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Skinhead punk strapped down and assfucked!

Wow! I should not have left of vacation for so long, because it looks like I missed a major upgrade to the propaganda clips. It looks like they have a hot new look and they are showcasing it with a new episode featuring new soldier Jurek and skinhead vandal Vadim. Jurek caught Vadim trying to break into the rebel stronghold, and the strong, grim-faced soldier now has him naked and shivering from the ice cold shower punishment. Jurek strips off his captive’s clothes and forces him into a woman’s gynecological exam chair, chaining his wrists and duct taping his thighs to the stirrups. Vadim is a fighter, and he’s struggling and swearing at his more powerful new master, and the frustrated soldier whips out an anal speculum and plunges it into Vadim’s ass, and starts fucking him with the implement. Vadim’s eyes bug out at the speculum stretching out his asshole, and he gasps in shock and pain when Jurek whips out his cock and plunges the fat member into his now gaping, virgin hole. Enter here to see this incredibly hot gay military/medical BDSM video in HD!

terrified young jock bound to medical exam table and fucked

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