Ashton Fixated on Punishing Timmy Treasure’s Thick Cock!

It’s Timmy Treasure’s turn in the Boynapped dungeon and he’s been roped and hung like a piece of meat for Ashton Bradley to tenderize. Timmy is nude and his big thick cock is already semi-erect. I would love to pull that foreskin down slowly, just like peeling a very large banana! Ashton starts spanking his ass and fingering his asshole, but he’s just as transfixed by Timmy’s throbbing cock as we are! He jacks off Timmy roughly, squeezing the precum out of his dick, and then gives the hard member several slaps that have little effect. Timmy’s hard cock just bounces back like a spring. Ashton lights a candle and starts dripping the hot wax all over Timmy’s back and ass, and starts throwing the wax upwards onto Timmy’s cock from below. Protip: Ashton: I don’t think that works. In the end it comes back tot he rough wank, and Ashton squeezes a thick, milky gusher out of Timmy’s raging hard-on! Click here to see the full boy bondage and CBT video at BoyNapped!


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Young Casper Ellis sternly spanked and then filled with cum!

Casper Ellis, the British twink that has sent so many hearts a-fluttering at Boynapped has been used and abused in the dungeon and left roped to be used as a fuck toy for the next lucky passer-by. His previous exploiters scribbled obscenities all over his firm young butt, and as chav lad Kieron knight approches, he reads it as an open invitation. He’s in a bad mood and wants to take out his aggression on Casper’s hot hole. He spanks Casper’s ass with his bare hand while working up a big, thick erection, and then Kieron rams his dick into the twink’s spread hole and pumps the lad until he’s full of his filthy chav spunk. Click here to watch Casper’s bondage captivity and his turn as Kieron’s roped up fuck-doll at!


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BoyNapped Boss Punishes his Fuck Slave

Deacon Hunter has a special afternoon planned for his newly obtained slave boy Timmy Treasure in the Boynapped Dungeon. After the initial inspection, Timmy is stripped naked and roped and left to lie on the cold floor until Deacon’s ready to commence. When the young boss finally emerges, he plays with Timmy’s dick and probes his hole, getting a good look at what he’s purchased. Timmy has been a great bottom, but Deacon is worried that perhaps all of the boyhood charm has been fucked out of him. Deacon wants to unload a big load today, so he starts feeding Timmy his big, uncut cock, and Timmy anxiously gobbles it up, trying to please his new master. While Timmy is sucking him off, Deacon starts ramming his fuck slave’s ass with a thick toy to stretch him open wide enough for his girthy dick. Deacon’s horniness gets the better of him and he slams Timmy to the ground and jumps on top, ramming his slut hole from behind while hissing curses into his ear. Sensing Timmy isn’t worthy of the long term slave training commitment, having been spoiled by too many cocks, Deacon spits into his face and mouth before wanking a huge load onto Timmy’s face, leaving Timmy alone and still roped with no way out! Click here to watch the full video of Timmy Treasure’s hot bondage fuck and humiliating facial!


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Intense CBT makes this Twink Spew a Ton of Cum!

Every time I peek my head into the Boynapped Dungeon, I do so with one eye shut in case I see Sebastian Kane in an awkward position. I get that he loves twinks. We all come to BoyNapped for that. He’s devoted his life to them. Good for him. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t understand that he is instant boner killer for the twink loving public. I should clarify…Naked Sebastian Kane is the flaccid maker, and although you don’t see him stripping too often, you can’t have that shit jumping out at you. Anyway, Sebastian is safely and fully clothed in this scene, also featuring delicious and well equipped Jonah O’Pry bound to a chair in an intricate spider-web pattern. As the twink sits blindfolded, Sebastian locks his balls and the base of his shaft into a steel ring and tightens it so that young Jonah’s balls are squeezed taut. Sebastian lubes up Jonah’s cock and jerks him off, getting him stiff so that the steel ring is cutting into his cock flesh. at the bottom of the ring, Sebastian attaches and S hook and starts adding weights. Jonah’s erect cock is straining under the weight while Sebastian keeps stroking and sucking it. After teasing Jonah and denying him release a few times, Sebastian finally lets the boy cum and its like a dam bursting under all of that pressure. Such good times! Click here to watch the full version of this super Twink CBT handjob video at!


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Bound Brit Twink Casper gets his Ass Rammed

Casper Ellis is a wonderful twink specimen that has found his way into the Boynapped Dungeon. He has been thoughtfully roped up with his legs spread apart and lifted to the ceiling, revealing his beautiful ass to the camera. His hands are also roped above his head making him completely vulnerable to whoever decides to dominate him. And Mickey Taylor is up for the task! The inked badboy is endlessly horny and an incorrigible pervert. He sees Casper bound helplessly and he immediately starts fingering his tender hole and fondling his meaty dick. Casper loves the attention and his arousal is immediately noticeable, but Mickey wants to be serviced first, and he drops his uncut cock right into Casper’s mouth. Casper sucks Mickey’s dick while Mickey obsesses over his twink slave’s tight ass. Mickey gets a throbbing erection and he lines himself up for a round of hard, deep fucking, lubing Casper’s ass with his spit before pushing his rigid boner deep into the British twink’s virgin flesh. Click here to watch the full version of this Bad Boy fucking his roped and helpless twink slave!


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