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Lazy Twinks Disciplined by Skeevy Mr. Stern

Jeff Stern has been called in to administer his trademark creepy discipline on a pair of delinquent twink teens, Adam and Matthew. The pair of blonds have not bothered getting summer jobs, preferring instead to make cash by being webcam boy whores and living like lazy freeloaders. This won’t do, and Stern lines up the lads and starts giving the lads the leather strap over their jeans. Matthew and Adam grimace and groan. Jeff tells them to strip off their shorts and underwear and he proceeds to smack their bare bottoms with his bare hand. He loves caressing that warm red flesh during a spanking, and it gives the lads a case of the heebie jeebies! They won’t be misbehaving anymore, lest they get another visit from Mr. Stern! Click here to watch these delicious young twinks getting a hard discipline lesson at!


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