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Lack of Discipline Requires Painful Corrective Training

It’s springtime and it’s time for the beginning of the summer sporting season. All winter long this lad has been cooped up inside training on a treadmill for the start of the cross country running season at his private school, and now that the weather is warm, he is finally able to train outside and increase the intensity. His father is his training supervisor and he expects big things from the lad this year. he has been driving the lad all winter on the treadmill, and in this clip they take a break from running for a series of pushups. The son is slow and his form is poor and his father is not happy. Seeking to motivate the lad, he tells him to take down his athletic shorts and lie across his knee for a spanking. It takes a series of sharp spanks from Dad’s bare hand to get the message across: training is not to be taken lightly. Oh how I wish he could have used a birch on the fresh young man’s buttocks! Click here to watch the rest of this invigorating outdoor male discipline training video.


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