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Queer Mutiny — Gay War Games soldiers rebel and sexually dominate their oppressive commander

Here’s a case of sympathy for the devil…so many times we have seen and loved the GayWarGames commandos running roughshod over the countryside, fucking whoever they wanted for pleasure or revenge, but now we see a different side of these wartime Lotharios.  Their commander, who has taught them all of their brutish sexual tactics, sees fit to roust them from the barracks for some impromptu physical training because of recent mistakes. Alone in the countryside, he wants to see them sweat, and he orders them down into the dirt for pushups. Fed up with the poor treatment, the soldiers wait until the commander’s back is turned and overpower him and handcuff him. The commandos are now in charge, and their pull out their stiff cocks and see how the officer like being the subordinate. They relentlessly face-fuck the commander, forcing their bulging cocks down his throat. He chokes on their hard dicks and they laugh, knowing they have so much more dominating to do.  Enter here for more military gay domination video…


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