Brit Twink Reece Bentley Gets his hard Cock Roped Tight!

December 23rd, 2014

BoyNapped came out with another great video to keep us warm for the Holidays — Like a vision of light, sweet Reece Bentley is here to add a brilliance to our lives, and behold ye, his majestic cock, like a shepherd’s staff — thick and strong, but comforting. But who is here to lead Reece into temptation? It’s chav lad Deacon Hunter, who has bound Reece on his back in a spread eagle position, with his thick cock standing straight up in the air. Deacon ties a rope around it and knots it tight, but the mighty totem only grows bigger. Deacon pumps the shaft with his hand and then swallows it. He’s swaying Reece to the dark side with his oral prowess, and Reece’s thick cock is dripping precum as it receives more and more of Deacon’s stimulation. Deacon speeds up and slows down, tormenting Reece, delaying his orgasm and drawing it out until Reece is begging him to cum. Watch how it ends at BoyNapped, the best website in the world for twink bondage videos.


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Johny Cruz Experiments with hot wax Fetish Play

December 18th, 2014

Johny Cruz is one of the “boys of the moment” over at Staxus and they are really showing off his best goods. This is a scene he shot a few months ago with Drew Paskin, another big dick twink who loves raw fucking. Johny starts the scene in handcuffs, sucking down Drew’s thick prick, getting facefucked too fast to keep up with Drew’s thrusting without gagging, but soon, he’s caught his breath and is swallowing all nine inches of Drew’s thick meat like a veteran whore. Drew wants to keep pushing Johny’s limits so he lights a candle and starts dripping the burning wax all over Johny’s smooth chest. Johny flinches and gasps at the burning at first, but his dirty side loves it too! He grabs his hard cock and starts stroking quickly as Drew pours more and more hot wax over his body. They are both in a state of super arousal when Drew finally pushes Johny back onto the couch and rams his thick cock deep into Johny’s tight ass, pumping him hard and deep until he’s ready to blow an epic wad. Click here to watch the full kinky twink bareback scene at Staxus!


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Teen Skaters love naked spanking and blowjobs

December 16th, 2014

American teen Timmy Clark has been caught poking around his friend’s bedroom…Straight jock Clark Fox is pissed at the invasion of privacy and he flips the slight lad on the bed and starts spanking him like a bratty little kid. Clark is all over Timmy, yanking down his underpants and smacking his cheeks until they’re rosy and burning. Timmy’s blood is boiling at the punishment and being forced into submission, but he’s more than a little turned on by getting physical with Clark, who he’s had a secret crush on for months. Clark tires a little and Timmy is able to wriggle free of his grasp and he manages to get on top of the bigger boy and take a measure of payback. Timmy gives as good as he gets, spanking Clark until his ass is red and sore, but Timmy doesn’t stop there; he starts jerking Clark and getting his cock hard, sucking his thick, uncut teen cock. Clark is shocked, he loves getting his cock sucked but this is his first BJ from a guy and he’s confused, so he starts spanking Timmy again. Timmy finally gets his way and ends up milking a thick load out Clark all over his burning red ass. Click here to see the full teen boy spanking video at Skater Spank!



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Shoplifting Twink gets spanked

December 16th, 2014

You know how it feels when you find a brand new exciting site with twinks you’ve never seen before? I love making those discoveries, and the site I found this week is Red Ass Twinks, a hot twink spanking and fucking site featuring amazing Euro twinks getting nasty and sexy in punishment videos. This one features store clerk Bari catching a shoplifter in his sex toy shop, and Bari uses his store samples to punish the wannabe criminal. Bari strips off the punk twink’s pants and starts whipping him with a flogger and then stuffs the handle up his ass. The captured criminal twink is a sexy lad with spiked punk-rock hair and he tries to suck Bari’s cock to get himself out of trouble. Bari stuffs his mouth full of cock, but makes him give up his ass in exchange for not calling the cops. Click here to see more hot amazing twinks spanking each other and fucking at Red Ass Tinks

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twink shoplifter gets his ass punished and fucked

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1,277 views — Pissing and Fucking Twinks!

December 13th, 2014

Here’s a great video for your Sunday morning — sexy skater boi twinks getting nasty in the bathroom with no limits! Slim, fresh sk8r Zack whips out his long smooth dick and sprays a stream of hot piss into his boyfriend’s mouth and chest, and the gets a hot wet blowjob as a show of gratitude for the golden shower. These boys piss and suck on the bathroom for in this awesome video, make sure you go to to check out the full video!

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Dirty, Horny Twinks tease us with Spanking and Barebacking.

December 12th, 2014

Bottom slut Skyler Williams is craving some hard cock and some rough play and his fuck-buddy Colby Klein is happy to knock the blond sweetheart around. Colby pushes Skyler down on the bed and smacks his ass with a leather paddle, getting his cheeks red and burning. Skyler loves it and begs for more, shoving his ass high in the air for more paddling. Colby’s cock is getting rock hard and he climbs on top of Skyler, feeding the greedy bottom his fat meat. Skyler swallows as much as he can while stroking his own cock, getting it stiff and leaking copious amounts of sticky precum. Colby flips around and starts sucking off Skyler 69 style. The camera gets a great angle of Colby’s big hanging balls as Skyler sucks him like a hungry little animal. Colby finally flips Skyler over and slams his cock deep into the bottom’s smooth, perfect ass, pumping him furiously until he dumps his hot load. Colby’s not done and after he shoots he puts his cock back inside Skyler to get a few more hard thrusts in. Click here to see this really hot, kinky twink bareback scene from!

baretwinks-spanking_colbyklein_skylerwilliams is full of kinky scenes featuring hot American Twinks in Spanking, Bondage and Bareback Fucking!


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