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Histrionic Twink wails during caning

British Twink Olly Taylor is the latest casualty in the Boynapped dungeon. Under the sadistic supervision of Sebastian Kane, Olly is chained to the wall and teased with the cane. Even over his clothes, the light sting of the cane flick make this scaredy cat flinch and wince. What’s a true punishment aficionado like Sebastian to do? He starts slicing off Olly’s clothes with a knife to expose his tender flesh and he continues to increase the intensity of the caning. Soon the telltale stripes are welling up on his back and asscheeks, and he continues to howl and whinge, dancing in pain every time the cake flicks against his smooth skin. Sebastian eventually turns him around to give some attention to his chest, stomach and groin, and Olly’s misery deepens. By the time Sebastian relents, his skin is covered in red stripes, but Sebastian decides to offer some kindness: he jacks off Olly’s hard cock and edges him a few times before finally letting the suffering young lad shoot a thick, creamy load. Click here to watch Boynapped’s latest caning video featuring precious twink Olly Taylor!



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Brutal Twink Spanking — Training a Master pt 1

This video is absolutely brutal…this is the roughest spanking I have seen in ages, if not ever, and these twink boys are slapped, lashed, manhandled and abused by an utterly cruel and sadistic pig-daddy. How much do those lashings hurt? I could not even begin to grasp the pain those twinks are in. Anyway, Daddy, starts with a lot of no-nonsense open handed OTK spanking, and then begins to work over his slaves with the belt. Plus he has a young master-in training, masked, who he appears to be training to weild the lash as well. Look for more from him in upcoming posts…this is part 1 of 3. Enter here for more videos of brutal twink spanking….


Extreme twink spanking clip

Enjoy this incredibly viscious twink spanking video from BritishBoysFetishClub — two yummy lads are stripped naked poolside and their Daddy gives them a cruel and unbelievably hot paddle spanking across their delicious bubble butts. These Brit twinks are in real pain, and the screm every time the padles slacks their flesh. Daddy evne breaks out the cane for some old school gya punishment and pain! Enter here to see the full videos from British Boys Fetish Club and browse the fetish DVD collection!

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Painful twink caning!

Here’s a great video of a Euro twink in some serious pain after getting punished with a cane in the woods. Perhaps not technically a cane, but not quite a birching, the bow perhaps gets a taste of what our friends down South would call a switch, but the reaction is universal. Check out his painful grimaces, trying to rub the pain out of his asscheek, and punching the log he’s straddling in painful frustration. This twink punishment is going to leave a lasting, painful memory. It’s but a tasty little morsel of what’s available at Click here to see more painful twink caning videos at!

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British twink endures terrifying Caning

So this clip is definitely a departure from the usual bondage fare you see involving twinks — nothing cutesy or mild about this BDSM, it’s twink punishment at its most hardcore from The setup is a classic: twink Josh is being bullied by his schoolmates and there’s no escape and no help coming to save him. Schoolyard toughs Bryan and Guy strip skinny pale Josh naked and cruelly violate him. josh is forced to suck their cocks while his ass if rudely fingered and then the bullies teabag him and force Josh to rim out their dirty assholes. But then the sadistic bullies deliver the most painful caning I have ever seen. They break two canes over Josh’s bare ass and they also take turns spanking him with their bare hands, but they uses suck force they might as well be throwing hay makers. This clip is deeply disturbing, but if you are truly a fan of hardcore twink bondage and discipline, it might be for you. Click here to see the complete twink corporal punishment and bdsm video inside!

brutal caning discipline

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