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Roped Twink gets aroused during penis pump CBT training

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Here’s an irresistible set of pics from featuring a smooth nude Czech boy bound and waiting to be disciplined by his Daddy. Daddy is going to teach him all about cock bondage and CBT and arousal control today, and he starts by getting the lad’s cock tightly tied up with a shoelace, until the balls a bulging and turning purple. It’s time to stroke and fondle the head of the cock, until it starts growing stiff and pleasure mixes with pain from the restraints. Daddy, isn’t content with the slow arousal of his cute twink however. He wants him horny, frustrated and desperate to be jacked off and milked. Daddy gets the penis pump and applies pressure and suction to the cock and balls, stretching the twink’s genitals and causing a rush of blood to his shaft. The twink lad moans and twists in his restraints, trying to touch his cock and pleasure himself, but he’s prevented from doing so, and he has to watch and wait as Daddy takes his time manipulating and tormenting his tender and throbbing cock. Click here to watch the full HD version of this twink cock bondage/CBT scene.

Roped Twink gets aroused during penis pump CBT training

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Roped Twink CBT

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

I made a special trailer for you guys letting you get a taste of super twink Ton in an intense bondage scene. Ton’s Daddy (I wish it was me!) gets him roped up and laid out on a table with a foam ball stuffed in his mouth, and when the twink sweetheart cannot move, he gets his uncut cock clamped down with clothespins…literally every inch of his flesh is twisted and pinched. Ton makes agonized noise and tries to free himself, but he cannot free himself. It gets especially delicious when he gets his foreskin pinched with a pair of pegs. Fucking awesome! Click here to see more free fetish trailers from bad boy Ton and to see this video in full HD!

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bound twink Ton gets his genitals tortured and abused

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Brit Twink Reece Bentley Gets his hard Cock Roped Tight!

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

BoyNapped came out with another great video to keep us warm for the Holidays — Like a vision of light, sweet Reece Bentley is here to add a brilliance to our lives, and behold ye, his majestic cock, like a shepherd’s staff — thick and strong, but comforting. But who is here to lead Reece into temptation? It’s chav lad Deacon Hunter, who has bound Reece on his back in a spread eagle position, with his thick cock standing straight up in the air. Deacon ties a rope around it and knots it tight, but the mighty totem only grows bigger. Deacon pumps the shaft with his hand and then swallows it. He’s swaying Reece to the dark side with his oral prowess, and Reece’s thick cock is dripping precum as it receives more and more of Deacon’s stimulation. Deacon speeds up and slows down, tormenting Reece, delaying his orgasm and drawing it out until Reece is begging him to cum. Watch how it ends at BoyNapped, the best website in the world for twink bondage videos.


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Twink CBT Bondage

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Here’s another twink bondage video that I’m sure you’ll love. My future Czech boyfriend Ton and his boy toy steal away to the woods for some outdoor bondage fantasy roleplaying. And before I get to far into this post, I just want to go on record as saying that Ton really needs a fresh haircut. That shapeless Euro-shag pseudo mullet has got to go! But I digress. Shaggy Ton and his twink boyfriend are getting up to some naughty bondage fetish fun. Ton binds his slave boy’s arms behind him with a chain and yanks down his underwear, showing off his defenseless cock to the camera. Ton gleefully pinches and twists as he puts clothespins on his slave’s tight stomach, nipples and thick, uncut cock. My friends and I have always been split on what this reminds us of. One friend of mine insists that the sight of clothespins pinched in a cluster on a cock and balls reminds him of a traditional Native American headdress, while to me it looks like a work of modern art. What does it look like to you (besides painful and hot! :) ) Click here to watch the complete twink CBT bondage video inside.

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twink CBT bondage

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Tyler Brooks – twink cock torture

Saturday, October 25th, 2014
Tyler Brooks & Sebastian

After disappointing Sebastian with his laziness too many times, Tyler Brooks finally earns a humiliating punishment. Roped and immobilized, Tyler can only look on helplessly as Sebastian caresses and strokes his surprising massive uncut twink cock. Tyler knows this is only a warm up for Sebastian’s sick benefit, so he does his best not to show too much arousal, but Sebastian knows how to coax a reaction from petulant young boys. He starts doing tyler up like a zipper, pinching his tender young flesh in clothepins across his chest, and then his scrotum. Check out how wicked Tyler’s cock looks like haloed by tight, painful clothespins…I never get over how fascinating that looks :) But Sebastian’s not finished yet, and he tops off Tyler’s torture by pinching his foreskin with multiple clothespins, leaving the poor boi’s knees buckling from the pain. Enter here for the full twink bondage video…

Luscious twink bound and tormented

Friday, July 4th, 2014

It seems like forever since I’ve featured a post with the sadistic rituals of Sebastien Kain of, and now witness his triumphant return to the dungeon as he pervs all over the slim, perfect body of blond twink Justin James. Justin was easily lured into the dungeon, he has a thing for older dudes with money, and Sebastien had not trouble convincing him to get naked, except for a blindfold. He lays the perfect twink down on a bench and ties up his wrists and ankles; Justin begins to struggle a bit, sensing things are going off the rails, but he is now hopelessly entangled in Sebastien’s web now. Sebastian tickles the poor lad, giving him a serious case of the creeps, and then he tests the lad’s pain threshold, running up and down his body with a pinwheel. Jusint squeaks like a little mouse and tries to wriggle free, but he’s not going anywhere. Sebastien then fixes his attention to Justin’s juicy uncut cock, binding the shaft and balls with a thin cord and tying it to his big toes: too much kicking will result in deliciously painful yanking and twisting of the twink’s penis. After Justin is completely helpless, Seb indulges in one of his favourite kinks, namely getting the boy wet and messy and then shaving off all of his pubic hair. Click here to watch Sebastien’s reign of terror on this deliciously trapped twink bondage slave.

luscious twink bound and tormented

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