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Twink Sucks Cock to get out of Spanking

Evan Parker and Tyler Hill are boyfriends living in bliss, with a beautiful home in LA paid for by their porn talents. They have an amazing life and they share it with a mischievous puppy named Bentley. Tyler begged for the dog, and promised to take care of him, but when Evan comes home from work one day and sees his new pool furniture showing tell-tale chew marks, he turns to his boyfriend to bear the brunt of the punishment. Evan catches Tyler completely unaware and playfully warns him he’s been bad and he’s in for a stinging spanking. Tyler is game for some fun and lets Evan have his way with his firm bubble butt. After Evan strips him naked and gets his ass throbbing after a few dozen hard spanks on the ass, Tyler uses his failsafe method to allay Evan’s anger. Click here to watch these playful twinks spanking and sucking cock at Helix Studios.


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Hot Twink Discipline — Coach Spanks Josh, Boy Swimmer

Josh has disappointed the coach and let down the team AGAIN! Will Coach Ryan’s swim team ever win a meet? I think the boys on the team secretly like losinng so they’ll get called into the coach’s office for some serious discipline. Check out the video and you will see Josh’s ass positively glowing from the spanking that Coach Ryan lays on him. Its so hot and tasty! :) Click here to see full videos at

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Twink Boyfriend Gives Head to Get Spanked!

I love seeing boyfriends getting kinky. These two come from British Boys Fetish Club, and we think we’re seeing a pair of young lovers getting sexual while they have a moment alone. The more athletic blond boy is on the sofa getting a really good blowjob from his more twinky boyfriend, but he’s got a deeper itch to scratch. He wants to hear his boyfriend moaning from the pleasure that comes from punishment, so he pulls his cock out of his boyfriend’s mouth and physically drags the lad over his lap. First he’s giving the twink hard slaps over his jeans, but he soon strips him naked and gropes his boyfriend’s meaty ass in between bursts of painful bare hand spanking. You know this one ends in an epic cumbath! Click here to see the full length male spanking sex scene at British Boys Fetish Club!


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Poor Office Assistant gets his Peachy Butt Spanked Red!

Blake Mitchell is so pissed at Greco. Both have been working hard behind the scenes at Helix Studios editing videos, retouching photos and helping to do customer service. They also have been getting the latest DVD release ready and when the shipment of fresh disks gets delivered to the warehouse, Blake realizes someone has fucked up bad! The DVD cover is riddled with spelling mistakes and it was Greco’s job to do the proofreading. Blake is going to be goddamn sure his ass is in the clear for this, so he bends Greco over the desk and forces him to read the copy from the DVD jacket out loud and find the spelling mistake while Blake whacks his peach-shaped butt with his right hand. Greco is finding lots of mistakes and Blake keeps dishing out the punishment. By the time Greco finds every last error, his butt is red and puffy, radiating painful heat from the intense barehand spanking. The trailer is fun, but the full movie really lets you get the most out of this great twink-on-twink spanking punishment scene!


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18yo twink gets a hard bare bum spanking

Cyrus is an 18 year old college boy from Slovakia who was recruited for this spanking video. Even though he’s very young, he’s got lots of experience getting spanked. It’s a huge turn on for him and he was eager to get down to business. He gets a series of hard, bare bum slaps while he’s flat on his stomach, standing against the wall and up on all fours. The punishment is fast and furious and breathtaking. Even though it wasn’t taken in the best light, you get every ounce of the raw sexual energy Cyrus is generating. Click here to see the tender but kinky twink get a long, full-force bare bum spanking at


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