British Lad caught stroking his cock; Spanked by his furious Dad

Here’s a short, sweet clip showing the story of a horny teen lad running afoul of his father. The family is pitching in to complete spring cleaning and the boy is put in charge of vacuuming. But being 19 means being constantly horny and he can’t help but take a break to stroke his thick meat. Even more boldly, he decides to go for it completely naked, stripping off his clothes and risking incredible humiliation and embarrassment if he’s caught. Sure enough, his father walks in on him as he’s furiously wanking his cock, and you can guess Dad’s reaction. Anger, disappointment and embarrassment all boil over at once and he pulls his miscreant son over his knee for painful punishment. This isn’t an old fashioned bare hand on the bare bum spanking — he’s got a leather strap that he’s using to really lash his boy’s firm round ass. His son tries to fight him, but the father uses one hand to keep him prone and subdued while lashing his bare buttocks mercilessly. The son’s thick cock is still semi erect and it’s bouncing off Dad’s thigh — that’s a hidden treat. Obviously the lad’s sex drive is not entirely deterred by the corporal punishment. In fact as soon as Dad finishes admonishing him, the lad finishes stroking his cock and spews out a thick load before resuming his chores. Watch the full Daddy-boy Spanking video at!


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Rope-Bound Uncut Twink gets his Cock Milked

Burgeoning thug Mickey Taylor has a delicious morsel hanging in the dungeon and he’s run out of willpower — he’s going to get his bondage playmate Ross Drake excited and anguished at the same time! Ross is hanging horizontally in the dungeon, roped around the chest, waist and hips, his uncut cock hanging free and semi erect. Mickey starts groping him roughly and smacking his ass, getting him wormed up for their fun and pain-filled session. Ross grimaces as the ropes cut into his flesh but his arousal is evident as Mickey starts wanking his cock. Mickey works Ross’s shaft with one hand while pouring hot candle wax in his buttock and thighs with the other, and Ross squirms and moans at the same time. Mickey is finally too fixate on Ross’s cock and he gets underneath the swinging twink lad and starts sucking his thick dick. After a lot of stroking, teasing and feinting, Mickey finally allows Ross to cum and the young lad shoots a strong torrent of semen all over the floor. Boynapped does it again! Click here to watch the full video of Mickey’s bondage domination over helpless Ross Drake.


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Sissy Twink fucked through Cage Bars

The young military recruit has been worn ragged at this point, his tight hole fucked to its limit and beyond. The Sergeant is merciless, and now wants young Petr prepared to withstand torture in the event he’s captured by the enemy. Do you think I’m terrifying?” he screams at the puny teenage recruit. “Wait until those rebel motherfuckers have you locked in a cage and are gangfucking you 4 or 5 at a time! Are you going to betray your brothers?” And the Sarge locks Petr in a cage to small to stand in, and he forces the shaking twink to suck his cock through the wire. After he gets the Sarge’s dick nice and slick, Petr’s ordered to turn around and press his ass against the cage, and the Sergeant penetrates his narrow twink ass with his throbbing dick. Petr’s terrified look is amazing juxtapozed against the incredible sexiness of him bent over in the cage taking the bigger man’s raging cock in his hole. This is definitely a position I would love to try with my next new boyflesh conquest. Click here to watch the entire sexual training conquest series at


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Hopeless Twink athlete spanked by his Exasperated Coach

Here’s another Coach/athlete spanking video we all love so much — is tapping its endless reserves of adorable twinks to tell this cautionary tale of discipline and reward. Twinky soccer player Luke Allen has been dragging his team down all year, and with a final shot at the playoffs disappearing before their eyes, the team is relying on everyone playing their best, even gawky Luke. Before their next game, Coach Clark follows Luke home to impart the gravity of the situation, but the pep talk devolves into frustration and basically, “Don’t fuck it up.” With that, Coach flips Luke over the bed like a rag doll and pulls down his shorts — love that Luke is wearing that jock strap. It frames his ass so perfectly and makes it irresistible. Coach warms up Luke with a series of bare handed spanks across his buttocks, and then pulls out his favourite disciplinary tool: his wooden paddle. Luke grimaces and whinges as the paddle smacks his butt, and he promises to play his best. To ensure he’s telling the truth, Coach keeps whacking him and telling him his throbbing crimson ass will be his reminder to not fuck up. Click here to watch this sizzling hot coach-on-lad spanking video at


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Dirty Old Men grope and probe terrified British Twink


New Office Junior staffer Alex is painfully shy and quiet at his first professional job, and the boisterous older men at his office definitely notice his awkward behaviour. After weeks of Alex shuffling back and forth with his files, not making eye contact or speaking to anyone, callousness and cruelty boils over in the office one afternoon, and the cube workers lash out, stripping the quivering lad naked and forcing him to answer his questions. Does he like boys? How often does he wank his cock? Has he ever sucked a cock? He’s dying of shame and burning with embarrassment as he feels their eyes scanning up and down his trembling body. The older men freely start fondling his cock and balls and groping his ass, spreading his cheeks and exposing his tight virgin asshole. All of the invasive probing and fondling has made Alex’s cock involuntarily stiff, and the catcalls from the perverts are deafening. While his hard cock is stroked, his asshole is fingered and then penetrated with a dildo. This shy boy is terrified and paralyzed with shame and guilt, just the way the men at love it!