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New Prisoner gets assfucked by the Guard

Young muscle pup Ivan has received a jail sentence in his native land of Tchukistan and he’s learning quickly that no matter what the court says the punishment should be, in reality, behind bars he’s at the mercy of the guards and other inmates. He’s become the whipping boys of one of the COs who has a taste for the young flesh of virgin lads. Over his first few weeks in prison, he’s been punished with physical training and forced blowjobs, but in this clip, Ivan gets fucked by his tormentor in a rough and ruthless way. The guard teases the straight lad, sucking his cock and slapping it around while Ivan’s hands are restrained. Forced to his knees, Ivan bends over and the guard spreads his ass and licks his hole. The guard likes what he tastes and shoves his erect cock into Ivan’s hole, fucking him bareback while the anal virgin teen wails and whimpers. Gay War Games is littered with young straight men getting fucked against their will by aggressive soldiers, jailer and police — it’s time you checked them out. Click here for 5 years worth of gay bondage, bdsm, humiliation and corporal punishment featuring twinks and musclepups at