Brit Twinks in Dungeon Torture spectacle

Lovely delicate twink boy Max Brown (was there ever a name that did not fit the face??) has gotten himself twisted up with some rotten company. Stripped naked and left tied to a worn out, filthy mattress in a dank basement dungeon, he is easy prey for horny and perverted chav twink Ashton Bradley. Ashton alternates between fondling Max’s uncut cock, getting him hard and glistening, and dripping burning candle wax all over his smooth, hairless body. The pain infliction wins out, as Aston coats boy toy Max in hot candle wax, stroking his own cock as Max twists and writhes in pain in a vain effort to free himself from the boy-fantasy torture. By the end, Aston gives Max a second coating of goo, blasting him the face with a giant cumshot. Click here to see the full video of boy on boy kinky bondage and gay bdsm!

young smooth Max is roped and abused by another kinky twink

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Cute Russian twink Alex Tivoli got a sensational welcome to BoyNapped from AShton Bradley last week. Alex is one of the most beautiful boys I’ve seen this year, and the fact that he has an amazingly thick cock like a tree trunk is like the cherry on top. He was put into a position that put his best assets on display for the shoot: arched backwards over a massive rubber truck tire, roped at the wrists and ankles, with his big, bulging cock ready to be played with. Ashton gets him warmed up, stroking his cock and sucking his balls. He’s playful with Alex’s thick prick, giving it a few slaps but he’s just like the rest of us: fixated by the twink’s python. He wanks Alex and asserts his dominance by zipping up Alex’s tender flesh with clothespins on a wire…he’s going to rip them all off at once, but for now, he’s letting Alex savour his touch. Alex shoots an enormous gusher at the end of the shoot, but Ashton still has diabolic plans for him! Click here to watch the hot twink bondage trailer at BoyNapped!


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Chained Twink gets his Sloppy Hole Filled

Cameron James is the latest lad to fall victim in the BoyNapped Dungeon. Today he’s Deacon Hunter’s plaything, and Deacon really if fixated on stretching out the cute twink’s ass and filling it full of flesh, bone and steel. Cameron starts his ordeal chained to a metal table by his wrists. He’s naked and his ass is popped up in the air. Deacon wanders in and grabs a handful of the lad’s hair and gives it a yank and then starts running his hand up and down Cameron’s defenseless asscrack. Deacon produces a big bottle of lube, clearly indicating where his mind is at; he wants to push Cameron’s limits and perhaps even the limits of physics. His greasy fingers slip into Cameron’s hole and the twink starts trembling. More fingers push deeper and then Deacon starts greasing up a length of chain lying nearby. He starts stuffing the fat, industrial linkage deep into Cameron’s anal cavity and the cold steel is making Cameron twitch and squirm. He’s sold his ass to pay the bills before, but this young fag has never experienced anything so foreign and weird inside his ass before. Deacon keeps stuffing the thick steel links into Cameron’s ass without a thought for his slave’s feelings. Finally, he hits Cameron’s limit and he starts pulling the links out one by one. Deacon’s dick is rock hard and he’s getting ready to fuck Cameron’s sloppy hole and dump his load, but he wants his slave to taste his meat first. Cameron tries his best to suck of Deacon, but the dom lad just starts ramming his cock down Cameron’s throat. Once his dick is sloppy with Cameron’s spit, he slips his fat hog into Cameron’s loose ass and pumps him until he’s ready to explode like a rocket. Cameron takes his cum gusher right in the face and he reflexively sucks Deacon dry, knowing he has to keep his master happy. Click here to watch the full twink bondage and extreme anal play video at BoyNapped!


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Chained Twink Hot Wax Handjob!

Luke Adams is certainly a popular guy in the BoyNapped Dungeon, and today he’s got Ashton Bradley glued to his cock, obsessing over the thick pole and teasing Luke with spasms of pain and waves of pleasure. Luke is immobilized with his hands tied behind his back and roped to his thighs for good measure, and his feet are splayed apart with a spreader bar. Ashton fondles Luke’s big cock while its still only semi erect, and the thing still weighs heavy in his hand. Luke might be short and compact, but he’s really been blessed with an XL penis. Ashton is very skilled at stroking cocks and pleasuring young men, and soon Luke’s cock is getting fully erect, and that’s when Luke starts pouring hot candle wax all over Luke’s chest and cock. The young blond gasps but he fights the pain, and Ashton alternates between pumping his helpless boyfriend’s cock and inflicting more searing pain on his exposed flesh. Ashton get’s so worked up that he pulls out his own hard cock and does some double dick stroking so he can shoot his own load all over Luke’s bare feet. Click here to treat yourself to this full video featuring twink bondage, edging and cock teasing and hot wax torture at BoyNapped!


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Leo Ocean gets his Hole Wrecked!

According to the legend, if you ever get into the BoyNapped Dungeon, you will find roped boys everywhere, spread wide open and helpless, ready to be abused and used up like fuckdolls. Deacon Hunter is one of the lucky few who get to wander into the dungeon, and lo and behold, Leo Ocean is intricately roped to a steel scaffold, apparently used up by some other lads who have already moved on. Always horny, and a burgeoning sociopath, young Deacon starts lubing up Leo’s hole to see how much the lad can take. First he jams his finger, then a pretty standard dildo, deep into Leo, and the bound twink pants and moans, but he’s been loosened up pretty well by the other groups of lads coming and going all day in the BoyNapped Dungeon. Deacon grabs a big thick black silicone monster dildo and pushes it deep into Leo’s hole and the bound teen boy slave starts to buck and squirm. For all that bored young lads will try shove into their assholes, apparently there’s a limit, and it takes a stranger in a dungeon to push them past it. Finally Deacon is so worked up he pulls out his own hard, largish cock and starts ramming it furiously into Leo’s ass, and he soon busts his hot teen nut all over Leo’s cock and belly. Presumably, Leo will be left for the next guy. Click here to watch Leo’s video where he’s turned into a gaping fuckhole for horny perv and blossoming sadist Deacon.


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