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The lads at BoyCrush just can’t seem to keep themselves from getting bound and gagged these days. Carmen Delano has been left trussed up and helpless as a morsel for sporty versatile boy Jasper Robinson. Normally a versatile bottom, Jasper has a thick throbbing shaft and Carmen is being offered as bait to get Jasper to show off his hard pounding skills asa top. Jasper takes the bait and he doesn’t waste a minute getting his stiff cock into Carmen’s tight hole. First Carmen is riding Jasper’s raw cock while Jasper pulls the reins, and then Jasper pushes Carmen down flat on the bed so he can really ram his cock hard like a punishing piledriver into Carmen’s tight 18 year old hole. He pumps his cum into Carmen’s mouth and lets his bound twink slave jerk himself off until he spills his own wet and messy load of cum. Click here to see the recent bevy of kinky twinks fucking bareback at!


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No glamorous or elaborate setup here…just a shit-scared twink receiving a breathtakingly awesome series of punishments. First its bare hand OTK, and his ass cheeks are positively glowing and radiating waves of heat and pain. Next its birching…ruthless and relentless. I love the sound the branch makes when it tears across the bare boy flesh. and Finally, an extreme caning for the lad. No restraint, just the cane being lashed across those bruised, swollen young buttocks. Amazing cruelty! Click here to see the entire cruel twink punishment video!

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Here’s one of my favourites: Jake Woods — long, lean and tight as a drum — getting strapped up, roped, flogged and fucked by his out of control & cruel boyfriend! Jake is roughly punished and disciplined for the slightest infraction or humiliating mistake. His muscular boyfriend loves seeing him cower and hear him whimper when the lash stings his ass flesh. Check out for full videos featuring gay bondage and BDSM!

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Blossoming Jock Max Carter finally closes his textbooks in his dorm room and falls asleep. His first year at Helix Academy has been very challenging and he’s trying his best to maintain his grades and balance athletics and a social life. Judging by his body, he is certainly staying away from the freshman 15! Anyway, while Max sleeps, his neighbour Bastian Hart slips in to pilfer some drinking money. The thieving little bastard cleanly pulls a crisp $100 bill from Max’s wallet, but is undone when he can’t resist a hit off of Max’s weed pipe (C’mon, Max is in college, not a convent!). The clicking lighter wakes Max and immediately he’s confronting Bastian. He finds the cash and pushes the delinquent over the bed for some payback. Bastian’s big bouncy bubble butt sticks way up in the air and Max spanks the hell out of it with his bare hand. Bastian is afraid of making Max even more angry so he tries to stay still and take the punishment like a good little boy. Click here to watch glorious Max spanking this gorgeous, fleshy ass at!


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Mickey Taylor really gets off on having a reputation as a trashy, slutty bottom boy, and while meandering around the dark passages of the BoyNapped Dungeon, he found Luke Adams roped on his back like he had been giftwrapped just for Mickey. The tattooed twink is already getting stiff, and his uncut cock looks breathtaking…he greedily swallows the rod of helpless Luke and soon gets the bound boy’s dick throbbing. Luke lays back, unable to move or resist as Mickey impales his greedy boy-cunt on his rock-hard erection and rides him like a race horse. Luke groans with pleasure, but he’s drowned out by wild child Mickey, who is rhythmically pumping his hips and furiously jacking his cock, getting ready to explode. Who doesn’t love it when suck a kinky boy is such an incredible power bottom? Click here to watch Mickey and Luke’s full length topping-from-the-bottom power play twink bondage video!


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