Anyway, the painful ropework is just half the story, as the boy is getting his asshole stretched out by three of Daddy’s meaty fingers! Slave master Daddy is working this twink hard, and the suffering boy is moaning and whimpering in pain from the strange sensation shooting through his ass. This is an amazing trailer…don’t deny yourself the opportunity to see the entire twink CBT and anal probe video; enter here!

twink slave suffers through brutal CBT

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Ballbusting twink CBT punishment

I am proud to present an excruciating twink CBT video for your enjoyment…the lad is tied down with rope and plastic wrap, his exposed balls and cock are roped tightly until they appear that they are going to pop. That’s when the kinky bastard at the controls gets ready for his sadistic pleasure: slapping the balls and swollen cock head with a hard, Lucite yardstick. The bound boy howls in pain through each flurry of blows, but the unseen master is relentless and ruthless. He loves playing with the cocks of young men, but he loves to inflict pain most of all! Enter here to see the entire excruciating twink CBT video at BoyFetishCentral.com!

Ballbusting twink CBT punishment

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BoyNapped Slaves get a Painful Physics Lesson

Professor Sebastian is holding a very private tutoring session in the basement of the Physics Building with Luke Adams and Dylan Strike on the subject of force, gravity and elasticity. Both lads are stripped naked and ordered to face each other across the bare basement. Professor Sebastian begins the lecture by conducting genital examinations of each student and tying off their scrotums with a short rope. The lecture continues with painful flogging on their backs and chests and finally Sebastian gets to the crux of the lesson. A pulley is rigged from a ceiling beam overhead. A rope connects Luke’s wrists to Adam’s roped balls and vice versa. Any movement from one boy causes the other boy’s balls to be yanked and twisted painfully. Sebastian resumes flogging and the boys twist in pain, and Sebastian forces them to squat and bend to torture the other lad. Creatively cruel and very educational! Click here to visit Boynapped to download the entire twisted and kinky rope bondage punishment video!


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