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Colby London Spanks Tristan Sommers — mega post!

Time to lighten the mood here at TK — a pair of the twink lads getting bitchy with each other and delivering some corporal punishment. It seems naughty twink Tristan was fooling around with Colby’s prized camera and broke it — now Colby is pissed and he wants Tristan to suffer. Tristan gets laid out on the bed while willow-slim Colby spanks him through his jeans, and then he’s stripped completely and his bare ass takes an even harsher beating. Colby has been spanked more than a few times himself, and he has learned about delivering a nasty punishment. He gets Tristan nude and bent ass-over-shoulders so he can whip Tristan’s ass and thighs with a hard leather belt. In the end Tristan is humiliated and humbled and incredibly sorry for breaking Colby’s camera, and young Master Colby is pleased at delivering suck a painful twink spanking. Enter here to see the full length video in DVD quality.

Colby London lays a hard bare hand spanking on twink boyfriend Tristan

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