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Payback pt 2 — GayWarGames cranks the cruelty/punishment

GayWarGames fans are in for a really pleasant surprise — The second trailer for “Payback” has been released today. If you recall, the story involves the homo commandos turning on one of their comrades, Carl, the head of the peacekeeping forces in the area who has been sharing bribes with the rebels on the down low. But it seems Carl has been holding out on his partners, and they retaliate with characteristic ferocity and sadism. In this this trailer, Carl is stripped naked and tied to a bench while Ivan beats the soles of his feet. Carl cries in pain, but his pain only elicits a more cruel response. chained at the ankles, the Rebels use a hoist to hang Carl upside down and then gang-fuck his mouth! all the while, as Carl struggles to deal with the throbbing dicks in his face, other soldiers are beating, spanking and whipping his ass and legs. Things are looking grim for Carl. Stay tuned. Watch “Payback” in full right now! See Carl’s entire humiliating, painful punishment video in hi-def!

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Gay War Games — New Episode, “Payback” feat. spanking and pissing

twink bdsm from gaywargames

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