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New Gangsterfuck: Psycho Dealer pt1

Colour me impressed with the new Gangster Fuck site! At first I was a little skeptical about the material, I thought it might be a little softcore, but that’s turning around in a big way thanks to episodes like “Psycho Dealer”. Featuring domineering Hannibal as the aforementioned dealer, and Randy as his broke-ass corner hustler its got great sexual energy and recklessness. Hannibal appears to be genuinely unhinged, sexually aggressive and ready to fuck anything that moves. After getting shorted by Randy, Hannibal drags him back to his apartment, ties him up and forces a funnel into his mouth so Randy has to drink whatever Hannibal wishes. Hannibal starts the forced fluid intake, and starts ripping off his captive’s body. He cuts off Randy’s underwear and gives him a stinging spanking across his ripe, round buttocks. Hannibal has got Randy completely naked now, and he crawls on top of him and starts caressing his face with his erect cock. Hannibal has really mastered giving off the really creepy sexual vibe by now, and the trailer ends as I started getting really sucked in. What’s this sexual lunatic going to do with his helpless captive next?

Crazy drug dealer ropes and abuses his deadbeat customer

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