Classic revisited: Kyler Moss roughed up by tattooed Daddy

Kyler Moss gets roughed up by Tattooed Daddy

One of my all-time favourite posts featured Kyler Moss getting roughed up and fucked by Alex Freitas on It’s one of the most-viewed posts on the site, and I often go back to have a look, because Kyler was and is and almost perfect twink model specimen — beautiful lean body, smooth as silk, big cock and a deliciously sinful and kinky attitude. Kyler loves getting choked and spanked and Alex is happy to oblige, wrapping his huge meaty, tattooed hand around Kyler’s throat while fingering his hole, sucking his cock and slamming his thick, girthy cock into Kyler’s beautiful round bubble butt. Kyler moans and whimpers and cries as Alex pushes past the limits and just crushes that perfect twink ass! Check out this twink bondage/rough sex classic at!

Kayler Moss gets his hole reamed by muscle daddy Alex Freitas

New Prisoner gets assfucked by the Guard

Young muscle pup Ivan has received a jail sentence in his native land of Tchukistan and he’s learning quickly that no matter what the court says the punishment should be, in reality, behind bars he’s at the mercy of the guards and other inmates. He’s become the whipping boys of one of the COs who has a taste for the young flesh of virgin lads. Over his first few weeks in prison, he’s been punished with physical training and forced blowjobs, but in this clip, Ivan gets fucked by his tormentor in a rough and ruthless way. The guard teases the straight lad, sucking his cock and slapping it around while Ivan’s hands are restrained. Forced to his knees, Ivan bends over and the guard spreads his ass and licks his hole. The guard likes what he tastes and shoves his erect cock into Ivan’s hole, fucking him bareback while the anal virgin teen wails and whimpers. Gay War Games is littered with young straight men getting fucked against their will by aggressive soldiers, jailer and police — it’s time you checked them out. Click here for 5 years worth of gay bondage, bdsm, humiliation and corporal punishment featuring twinks and musclepups at


First time Twink Top punishes his little bottom slave

Jacobey London has been building his own dungeon over the last few months in hopes of finding a bottom boy to dominate and make his slave. He’s been saving his money and shopping for whips and a paddle, and just last week, he finally got a bench he strap a lad to and punish him for hours. Now where to find the right boy to service the curious young master? Dakotah White has been a schoolmate of Jacobey’s for several years and frequents the shop where he now works. Although Jacobey is not open about his fondness for boys, he knows the rumours about Dakotah and invites him over for a night of gaming and videos. Dakotah is curious about hanging out with Jacobey, who he always thought was cute but too rough for him, and he agrees. After a few hours playing video games, Jacobey starts showing Dakotah his kinky toys. Both lads are getting aroused and Dakotah agrees to try the flogger, but only if Jacobey does it softly. Jacobey says he will, but anyone with half a brain would know he would say anything to get Dakotah into position. Dakota strips and Jacobey gets him strapped to the bench — blood is rushing to his cock and he almost swoons as his bondage fantasy is about to be realised. He starts softly with the flogger, and Dakotah moans even at the lightest touch. Jacobey gets a little bolder and Dakotah flinches and protests. Jacobey responds by slapping a piece of tape over the skinny twink’s mouth and flogging harder and harder! After using the paddle and flogger and turning Dakotah’s ass bright red, Jacobey finally relents and pulls the tape off, but uses his thick, erect cock to stifle Dakotah’s cries of anger, pain and protest. Soon Dakotah is swallowing Jacobey’s entire thick meat, eagerly pleasuring the bad boy. Jacobey is eager to fuck Dakotah’s still throbbing ass, and he rams his cock in bareback and pumps his juicy hole deep while Dakotak is still strapped by his wrists and ankles to the bench. Click here to see the full twink bondage video at!


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Brit Twink Reece Bentley Gets his hard Cock Roped Tight!

BoyNapped came out with another great video to keep us warm for the Holidays — Like a vision of light, sweet Reece Bentley is here to add a brilliance to our lives, and behold ye, his majestic cock, like a shepherd’s staff — thick and strong, but comforting. But who is here to lead Reece into temptation? It’s chav lad Deacon Hunter, who has bound Reece on his back in a spread eagle position, with his thick cock standing straight up in the air. Deacon ties a rope around it and knots it tight, but the mighty totem only grows bigger. Deacon pumps the shaft with his hand and then swallows it. He’s swaying Reece to the dark side with his oral prowess, and Reece’s thick cock is dripping precum as it receives more and more of Deacon’s stimulation. Deacon speeds up and slows down, tormenting Reece, delaying his orgasm and drawing it out until Reece is begging him to cum. Watch how it ends at BoyNapped, the best website in the world for twink bondage videos.


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Johny Cruz Experiments with hot wax Fetish Play

Johny Cruz is one of the “boys of the moment” over at Staxus and they are really showing off his best goods. This is a scene he shot a few months ago with Drew Paskin, another big dick twink who loves raw fucking. Johny starts the scene in handcuffs, sucking down Drew’s thick prick, getting facefucked too fast to keep up with Drew’s thrusting without gagging, but soon, he’s caught his breath and is swallowing all nine inches of Drew’s thick meat like a veteran whore. Drew wants to keep pushing Johny’s limits so he lights a candle and starts dripping the burning wax all over Johny’s smooth chest. Johny flinches and gasps at the burning at first, but his dirty side loves it too! He grabs his hard cock and starts stroking quickly as Drew pours more and more hot wax over his body. They are both in a state of super arousal when Drew finally pushes Johny back onto the couch and rams his thick cock deep into Johny’s tight ass, pumping him hard and deep until he’s ready to blow an epic wad. Click here to watch the full kinky twink bareback scene at Staxus!


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Teen Skaters love naked spanking and blowjobs

American teen Timmy Clark has been caught poking around his friend’s bedroom…Straight jock Clark Fox is pissed at the invasion of privacy and he flips the slight lad on the bed and starts spanking him like a bratty little kid. Clark is all over Timmy, yanking down his underpants and smacking his cheeks until they’re rosy and burning. Timmy’s blood is boiling at the punishment and being forced into submission, but he’s more than a little turned on by getting physical with Clark, who he’s had a secret crush on for months. Clark tires a little and Timmy is able to wriggle free of his grasp and he manages to get on top of the bigger boy and take a measure of payback. Timmy gives as good as he gets, spanking Clark until his ass is red and sore, but Timmy doesn’t stop there; he starts jerking Clark and getting his cock hard, sucking his thick, uncut teen cock. Clark is shocked, he loves getting his cock sucked but this is his first BJ from a guy and he’s confused, so he starts spanking Timmy again. Timmy finally gets his way and ends up milking a thick load out Clark all over his burning red ass. Click here to see the full teen boy spanking video at Skater Spank!



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