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Drunk Twinks abducted and abused by the GayWarGames queer commandos

How long will this crazy war go on? As the fighting rages in Tchukistan, the fighting men of the Queer Commandos get more brazen in their terror tactics against the local population. Young lads Ilja and Sascha try and find an escape from the conflict with a bottle of vodka, but as they drink, their senses are dulled and they are set upon by the masked commandos. They are both hauled to the rebels’ secret base for enhanced interrogation as they call it — or otherwise known as being stripped naked, bound and restrained and getting fucked by three or four panting, lusty soldiers with an appetite for punishment as great or greater than their desire for sexual release. The soldiers have become animals, unable to feel pleasure by merely the physical act of sex, they must exert total dominance over their submissive twink slaves, and subject them to humiliation and punishment for the act to hold pleasure for them. Enter here to see the entire catalog of Rebel guerrilla fighters exerting their sexual dominance over their straight lad prisoners of war.

drunk lads find themselves at the mercy of the GayWarGames rebel soldiers

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