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More GayWarGames — New Recruit bound and assfucked

Even in a war torn hell, you can’t trust the good guys. Or so goes the lesson from GayWarGamesthis week, as stunning twink Harry lands inthe hot conflict zone to be trained by his peacekeeper commander Max. Toasting their mission, Max relentlessly pours inexperienced Harry shot after shot until he’s sloppy and unable to resist. Max, after enduring war and isolation so long, can’t resist this fresh meat he’s been sent and his cuffs Harry and gags him with duct tape before he starts pulling on Harry’s cock and fingering his virgin asshole. Harry awakens to find himself at the mercies of horny Maximillian, and he’s overwhelmed be his superiors prowess. Harry struggles to resist the anal penetration, but Max fucks his ass hard and rough before making Harry finish him off with his mouth and taste his salty cum load. This is a fantastic military twink bondage fantasy, click here to see more video and photos from this set…


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