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College brat Noah roped and brutally spanked!

We all love Noah, I personally love it when this snotty rich kid gets to feel some hard times. In this set, Noah’s roommates are sick of his shit and decide to torment him and take some of the piss out of him. After stripping him naked, they tie his ankles and bend him over a knee, spanking his bubble butt with a bare hand before employing more painful implements: paddles, brushes, and canes. This is just the first taste for Noah, but these assholes he works with end this scene on an impressive note: they fill a cup with piss and force snooty rich kid Noah to drink it dry. Sick and I can’t wait to see more! Enter here to see Noah’s hardcore debut on, featuring intense spanking and hot piss-drinking!

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Straight young Lad bent over and spanked like a bitch

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Twink Spanking Agony!

No glamorous or elaborate setup here…just a shit-scared twink receiving a breathtakingly awesome series of punishments. First its bare hand OTK, and his ass cheeks are positively glowing and radiating waves of heat and pain. Next its birching…ruthless and relentless. I love the sound the branch makes when it tears across the bare boy flesh. and Finally, an extreme caning for the lad. No restraint, just the cane being lashed across those bruised, swollen young buttocks. Amazing cruelty! Click here to see the entire cruel twink punishment video!

hot bare ass twink spanking and punishment

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Shameful Slut Twink gets Passed around and Abused

We all loved seeing Nico cozy up to Jason Valencia and serve as his submissive fuck toy. Nico has a serious Boy Crush on Jason, but after Jason squeezed the last drop of cum out of his cock into Nico’s gaping ass, he was done with the panting slut. Jason straight out sold Nico to his buddy Dakota for cash and weed, and now mean prick Dakota is going to abuse nervous little Nico and turn him into the cum slut he really is. Nico chokes on Dakota’s thick cock and the domineering twink top just keeps shoving more of his length into Nico’s mouth. After face fucking the helpless creature until he’s gagging, Dakota ties him down and works him over with a riding crop and then a cane! Nico’s creamy white thighs take a real lashing as Dakota whips them at a heart-pounding rate. Dakota really wants to fuck his new slut and rams him from behind, first on the leather horse and then on the sofa, pushing Nico’s face away and ramming his cock into his loose hole at full speed. Dakota finally yanks back on Nico’s hair and turns him around, but only to coat his one-sweet and innocent face with a shower of hot cum. Nico collapses to the bed and Dakota ties him back up to keep him naked and ready to go again whenever he wants. Click here to watch thick-cocked Dakota debasing and fucking his new slave boy hard!


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Twink gets sharp painful caning punishment

The cries from this twink lad while he is getting his backside caned are quite pathetic. Like a whimpering puppy, he shakes, grimaces and cries every time the cane strokes his ass or his bare back. First its exciting, and then you feel he should just quit being such a nancy and take it like a man, but then you appreciate that this lad is truly in the worst discomfort he has ever felt and would do anything in the world to make it stop. Suck your cock? Gladly, just make it stop. Let me fuck your beautiful ass? Anything to make the pain stop. And that is total control and domination. Breathtaking, the effect of fear and pain. Enter here to watch this twink’s entire caning ordeal.

Twink slave gets his back and ass brutally caned

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Lean Twink gets his Bottom Beaten Black and Blue!

Here’s a short clip from BritishBoysFetishClub featuring wonderful, delicious twink cutiepie Jimmy who has earned a very painful punishment from his angry daddy. Jimmy faces a barrage of every tool in the shed so to speak: the wide wooden paddle, the traditional cane, the wooden bath brush and a thick leather belt. Jimmy howls with pain and soon the tears well in his eyes, his ass turns pink, then crimson, and then a deep purple bloom starts to show through. Jimmy’s ass is a little skinny, but his cheeks are round and have a sweet bounce when they get hit with the paddle. This is just a really brief clip of a fantastic gay corporal punishment video — watch the full scene at!


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