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Puny Recruit Pushed to the limits

I love that Gay War Games finally gave us a great new twink series starting today, just like the old days! Another recruitment style video, this twink meets his new sergeant at the base and is quickly thrown into the basics. Full body inspection, and the Sarge seems to like what he sees, and so do I! Textbook twink body, sun kissed and smooth; no tattoos or body hair; flawless skin. The Sarge seems like he just wants to sink his teeth into the raw newbie like a ripe peach! The recruit strips to his underwear and tries to salute, but his form is terrible and the Sarge forces him into pushup position for physical training. After pushups, its naked squats and some rudimentary obstacle course maneuvers. This teen twink looks gawky and scared, but the Sarge is becoming fixated on his girthy uncut cock. After the recruit seems to master the basic salute, he’s ordered to hold it while the NCO grips his cock, stretching it out and getting it hard. The Sarge orders the twink to keep his eyes forward while he sinks to his knees and swallows the twink’s hard dick! I’m sure these two are going to be spending a lot of close one-on-one training time together! Click here to watch the full physical training video featuring this gorgeous twink at


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