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House Slave suspended and face-fucked

Forgive the tardiness on this post, it’s been a slow start to the new year for me, but this is a great update from that I’m sure will put us all in a better mood. This trailer is from a brand new episode titled “The House Slave” featuring twink slave Goran. Goran has been held captive in the compound for a year, and Mecko and Becko keep him tightly controlled for daily use and abuse. Video smuggled out of Tchukistan shows fragments of Goran’s daily bondage routine. He’s tied to a horizontal pipe as he’s going to be spitroasted, and Becko shoves his dirty feet into Goran’s face before whipping out his long thick cock and pushing it into Goran’s mouth. Becko pumps away and Goran sucks as hard as he can, trying his best to get his captor off and please him. But Mecko interrupts, and he wants his daily suckoff as well, so Goran knows the two perverted beasts will swap their dicks in and out of his mouth, prolonging the ordeal, frustrating them, and indeed their frustrations boil over and they begin slapping the helpless twink, screaming in his face and fucking his throat as deep as they can push. Enter here to see full gay military BDSM hardcore video of Mecko and Becko face-fucking rope-bound Goran and

abducted twink roped and abused, ready for service

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