Trust fund brat stripped, groped and wanked at

February 20th, 2015

Discipline and submission has worked wonders on smug schoolboy Noah at The rough-talking delinquent has been transformed into an obedient well-behaved lad. Such improved behaviour does deserve a little reward. Given that this 19 year old’s balls are full of spunk the dominant clothed men kindly stroke his big throbbing cock. However, to continue his embarrassment they make him describe aloud every step of the process from caressing his big full balls to rapidly jerking his hot stiff dick till it shoots. This is an experience that will be permanently burned into young Noah’s memory. Enter here to see the full video detailing Noah’s fall from grace and humiliating submission to his 3 professors.

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CMNM Abuse: Noah stripped and fondled by creepy older men

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Enter here to see Noah’s humiliating sexual exploitation by his 3 creepy teachers caught on full length video


Ass Paddled Twink suffers

February 17th, 2015

It’s been my bad that I haven’t been keeping up with Boy Fetish Central lately, to my detriment. They have this sweet spanking video featuring their house twink slave, and I really lost my shit. I love the homemade feel, like this could be someone’s little brother, duct taped to a chair in a basement and then just persecuted with a ping-pong paddle from the rec-room just for personal sadistic joy. I love that the Big Brother fondles the twink’s big fat cock and that the little brother obediently squirts out a juicy stream of piss. The spanking gets intense, and the little brother is definitely in pain and discomfort — he’s moaning and trying to squirm out of the tape, but Big Brother is not letting go anywhere. The sick fuck even inserts a huge dildo into the bound slave’s puckered asshole. Treat yourself to a hot twink spanking video — visit the Boy Fetish Central tour now!

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helpless twink bound with duct tape and smacked with paddle

Enter here to see the full video of this twink getting his ass paddled and probed


More CMNM Twink Domination – Don stripped, wanked and anally violated

February 14th, 2015

Unlucky Don is about to get an unpleasant examination at the hands of 3 aggressive, dominant tops at CMNM. The three tops are giddy at the opportunity to get their hands on this smooth twink, eagerly stripping him naked, and groping his thick cock. Don has never had another man touch his genitals before, and he squirms as he tries to just endure the unpleasant ordeal. His discomfort is a big turn on for his tormentors who are developing an intense curiosity in Don’s virgin asshole. They want to see how wide a dildo they can insert in his hot hole, and he grimaces as they lube him with a thick, hairy finger,and then slide a fat dildo into his ass. As Don grits his teeth, three sets of hands are anally violating him, manhandling his cock and playing with his balls, and generally rubbing him in a manner he described as “intensely creepy.” Enter here to see the entire video featuring hot Don and his intense sexual encounter at!

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yummy twink stripped, groped and violated

Enter here to see this twink’s entire humiliating violation video


Puny Recruit Pushed to the limits

February 12th, 2015

I love that Gay War Games finally gave us a great new twink series starting today, just like the old days! Another recruitment style video, this twink meets his new sergeant at the base and is quickly thrown into the basics. Full body inspection, and the Sarge seems to like what he sees, and so do I! Textbook twink body, sun kissed and smooth; no tattoos or body hair; flawless skin. The Sarge seems like he just wants to sink his teeth into the raw newbie like a ripe peach! The recruit strips to his underwear and tries to salute, but his form is terrible and the Sarge forces him into pushup position for physical training. After pushups, its naked squats and some rudimentary obstacle course maneuvers. This teen twink looks gawky and scared, but the Sarge is becoming fixated on his girthy uncut cock. After the recruit seems to master the basic salute, he’s ordered to hold it while the NCO grips his cock, stretching it out and getting it hard. The Sarge orders the twink to keep his eyes forward while he sinks to his knees and swallows the twink’s hard dick! I’m sure these two are going to be spending a lot of close one-on-one training time together! Click here to watch the full physical training video featuring this gorgeous twink at


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Twink in a noose gets fucked from behind

February 11th, 2015

Athletic Shane Barrett is quite a kinkster for such a young man, and more oddly, he has quite the penchant for the dramatic and romantic. He works at the local cemetery and he’s been fantasizing about his rendezvous with slender, toned twink Ryan Olsen. The scene is very “50 Shades of Grey” — candles are lit, the piano tinkles in the background, and Shane ropes Ryan with a hangman’s noose — not around the neck at first, but around the wrists, forcing him to bend over and suck his thick, rigid erection. Ryan loves bottoming for Shane and he’s very submissive naturally; accommodating Shane’s kinky whims is one of Ryan’s great pleasures. After eagerly sucking Shane’s cock, Ryan turns around and prepares to feel the length of the shaft ramming his tight, hairy hole. Shane fucks him hard and deep with his raw cock, finally unleashing a torrent of jizz all over Ryan’s gaping hole and hairy asscrack. In the member’s video, Shane puts the noose around Ryan’s neck and pulls the rope taut, choking him while Ryan strokes his cock and shoots a torrential load all over Shane’s chest. Incredibly arousing and visually arresting, this video of Shane Barrett and Ryan Olsen is a surprise twink bondage favourite from Staxus!


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More new Video from — Bitchy Twink Tristan Spanked!

February 11th, 2015

Coach Ryan has another discipline case on his hands. Mouthy little twink bitch Tristan’s mistake has cost the swim team the meet, and Ryan knows he’s going to get better results with his bare hands. Tristan squirms and resists when he’s bent over the coach’s knee (OTK Spanking — so hot :) ) but he’s ready to drop the atitude and submit when is ass is getting lashed with Coach Ryan’s hot leather strap! Check out how gorgeous Tristan’s ass looks in the video below, once its glowing and pink from the pain! OMG, what a flaming twink ass :) Click here to see the entire video at

Check out the Hot Video!

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