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Teen Skaters love naked spanking and blowjobs

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

American teen Timmy Clark has been caught poking around his friend’s bedroom…Straight jock Clark Fox is pissed at the invasion of privacy and he flips the slight lad on the bed and starts spanking him like a bratty little kid. Clark is all over Timmy, yanking down his underpants and smacking his cheeks until they’re rosy and burning. Timmy’s blood is boiling at the punishment and being forced into submission, but he’s more than a little turned on by getting physical with Clark, who he’s had a secret crush on for months. Clark tires a little and Timmy is able to wriggle free of his grasp and he manages to get on top of the bigger boy and take a measure of payback. Timmy gives as good as he gets, spanking Clark until his ass is red and sore, but Timmy doesn’t stop there; he starts jerking Clark and getting his cock hard, sucking his thick, uncut teen cock. Clark is shocked, he loves getting his cock sucked but this is his first BJ from a guy and he’s confused, so he starts spanking Timmy again. Timmy finally gets his way and ends up milking a thick load out Clark all over his burning red ass. Click here to see the full teen boy spanking video at Skater Spank!



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Twink Alex Dade gets his beautiful ass spanked

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Enjoy this set from — featuring twink boy-wonder Alex Dade. Taskmaster Sterne really gives him a good lashing in this set, working him over with his bare hand and a couple of different paddles! Such a sexy ass twitching in pain. How I would love to soothe his burning flesh! Check out full twink spanking videos at!

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Cute Eastern European Rent-boy spanked

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

It’s been a while since I posted a good old-fashioned boy spanking clip here, but here’s one that will make you forget the wait. This clip features Norbi, an especially cute lad from Eastern Europe (Estonia, I think) getting bent over his Daddy’s knee and getting a proper bare hand spanking. Norbi is a bit of a teaser, and he gazes playfully at the camera, not quite sure of what to do in his first spanking video, and when his firm, delicious ass is getting spanked by his Daddy’s bare hand, he winces and his face twists into adorable contortions. After the stinging spanking stops, Norbi turns from the camera and gives his ass a vigorous massage, trying to rub out the pain. It doesn’t last long, however, as soon Norbi is again getting a vigorous, stinging ass spanking. Click here to watch the full video of this European heartthrob getting his rump smacked.

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European rentboy sells his ass for a couple of euros

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Mouth-watering twink gets a firm spanking

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Christian Collins is one of the most promising new twink performers I have seen since in gay adult videos since I first saw him in 2011. He’s 20 years old, and American from Ohio and he professes to having an underwear fetish and a kink for sex in the shower. I certainly wouldn’t mind lathering him up after getting dirty with him ;)…Anyway, in this video the redhead is sent to disciplinarian Jeff Stern to help curb his wild, kinky fantasies, and Jeff quickly gets the twink undressed and bent over to receive a hard spanking. christian takes Jeff’s strong hand over his jeans and then gets spanked over top of his sexy, flirty underwear before getting the full force of the bare hand spanking on his naked buttocks. After Jeff gets Christian’s ass tingling with pain after the bare hand OTK spanking, he brings out a scary looking wooden paddle and lets Christian know there’s even more hard corporal punishment in store for him. Click here to watch the full length twink spanking video!

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amazing twink gets his ass paddled hard

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Sexy American twink gets a hot bare hand spanking

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

I love this new American twink porn actor on the scene debuting with Helix Studios — Jacobey London made his first spanking video with Jeff Stern for at the end of 2011 and it was just released last week, and holy fuck is this twink hot! What and amazing smooth body and Jeff Stern makes sure that his flesh is burning after his lashing. Using a straight rod, a leather belt and his bare hand, Jeff spanks Jacobey’s stunning round ass until it’s cherry red and radiating heat. Jacobey twists and cries out from the pain but Stern is relentless and refuses to grant the twink any mercy. Jacobey’s sexy twink spanking video debut is a hot success and definitely worth the membership. Click here to see Jacobey’s first hot corporal punishment video in full HD!

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yummy twink model gets his cute ass punished

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Unreal twink gets his bare ass spanked red

Monday, September 8th, 2014

What I love about twink porn is that every day, hundreds of boys turn 18 are are hungry to get naked for the camera. This is the first video I’ve seen with Sencer Keve (wtf?!?) and he is almost unimaginably beautiful. He literally looks like a doll, possibly even one engineered in Japan. His features are so perfect, yet he is such a wild child, his parents (or owners, or possibly warranty holders) have sent him to Jeff Stern for an attitude adjustment. This surprisingly is done without an Allen wrench or flipping a toggle switch back and forth. No, Jeff does his best work with his bare hands like any good craftsman, and he gives Sencer an old-fashioned bare hand spanking. First, he smacks the misbehaving twink on the ass over his designer skinny jeans, and then he yanks down the denim and wallops the twink perfection on his bare ass. Sencer’s ass grows redder and pulsating with heat and pain, and tiny sobs can be heard. He’s ready to pretend to be good, for now. Click here to see the complete video of this heavenly twink getting his perfect buttocks enthusiastically spanked.

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unreal twink gets his bare ass spanked red

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