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Hot gay soldiers rope and fuck their new slave

Here’s part two of a Gay War Games episode entitled “The Builder” I didn’t post part one when it was released about a month ago because I was so underwhelmed by the new sub brought in for the title role. He definitely does not meet any definition of twink that I would use: kinda soft in the middle, terrible hair…just incredibly average. So I skipped that update for twinkkink. So now I get the second trailer, and its a big step up. Mr. Average, or “Jan” as he is billed on the GWG tour, is really getting his ass worked over by Mecko and Becko…a real rough spit-roast going on. Jan looks like he’s never been fucked like that, and the two soldiers are getting really abusive, screaming in his face and slapping him around. Then they get out their ropes and put Jan in a modified hogtie (wrists lashed to knees) and force him to crawl and grovel. Maybe I shouldn’t have written this episode off so quickly. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Hot lean young soldiers rope and fuck their new sex slave

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