Leo Ocean gets his Hole Wrecked!

According to the legend, if you ever get into the BoyNapped Dungeon, you will find roped boys everywhere, spread wide open and helpless, ready to be abused and used up like fuckdolls. Deacon Hunter is one of the lucky few who get to wander into the dungeon, and lo and behold, Leo Ocean is intricately roped to a steel scaffold, apparently used up by some other lads who have already moved on. Always horny, and a burgeoning sociopath, young Deacon starts lubing up Leo’s hole to see how much the lad can take. First he jams his finger, then a pretty standard dildo, deep into Leo, and the bound twink pants and moans, but he’s been loosened up pretty well by the other groups of lads coming and going all day in the BoyNapped Dungeon. Deacon grabs a big thick black silicone monster dildo and pushes it deep into Leo’s hole and the bound teen boy slave starts to buck and squirm. For all that bored young lads will try shove into their assholes, apparently there’s a limit, and it takes a stranger in a dungeon to push them past it. Finally Deacon is so worked up he pulls out his own hard, largish cock and starts ramming it furiously into Leo’s ass, and he soon busts his hot teen nut all over Leo’s cock and belly. Presumably, Leo will be left for the next guy. Click here to watch Leo’s video where he’s turned into a gaping fuckhole for horny perv and blossoming sadist Deacon.


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Twink Teen gets Tickled and Milked

BoyNapped’s Friday updates always put me in a great mood for the weekend, and Sebastian indulges one of my favourite pastimes — intense tickling — with one of my favourite lads — Olly Taylor. Olly is laid flat on his back and his wrists and ankles are shacked, rendering him defenceless. Instead of whipping the poor lad or jolting him with electricity, Sebastian starts tickling him: teasing his nipples, brushing fingers over Olly’s armpits, and running the spur wheel over the soles of the twink lad’s feet. Olly is squirming and panting and howling…begging really to be freed. But Sebastian soon locks in on Olly’s big, bulging cock and goes to work. Getting the lad hard isn’t a problem. Olly is young and fit and his hormones are always pumping at maximum level, and his cock goes from soft to rock hard once Sebastian starts tickling the bulbous head with an electric toothbrush. The evil old man ties a rope around Olly’s balls to get them tight to the point that they look like they’re going to pop, ad then he starts running the spur wheel over them. Olly screams at the extreme sensitivity, but that’s nothing compared to when Sebastian jacks him off and then milks him roughly after his juicy cumshot. Click here to watch the extremely arousing bondage tickling escapade at!


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Helpless Twink Leo Ocean Fucked and Abused

Twink Bondage Slave Leo Ocean is really in for an afternoon of abuse at the hands of horny degenerate Deacon Hunter. Roped up to a table inside the depths of the BoyNapped dungeon, Leo is completely exposed and vulnerable: wrists and ankles all bound to a steel table, Leo’s ass in pointed in the air for Deacon’s exclusive use. But Deacon decides to get right in Leo’s face first, kneeling on the table with his big uncut cock bobbing inches away from Leo’s soft mouth. Deacon grabs Leo by the hair hard and shoves the length of his cock right down his gob until he’s pounding the back of the suffering twink’s throat. Deacon face fucks Leo like a hard driving machine, making him gag and beg garbled pleas for mercy. Deacon finally relents and walks behind Leo to examine that round teen ass. It makes for an inviting target for the flogger, and Deacon whips Leo hard before penetrating him with his raging erection. Deacon has finally taken all that he wants from Leo and sprays his hot sticky load all over Leo’s angelic face like a mark of shame. Such hot twink teen bondage and humiliation! Check out Boynapped to see the full video of Deacon punishing and abusing poor twink sweetheart Leo!


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Horny Twink Bottom Treats Roped Slave like a Sex Toy

Mickey Taylor really gets off on having a reputation as a trashy, slutty bottom boy, and while meandering around the dark passages of the BoyNapped Dungeon, he found Luke Adams roped on his back like he had been giftwrapped just for Mickey. The tattooed twink is already getting stiff, and his uncut cock looks breathtaking…he greedily swallows the rod of helpless Luke and soon gets the bound boy’s dick throbbing. Luke lays back, unable to move or resist as Mickey impales his greedy boy-cunt on his rock-hard erection and rides him like a race horse. Luke groans with pleasure, but he’s drowned out by wild child Mickey, who is rhythmically pumping his hips and furiously jacking his cock, getting ready to explode. Who doesn’t love it when suck a kinky boy is such an incredible power bottom? Click here to watch Mickey and Luke’s full length topping-from-the-bottom power play twink bondage video!


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BoyNapped Slaves get a Painful Physics Lesson

Professor Sebastian is holding a very private tutoring session in the basement of the Physics Building with Luke Adams and Dylan Strike on the subject of force, gravity and elasticity. Both lads are stripped naked and ordered to face each other across the bare basement. Professor Sebastian begins the lecture by conducting genital examinations of each student and tying off their scrotums with a short rope. The lecture continues with painful flogging on their backs and chests and finally Sebastian gets to the crux of the lesson. A pulley is rigged from a ceiling beam overhead. A rope connects Luke’s wrists to Adam’s roped balls and vice versa. Any movement from one boy causes the other boy’s balls to be yanked and twisted painfully. Sebastian resumes flogging and the boys twist in pain, and Sebastian forces them to squat and bend to torture the other lad. Creatively cruel and very educational! Click here to visit Boynapped to download the entire twisted and kinky rope bondage punishment video!


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