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Twink Nipple Torture

And it’s great to be back in 2012! What a holiday…I had more than my share of merry making and imbibing, that’s for sure (and stories of that are for another blog) but I missed posting my beautiful twink boys and all of their filthy fetish adventures. And who better to celebrate the New Year with than my favourite future boyfriend Ton! This video clip shows Ton in a bit of a bind, literally. His Daddy has tossed him into the trunk of his car and tied both arms to his sides with nylon rope. Ton has precious little room to wiggle, but soon he’s squirming in pain when his Daddy start pinching his tender, smooth flesh with dozens of clothespins. He loves torturing Ton’s sweet little nipples, pinching and twisting them, making Ton scream a little every time he turns the pin. Ton knows he must please his Daddy to earn his freedom, however, and he obediently sticks out his tongue to get even more sharp pinching clothespins clamped in his mouth. Click here to watch the full length video of Ton’s bondage and erotic nipple torture inside.

fresh twink bad boy ton nipple torture

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Bound twink gets an enema in the woods

This twink lad really got much more than he anticipated when he agreed to go on a camping trip with Czech super twink Bad Boy Ton…they are in the middle of the wilderness, miles from anyone who could help the lad, and Ton ropes him to a tree and strips him naked. It looks cold outside, miserable and damp. Ton in warm inside his hoodie, but his slave boy is freezing and terror is starting to mount about what is coming for him. Ton surprises him; no whips or paddles, but he does pull out an enema bag and hose which he inserts into the naked twink’s tight rectum. Ton squeezes the water into the twink’s guts and orders him to hold it…the twink can’t hold the pressure and finally lets the jet of water shoot out of his hole into a nasty puddle around his feet. Ton is delighted and there’s no way he’s stopping after one try. They are there for the weekend…God knows how much water Ton brought with them, but I’ve got a feeling this twink is going to be so clean his asshole is going to squeak when he walks. Click here to watch the full wet and messy twink enema fetish video.

Bound twink gets an enema in the woods

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Masked twink masturbates in cuffs and chains

Boys in cars are one of my favourite jack-off fantasies, going back to when I was in college and would just drive around with my twink boyfriends. I wasn’t really exploring my kinky side back then, and the rare times I see kinky boys bound or spanked in cars, it makes my heart pound a little faster and my dick much harder. Bad Boy Ton seems to share my love of kinky sex scenes in cars, and he shows off his slender body and his stiff cock for the camera while masked, roped to the seat and his wrists in restraints. He puts on quite the solo jack-off show, stroking his dick from soft to hard and then until he shoots his thick load of boy cum all over his tummy. I love this lad and I’d love to take him on a road trip to some deserted spot and really show him what being kinky is all about. Click here to watch all of Ton’s kinky bondage and solo sex videos.

masked twink masturbates in cuffs and chains

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More Bad Boy Ton getting spanked!

I am so excited to post this update from TonOnline. This one features Ton getting his gorgeous spanked again. Man, I love this Czech twink’s ass and I would love to give him a lashing with my belt :). This yummy lad makes my life easier! Anyway, the premise of this video is a little silly: Ton claims to have stayed out late clubbing and when he gets home and falls asleep, his Daddy sneaks in, and ties him up and spanks his naked ass then makes him suck his toes. Dorky pretense, sure, but the action is so fucking hot! The video is in b&w simulating a night vision camera, but the spanking footage does not lose an ounce of sexiness! Click here to see more video of bad Boy Ton getting a stinging spanking and sucking toes!

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Self Inflicted pain

How about a jolt of pleasure and pain from Bad Boy Ton to get you through the rest of the workday? Sneak off with him to the men’s room…he’s got handcuffs on and his underwear is off. His cock isn’t hard yet, but it’s looking fat and luscious. He wants to show you what a brave boy he is, and he pinches his tender cock meat with a clothespin. And another and another. He’s got his entire cock and balls pinched and throbbing with clothespins, and the mystery man behind the camera delights in pulling them off, causing a jolt of pain to shoot through Ton’s cock. But the self inflicted CBT isn’t enough to get Ton down. His cock is soon rock hard, and he’s stroking that big meat to a hot messy cumshot. Check out this CBT solo video in full HD at

twink sweetheart gives CBT show on big swollen dick

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