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Lack of Discipline Requires Painful Corrective Training

It’s springtime and it’s time for the beginning of the summer sporting season. All winter long this lad has been cooped up inside training on a treadmill for the start of the cross country running season at his private school, and now that the weather is warm, he is finally able to train outside and increase the intensity. His father is his training supervisor and he expects big things from the lad this year. he has been driving the lad all winter on the treadmill, and in this clip they take a break from running for a series of pushups. The son is slow and his form is poor and his father is not happy. Seeking to motivate the lad, he tells him to take down his athletic shorts and lie across his knee for a spanking. It takes a series of sharp spanks from Dad’s bare hand to get the message across: training is not to be taken lightly. Oh how I wish he could have used a birch on the fresh young man’s buttocks! Click here to watch the rest of this invigorating outdoor male discipline training video.


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British Lad caught stroking his cock; Spanked by his furious Dad

Here’s a short, sweet clip showing the story of a horny teen lad running afoul of his father. The family is pitching in to complete spring cleaning and the boy is put in charge of vacuuming. But being 19 means being constantly horny and he can’t help but take a break to stroke his thick meat. Even more boldly, he decides to go for it completely naked, stripping off his clothes and risking incredible humiliation and embarrassment if he’s caught. Sure enough, his father walks in on him as he’s furiously wanking his cock, and you can guess Dad’s reaction. Anger, disappointment and embarrassment all boil over at once and he pulls his miscreant son over his knee for painful punishment. This isn’t an old fashioned bare hand on the bare bum spanking — he’s got a leather strap that he’s using to really lash his boy’s firm round ass. His son tries to fight him, but the father uses one hand to keep him prone and subdued while lashing his bare buttocks mercilessly. The son’s thick cock is still semi erect and it’s bouncing off Dad’s thigh — that’s a hidden treat. Obviously the lad’s sex drive is not entirely deterred by the corporal punishment. In fact as soon as Dad finishes admonishing him, the lad finishes stroking his cock and spews out a thick load before resuming his chores. Watch the full Daddy-boy Spanking video at!


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No Mercy for the punished twink — Extreme British-style gay spanking video

Now this is a hot fucking spanking video — A wholesome English lad is playing a few tricks on his neighbour, throwing rocks through the window of an abandoned barn or something like that — his transgressions earn him a brutal spanking session that you or I will delightfully remember for some time to come! First, the lad gets the OTK spanking that gets his round, smooth ass cherry red and pulsating with pain. Then, the farmer breaks out the old-school punishment implements — a carpet beater — and proceeds to literally tan his hide! The poor boy’s ass looks blood red and ready to break open! Not remotely satisfied with the punishment the boy has taken, the farmer get deadly serious by working that gorgeous ass over with a thick leather belt. That boy is twisted in pain and in tears, and then the farmer pulls out the cat-o-nine to finish off his thighs, ass and back. It’s a gut wrenching performance :) Enter to view the entire British Punishment video here…

British Lad whipped and caned for casual rulebreaking

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Extreme twink spanking clip

Enjoy this incredibly viscious twink spanking video from BritishBoysFetishClub — two yummy lads are stripped naked poolside and their Daddy gives them a cruel and unbelievably hot paddle spanking across their delicious bubble butts. These Brit twinks are in real pain, and the screm every time the padles slacks their flesh. Daddy evne breaks out the cane for some old school gya punishment and pain! Enter here to see the full videos from British Boys Fetish Club and browse the fetish DVD collection!

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Deliciously severe spanking video compilation

Its super short video trailer, but the spanking is raw and genuine. The masters of pain at British Boys fetish club reveal just a little taste of the punishment handed out to their roster of misbehaving British lads. Really, for the raw savagery on display in the spanking methods of these fresh young lads, BBFC is unmatched. Their daddies and taskmasters display merciless punishment techniques par excellence. Click here to get a look at the BBFB tour and their nasty spanking videos.