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Gay War Games Water Bondage — Ransom, pt 1

Gay War Games is definitely hearing our cries for more extreme bondage scenes featuring hot twinks: Today they released their debut trailer for their new video “Ransom” starring slender, smooth Aleksandar. The GWG commandos abducted the yummy sweetheart and wait for the ransom. To cure their boredom, they decide to initiate the twink into the bondage lifestyle. Stripping Aleksandar to his sexy briefs and tying him to a chair, the soldiers vent their hostility slapping their slave in the face and on his chest, twisting and pinching his nipples until he is crying out in pain. The soldiers pull out their cocks, getting them hard and ready to fuck their slave’s hot mouth. Aleksandar is frightened of his captors, and they decide to give him something to really fear, hanging him upside down by his ankles and unleashing painful, searing whip lashes across the chest and back. Aleksandar is writhing in pain when he becomes truly terrified: the soldiers start to lower him headfirst into a tub of freezing water, dunking his head and holding him under water until he is fighting for breath. Gay War games exploration of water bondage with this stunning twink is one of a kind, it definitely left me wanting to see more. Enter here to see the entire twink water bondage sequence plus the rest of Aleksandar’s painful BDSM ordeal.

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Delinquent Twink Punished and Fucked by Horny Cops

Czech security guards Borek and Petr have discovered a delinquent 19 year old twink they suspect of smuggling…he seems evasive during questioning and there are troubling text messages on his phone. Their investigation leaves them no other option other to conduct a strip search and cavity examination. The skinny twink, Laco, is petrified but has no choice but to comply. He’s alone and locked deep withing the security office. No one knows he’s there and know one would ever know where to look for him if he disappeared. Borek and Petr bend him over the table and insert two fingers inside his tight asshole. Nothing is found, but the agents are still convinced there is hidden contraband deeper inside of Laco. But having probed the naked youth so thoroughly, Borek and Petr have become distracted with his supple ass and thick cock. They pull out their rapidly stiffening cocks and put them right at mouth level with Laco. If he starts sucking them off, they might not have to complete the examination. Laco knows what he must do, and he’s spitting on and pumping his captor’s fat cocks in and out of his teen mouth.

Borek and Petr grope Laco’s body while getting their cocks sucked, and then stand him up and tie his arms spread eagle. The submissive twink is tied up and blindfolded and then spanked and flogged across his chest. His flesh quickly turns red and his tormentors quickly re-fixate on fucking his holes. They each take turns fucking his ass bareback while the other fucks his soft wet mouth. After swapping a few times, Borek pulls his cock out of Laco’s mouth and cums all over the twink’s mouth and armpit; Petr is not far behind and he cums all over Laco’s throbbing ass. Towering over the twink, the two bullies are still dripping cum from their cocks and they order Laco to jerk himself off while they watch so they can collect the semen sample for evidence of his lewd behavior. Laco can’t jerk himself fast enough to appease them and get out of there! Click here to watch the entire scene of twink bondage and teen boy sexual exploitation at!


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Ballbusting twink CBT punishment

I am proud to present an excruciating twink CBT video for your enjoyment…the lad is tied down with rope and plastic wrap, his exposed balls and cock are roped tightly until they appear that they are going to pop. That’s when the kinky bastard at the controls gets ready for his sadistic pleasure: slapping the balls and swollen cock head with a hard, Lucite yardstick. The bound boy howls in pain through each flurry of blows, but the unseen master is relentless and ruthless. He loves playing with the cocks of young men, but he loves to inflict pain most of all! Enter here to see the entire excruciating twink CBT video at!

Ballbusting twink CBT punishment

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Amazing Brit lad Luke Desmond punished in prison camp hellhole

A prison camp cut off from all form of civilization. The young inmates have no choice but to give in to lascivious guards as they are ruthlessly used and abused as mere sex objects…Warden Dean is obsessed with playing perverse sex games with new inmate Luke Desmond. Dean fucks Luke in the ass and shoots a full load of hot sperm into his face. And to top it off, lots of blindfolding, gobbing, boot-licking, hot wax torture and anal stretching. Click here to watch the full twink prison bondage sex video at

amazing brit twink Luke Desmond punished in prison camp hellhole

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Helpless twink Kyler Moss fucked and abused mercilessly by hairy Latino Daddy

Don’t bother reading this. Don’t waste time reading about luscious twink Kyler Moss stripped naked and bound with tape. Watch the video and pump your cock while Kyler’s helpless image flickers in front of you, dragged around a dirty floor like a bag of trash by Alexsander Freitas. Don’t read meaningless words describing Kyler’s smooth, impossibly perfect skin and slender frame being battered and tossed around by the ultra masculine daddy, covered with coarse hair and vulgar tattoos. Every second you spend not fixated on the video are precious seconds of your life wasted not watching nature’s most perfect creation with his legs bent over his head, and a rough, tattooed hand probing his sweet boy-hole. Why bother reading my completely inadequate words when you could be rewinding and replaying Alex stuffing his huge 9 inch cock into Kyler’s ass and fucking him piledriver-style? Words cannot do justice to the sight of Alexsander fucking Kyler from behind and then yanking him to his knees by his hair and force-feeding him his giant cock. Kyler gags on the thick Latino cock but Alex is relentless, cramming it to the back of Kyler’s throat. Honestly, do I even need to tell you to click here to watch the complete twink/daddy bondage and rough sex video?

helpless twink Kyler Moss fucked and abused mercilessly by hairy Latino Daddy


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