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Gay War Games — Gay Rebel Mutiny, part 3

Check out the 3rd trailer in the GWG series “The Officer.” It features queer commandos Mecko and Becko getting some payback from their abusive commander Maximilian. After overpowering him on a lonely country road, they drag him into the woods and start getting revenge for all of the early morning physical training and beatings over trivial mistakes. The rebel soldiers have a taste for flash and they forcibly spitroast their commander, gagging him on hard cock while roughly fucking him in the ass. Becko strong-arms Max into cooperating, using a headlock to keep him from thrashing free. Binding his ankles and wrists with rope, they take turn pounding his ass until he’s broken and submissive. Enter here to the Gay War Games queer commandos dominate their commander in a full length video

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Horny rebel soldiers abuse their helpless captain

Enter here to see the entire Military Fetish/Gay BDSM video